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Star Citizen IAE 2952 – Kraken Sold Out – New Ships – Drake Expo Tour 2.0

I wanted to do a Star Citizen IAE 2952 Summary Video, new ships, videos for bits you might of missed & finish off my tour of the Drake Hall that was cut short yesterday.

We had Day 1 of the IAE with Drake unveiling their Drake Cutter Starter Ships and the Corsair both being flyable now.

The Corsair is available for between $225 – 250 up from $215 when it was last on sale.

The Drake Cutter is available from $40 but also there is a deal to get a starter package with cutter for $45 until December 8th.

The awesome Jax McCleary is not dead! We saw him in Pyro in a special video for the IAE… he’s been taking some time off and chilling out with some outlaws??

But is on his way back to Stanton now in a Drake Cutter. Expect some more awesome skits throughout the IAE… as they reveal even more ships!

Also Jax McCleary has an official twitter it seems (which CIG have confirmed)… where he is posting up some interesting little tweets and mini-videos.

There was a beautiful Drake Corsair ASMR Video but it was a load of beauty shots there too. 

There was a SCLive Super Ship Talk from CI…

They try to balance coolness with uniqueness & realism as well as having a good interior flow for the ships.

They want to have and have built out a variety of ships that have a huge variety of tasks and job roles they can do but they will be adding more to fill in any gameplay holes but they also want to make sure new ships make sense when added to the game.

The ship pipeline is very refined with a lot more focus on planning ships before taking them into production.

There is a lot of talk about tech, milestones and achievements that they have made.

The BMM has had a load of work done to it.

Now they’ve completed the Cutter they are working on the Spirit Series.

The Corsair team are now working on SQ42 ships.

They are working on the SRV with 2/3rd of final art completed

The Lynx won’t look like the Ursa rover.

The Hull-C will be coming soon… there were some issues with the cargo refactor.

They are also working through clearing up any tech debt they can.

Remember all the Ships you rent you get for 48 Hours.

And although there is a new ship manufacturer every 24hours (changing at 4pm UTC each day) at the IAE they each stay for 48 hours. We’ve got Origin today and that’s follow by Aegis tomorrow… that’s where you might be able to pickup some massive capital ships IF YOU ARE QUICK enough.

The Krakens and Privateers that went on sale sold out within 2-3 mins each time their waves went out. Also remember that you can only buy each of these stock limited ships once during the sale.

A couple of other things if you are a concierge you’ll have access to purchase for larger pretty expensive ship packages and sometimes some more skins.

There are daily Warbond CCU upgrade deals available each day which might allow you to get a ship cheaper or with more insurance… there’s is a (or was) a Caterpillar one for $25 discount at the moment. However it sounds like from the 27-30th these deals might return with some new ones too.

Actually let me read the Q&A bit here as it’s vague but you can then make your own conclusion:

Will there be Warbond CCUs available?

Yes. Check back each day throughout the expo to see what’s available. Each Warbond CCU Daily Deal will run for 24 hours only. However, this year’s Finale (November 27, 4p,m UTC – November 30, 8pm UTC) will include a refresh with new Warbond CCUs that will feature only at this time for select manufacturers, replacing the prior daily deal ones.

Visiting the IAE rewards backers with an 2952 IAE spectrum badge for that manufacturers day… so check back every day to get the full set!