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Star Citizen News – Where Is Alpha 3.18 & What Is The Red Festival 2953?

Welcome to some more Star citizen News, where is Alpha 3.18… what’s the deal with the LNY, 3.17.5, the siege of Orison and big ship sale that’s currently on?

When is ISC back? Are you going to be watching the daymar rally?! Let’s jump in!

Where is Alpha 3.18?

CI released a couple of PTU patches y & z but we are still in Wave 1… I was expecting open PTU by now… that said CI have fixed and optimised 3.18 a lot with the wave 1 test group and it’s actually a surprising amount of players that are very active… so CI are probably getting more than enough test data and bug hunters. 

CIs plan is still to have Alpha 3.18 Live by the end of Jan… but obviously that could change.

It’s fair to expect the open PTU for next week.

Alpha 3.17.5 is out ot live now tho and let’s jump into the Star Citizen Newsletter for more about what that brings:

Explore the Red Festival in the ‘Verse!

Launch into Lunar New Year with our in-game equivalent holiday, Red Festival. Spread good fortune and prosperity by collecting hidden red envelopes around the ‘verse and grabbing red and gold ship paints to tempt good fortune in the year ahead.

It’s the Year of the Rooster in 2953. Join us in this festive celebration by finding hidden red envelopes across Stanton and selling them at kiosks for good fortune (and aUEC!). As a memento of your prosperous Red Festival adventure, you’ll receive an in-game lucky red envelope to keep forever. And don’t forget to sport new paints and snap a photo of your envelope on your favourite moon (for a chance to win a ship).

If you want some trophy envelopes that will persist on your account just log into the game… if you had logged in on previous LNY events you’ll also get an envelope for that year too… expect distribution of these in the 3.18 patch.

Also if you want so big wooden roosters, jump on the RSI website on the LNY page and enter the code GOODFORTUNE.

There are a ton of ships on sale as well… that you can get either from the Lunar New Year or the Siege Of Orison Event page that are up… a load of flyable combat ships and vehicles… lots of red skins too. If you have been waiting for a combat ship sale then now might be what you haave been waiting for.

There is also a C8X Pisces Starter pack on offer too.

The Siege Of Orison is also running on the 3.17.5 Live servers currently until 30th January!

Oh… some else exciting, the Hull-C is on sale for the last time before it’s expected release… typically ships go up in price once they are released… it’s available from $325 so it’s not cheap tho. But it does appear that it’s release might be quite soon still with CI saying:

Get a lucrative start on your Lunar New Year with a career in cargo hauling. In anticipation of the Hull C’s impending arrival in 2023, we’re giving players the opportunity to pick up MISC’s iconic hauler as a concept pledge before its expected flyable release later this year.

We know CI are working on ship scale tractor beams and larger cargo containers that should all be in later this year too.

The Daymar Rally is also on today (Saturday 21st starting 4pm UTC) 

With over 510 km of raceway, multiple checkpoints, and the ‘verse’s most eager pilots, Daymar Rally 2953 will be the biggest community race in Star Citizen.

That will be live on the Atmo Esports Twitch. Go to for more details.

This week’s Sneak Peek is of a rundown station in Pyro and a food court there… it could be ruin station maybe? Or just another repurposed one.

We have just had the monthly reports that we have covered for the PU, SQ42 and AI Updates… There are a whole lot of ships that CI are going to be releasing this year it seems.

CI have their normal media returning next week.

So ISC and SCL…

Hopefully we will have open PTU and then Live for 3.18.