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Star Citizen – Bigger Cities & New Settlements – More Ships In 3.18

Welcome to some more Star citizen news, there a load of events still ongoing on the live servers that are ending over the next few days. We have updates on 3.18, highlights of ISC and SCL looking at 3.19, new POI, Lorville’s City Update, and much more!

From The Newsletter:

Over on the 3.17.5 live servers… Make your fortune at the Red Festival as we celebrate the Year of the Rooster in 2953 Stanton. Suit up and take your ship out to hunt down red envelopes scattered around the ‘verse before the Red Festival ends on February 6 (20:00 UTC). You get some gifts just by logging in during the festival and you can visit the Red Festival Page to also grab some Wooden Roosters as in game flair…

Dive into battle for the Siege of Orison. Head over to the once idyllic Orison and fight back against the Nine Tails gang’s campaign of violence before it ends January 30 (20:00 UTC).

On the 3.18 PTU servers we are still on Wave 1 PTU and CI said recently they are working thru the last of some issues that will allow for Wave 2 SOON!

There is almost no way we are getting 3.18 Live for the end of Jan now BUT early to mid February looks good. We will have to wait and see!

CI are running a XenoThreat Test throughout the weekend on 3.18 of phases ⅔ so if you want to get involved with some fleet battle goodness with PES, Salvage and bug hunting then get involved with that.

ISC last week looked at Alpha 3.19… with CI using Derelicts in new and exciting ways to build out mission locations and POI… Junker settlements and modular habs too… these will create large diverse locations all over the Verse… they will keep adding more derelicts and breaking the older ones in new ways to expand their asset library and possible variations.

CI also showed off updates to Lorville 2.0… they have made a load of progress since CitizenCon 2022 on the city, it’s over twice the size, much more detailed, you can get real close to the city fly around it with little restriction, there are more and larger buildings ready for interiors (which are the next big step) but they are putting loads more landing pads around.

SCL talked All About Alpha 3.18… we have a breakdown of that too.

Some highlights… PES is a game changer allowing for real wrecks, servers to feel lived in, many optimizations, trash and mass amounts of similar objects will get cleaned up still by the server, there are working on trash cans / incenators for object removal.

AI has seen various updates and improvements in 3.18.

3.18 is waiting on shard isolation work to be completed giving each shard it’s own datapipeline, then it will go to wave 2.

The next steps (and potentially part of 3.19) are expanded cargo gameplay

Larger Cargo 32SCU Containers, Ship Scale Tractor Beams, Volatile Cargo will see more work too.

Salvage is going to see further updates and munching salvage is the next step after 3.18.

They are going to keep expanding out racing too.

In the future we will be able to rate players issuing and accepting Service Beacon Missions.

For people that are unaware CI add flyable ships to the in game shops typically around 3 months after they have been made flyable in game. Recently in the 3.18 PTU they made the Centurion, C8R, Cutter, Corsair, and Mule all available in game shops.

I saw a thread on spectrum tho…

CIG – Did you forget that the scorpius is a ship?

Seriously You already PUT ALL the ships from IAE on the PTU for sale and yet, the scorpius still not buyable in game! Also You might want to check the Corsair Price…

Jake Acapella Responded – Hey folks! The plan is to have everything up through the vehicles released at IAE 2952 able to be purchased in-game in 3.18. PTU is an iterative process, so sit tight! We’ll get the rest in there in an upcoming PTU build.

So it looks like the 3.18 live build is going to contain a load more ships to buy in game awesome… but you are going to be waiting a bit longer to see the Vulture in the in game shops!

This Week’s Sneak Peek is of reasonably large bomb, probably the S5’s. I am very much looking forward to the Spirit Series of ships and the A1 which may make use of them.