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Alpha 3.18 is on the Horizon BUT It Will Have a Full Wipe – A Clean Slate For Everyone

Welcome to the Star Citizen News, the IAE 2952 is now over but we are keenly awaiting 3.18 on a more public PTU and then the live build… let’s delve into the Star Citizen Newsletter then recap the important news of the week.

All good things must come to an end, and the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo is no exception. However, there’s loads to look forward to as we set our sights on the upcoming Alpha 3.18 patch! Our latest Patch Watch instalment details a selection of features coming to Alpha 3.18.

CI are planning for a 1st wave PTU shortly… and Alpha 3.18 Live around mid December (sort of around the 15/16th by my reckoning)

It was reiterated this week that 3.18 will have a full wipe:

Just confirmed this morning that Alpha 3.18’s wipe will indeed include items, wallet, and reputation, due to the deployment of Persistent Entity Streaming. Expect a clean slate once 3.18 releases!

It was also confirmed that Star Citizen will have a referral bonus for 3.18 – more info coming this month.

There was an ALPHA 3.18 PATCH WATCH post on Spectrum going over typically minor changes in patches that haven’t previously been discussed. There is a lot of ergonomics and new keys for setting PiPs and gimbals. They’ve added a stopwatch too.

But there are some pretty big meta changes coming too with Ballistics not really being stopped by shields, distortion weapons seeing sweeping changes, components protected somewhat from being one shot (by a single missile hit at least).

I appears that 3.18 just keeps growing!

Discounted Starters Available until 8th December.

That’s for a Cutter / C8X Pisces… 

I really really recommend new players take up that offer for a Cutter for $45 with a Game Package… it’s a great deal!

Inside Star Citizen looked at Asset Validation and some of the work of the tools team but also the interior concept rework of the RSI Polaris. It’s been made bigger, there are a huge range of facilities, crew quarters, a brig, reasonably large hangar & cargo bay, medical facilities and more. I’ve got a video touring those changes, check it out in the comments below.

SCLive had some of the Turbulent Montreal Devs talking about various features they are working on.

Lorville is getting much bigger over twice as big in fact and a load of gameplay tied to it too.

You can expect some rescheduling as well as improvements to scheduling / delegation / task tracking in the new year, this is partly to allow more teams to be able to see the whole pie and less internal obfuscation… It’s really nice for devs to know what they are working on and how it fits in to the puzzle. 

New Derlictss and outposts will be looked at soon.

Some of the turbulent teams will be switching more focus to Pyro in the First Quarter of 2023. They are waiting on Server Meshing T0 to be completed atm before adding Pyro to the Game with Alpha 4.0.

They are improving, using and training devs with RaStar currently, to help place structures, outposts and eventually this will evolve into a player base building too. 

In another French SC Video we also found out that there is a Turbulent / SC Studio in Lyon France now too.

We have a sneak peek of a market aboard a Station in Pyro.

There was a Spectrum Thread – When will we get the next update added to the roadmap cards for Q1 next year? 3.19/4.0?

Jake Accapella Responded here – We’ll have the next Release View column early in the new year, though not necessarily the first publish. Our last publish for the year will be on December 21st, and the first one back will be after start of the year planning is complete on February 8. We’ll mention this again in the 21st’s Roundup post as well!

Star Citizen raised over $23m in November mainly due to the IAE 2952 ship sales… this is a huge amount and the single highest month for Star Citizen’s funding ever! The project has raised over $106m so far this year! Over $20m more than last year!

That’s a lot of money and the year isn’t even over yet!

I think a good 3.18 release could push them to $115m.

Boom that’s it for the news recap today I am keenly awaiting 1st Wave PTU for Alpha 3.18. We should be seeing the Monthly Reports and Star Citizen Financials real soon too!