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Star Citizen Lorville 2.0 – The Future Of City Tech

Today we have plans for Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 with new POI, derelicts & settlement locations. We have updates to Lorville 2.0 the expanded and reworked city which is making fantastic progress… Also a 3.18 PTU Updates with the latest info there.

Inside Star Citizen: Lorville Revisited

January is the month of planning where CIG work out what they are focusing on for the coming year. They’ve also been working on Alpha 3.18 at the same time, Star Citizen’s Biggest Patch since 2017. We are going to be seeing a big roadmap update on the 8th of Feb…

This quarter we will be catching up with teams we haven’t seen in a while and meet some newly formed ones too.

CIG are beginning to talk about Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 and with that patch we are going to be getting some new Derelicts as well as variations on ones we already have. But also modular habitation units that will allow for more expansive mission locations.

They have merged the environment more with derelicts more in 3.19 as well as having vegetation and appropriate wear.

So you’ll see all the old / current derelicts used in many new ways.

CI are also building tools and making their pipeline more efficient for the building and placing of these derelicts to be able to get POI looking good more quickly. They want loads of these locations everywhere throughout the verse. With a range of freshly crashed to old, rusted, overgrown or even just their skeletal remains.

Age 1 – Just Crashed – On fire with power still, smoke

Age 2 – A Week Later – Sparks, no fire, no power

Age 3 – Overgrown – The Biome has taken back the land

Age 4 – Worn Paint, rust, more overgrown, it’s been scavenged, large missing pieces

In a similar way to environmental story telling that Bethesda does with Skyrim and Fallout they want scenes are locations to tell a story.

Derelict Habs appear to being added in 3.19 as well…

These are basically settlement assets and tools for placing shanty towns potentially in and around crashed ships. They’ve basically been built out of them sometimes by the survivors of a crash.

They are building out shelters, sleeping quarters, bars, food areas, power and generation.

You’ll notice big parts of ships you recognise sometimes.

Again these will be part of new & old derelicts being added to the game and with varying levels of customization and wear.

This looks to be a huge amount of additional gameplay area in 3.19 but also will ensure that CI can continue building out more and more locations.

Lorville 2.0 might arrive sooner than expected. CIG’s words not mine, building out the zone is going a lot better than expected.

A lot has changed since we saw the work on it at CitizenCon 2022. A massive city built to scale… and now it’s over twice as large.

A huge amount more detail has been added with buildings, textures and effects really making the area look more believable as a living breathing location.

Materials are closer to a final look.

There is updated branding.

When they build out parts of the city they have to remove, add and rearrange buildings or even neighbourhoods to fit better.

There are new roads, pathways, trenches, tunnels, cranes and industrial structures.

What is awesome now is how CI are allowing you to really get down and in there with the city and flying in/thru and around it.

One of the devs said there’s no zones blocked to the player.

They are adding more Landing Pads especially on building rooftops.

These are for pickup missions but also ready for the future of building interiors. As the original buildings at Lorville were too small to have proper interiors.

We are going to hear more about these new interiors in a few weeks time and those are the next evolution of the zone beyond this.

The Industrial areas on the outskirts of the city are also really expensive.

There are quarries, pipelines, manufacturing, smoke, moving cranes.

They’ve only slightly moved the starport… the skyline and vistas of the new Lorville are vastly improved.

The basic transport around the city with the trains is the same other than travel to the outer gates being a bit extended as the city has grown. The view from the transit is much better tho!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.0 PTU.8349208

  • Added Centurion, C8R, Cutter, Corsair, and Mule to in-game shops
  • ROC-DS – Mining UI and HUD does not display
  • ROC – Mining laser does not deploy when entering mining mode
  • UGF mission NPC kills are not always recorded
  • Multi-Tool mining laser energy too high
  • There is a “USE” prompt when entering inner thought mode at the commissary kiosk at Klesher.
  • ASOP Terminals state that Filing a Claim on a Ship will spawn a factory setup Ship but will actually spawn the Ship with any custom changes made to the Loadout
  • When viewing the Drake Corsair via the VMA at certain angles on the preview, it will cause the UI to vanish
  • There are numerous panels and doors throughout the 890j that exhibit VisArea Issues
  • Argo Mole mining turrets missing HUD and MFD’s
  • Can’t split stacked items into smaller stacks
  • The turret interiors on the Cutlass series have a VisArea and will appear invisible when crewed by players
  • The player suffocates with a helmet on, as the helmet equip appears to be stuck pending
  • Ships will retain the Volatile Cargo Alarm and Damage on Countdown from Volatile Cargo Removed by the Refiner
  • Fixed 8 Client & 8 Server Crashes

The patch also tested out Jumptown 2.1… I wasn’t awake when those playtests were running BUT we will catch them next time they go up!

Boom that’s it for your updates this time!