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Star Citizen IAE 2952 – Leaks, Rumors & Drake Corsair Flyable in PTU Now

Welcome to some more Star Citizen.

Alpha 3.17.4 is out on the PTU and the Corsair is flyable in that patch… It’s a fantastic ship manageable with a small crew, go checkout my tour of that ship that’s up on the channel. But we have also had an AMA from CI focusing on the 2952 IAE which I want to summarize and we have had some datamined leaks from that latest 3.17.4 patch that ill discuss at the end of the video and will give you some solid spoiler warnings for.

Twitter AMA

Can we keep the shirts after wipes this time?

While it won’t be possible this time, there is an internal initiative to make this possible very soon!

When are you going to give us the times and dates for the Limited ships sales waves?!

This schedule will be a part of the IAE FAQ, which goes live on Thursday, November 17.

Can you comment on the whereabouts of Jax McCleary?

Let us know if you find out.

In fact in the recent IAE Predictions Lore piece the hosts also say they haven’t heard anything from Jax… which is weird and no-one seems to have seen him.

Will the Endeavor be available for sale? O7

The Endeavor will be available on MISC Day! (Day 8)

will the buggy race be in?

The Orison Race Track won’t be introduced until 3.18, which will come in December.

When will the IAE 2952 FAQ be published?

It’ll be published on Thursday 17th and give details of the limited ship sales too.

Will we get salvage for the Vulture with the IAE patch or will that be mid-December?

The Vulture is due to release in December in the 3.18 update alongside its salvage functionality!

Can we fly the F8?


Will the Drake Corsair be available to rent during the IAE?

Yes! The Drake Corsair is moving to flyable on Day 1 of IAE!

The Corsair is also currently out to fly in the current 3.17.4 PTU Build.

Will the Drake Corsair be getting any special paints for it’s release and the event?


How many new ships/vehicles will we see this year?

While we can’t discuss how many are “new”, we can tell you there will be a total of 124 ships appearing on the Expo Halls this year.

How can we get the BIS paints?

If you’re referring to the Best In Show paints, as long as you have the ships in your hangar by the 27th, you will automatically receive them.

Those ships being the Carrack, C8X Picses, MSR & Scorpius.

Why is this years IAE titled “The War at Home”?

With the Vanduul war continuing to be the main focus of the UEE Navy, crime in Stanton has reached new fevered heights with the recent Nine Tails attack on Orison. Additionally, there have been increased concerns about recent reports of XenoThreat forces being sighted coming in from Pyro. This has all combined to leave the people of the UEE in a period of fear and uncertainty, but Drake believes that it’s time for the people to arm up and take the power back so that everyone can help fight “The War at Home”.

Why is Drake sponsoring this year’s IAE ?

Best to visit the expo to find out!

They will be painting the halls red in Drake fashion.

IAE Predictions – I am going to include a couple of leaks & spoilers here from a datamine of the latest 3.17.4 PTU / IAE build as well as a summary of an IAE Predictions Lore Post and as CI recently said they are pretty good with data-mines being leaked/talked about, so if you don’t wana know about that stuff tune out now:

There are mentions of the CNOU CEO Silas Koerner which might hint that he is could be unveiling something.

There are hints at Drake doing something big at the event… we already know that we have that Corsair which is currently flyable in the 3.17.4 PTU BUT also it looks like we have the other new Drake ship… I am going to say its name… the Cutter which looks to be a multi role starter / cargo ship AND if it is… I am probably changing all my Mustang Alpha’s and Aurora MRs on my accounts to that them!

There is that RSI Galaxy ship too… and if you have been following leaks and CIGs response to them… then you know well… that those leaks might be largely incorrect, tho it looks to be a medium sized modular ship a bit like a big Connie but with a small hangar and the ability to specialize in things like medical, cargo or refining.

We are also going to see a little variant ship from Anvil its seems… I mean seeing it’s in the latest patch… we are getting a Medical Pisces C8R… with a single T3 bed literally a tiny ambulance for treating minor injuries and keeping patents stable.

I am really looking forward to seeing all that in more detail during the 2952 IAE… Don’t expect the RSI Galaxy to be flyable tho… that’s gotta be concept for sure.

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