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Star Citizen – CitizenCon 2023 Date Announced – Let The Hype Begin!

Welcome to some more star citizen news with a summary of what CIG put out last week in terms of news and dev info over the last few days…

CitizenCon 2023 has been officially announced,

Star Citizen’s Big Event CitizenCon 2953 is coming to Los Angeles, California on October 21 2023! 

It’s time once again to celebrate all things Star Citizen, most importantly YOU, the community who makes everything in this universe possible. Get ready for a day filled with exciting content, ranging from development updates, giveaways, and more!

CIG are excited to share more details about the event very soon, but for now, save the date!

You can expect a day full of presentations, reveals, new ships & vehicles, gameplay demos and a slew of development information. Even tho it’s the return of the physical CC event It should be livestreamed throughout the day as well.

CI will be sharing more information on the event soon!

Zin & I may go and cover the event there OR we might make videos from home we haven’t quite decided yet! I am hoping we get an awesome new gameplay demo there!

Inside Star Citizen this time focused on Arena Commander improvements that are coming in the near future, potentially with 3.19. They are bringing the PU racemaps to AC and updating the current ones. We will also have a new space combat map with Jericho Station, they are trying to overhaul the experience and bring parity with the PU.

Also we found out in another thread that ToW is still a thing and CI will be talking about it again in the future.

Star Citizen Live focused on the Mission Features Team – They make mission features, develop tech for them and help implement them into the game… a lot of missions start with the mission features team.

They are happy with the Time Trial Races addition which give gameplay to Race Locations / Tracks in 3.18.

The Orison Platform Missions seem to have AI working properly and give a good level of difficulty.

Prison Kiosks have been moved & improved.

Mission Persistence is something we will see in the future.

There are lots of small bugs that will need to be addressed over the next couple patches.

They are going to be working with Narrative on Investigation and Salvage Missions.

You’ll be able to buy the rights to mine in an area temporarily.

There was also a little bit from the Flight Features For Squadron 42 BUT not really much in the way of tangible dev information there. 

The Monthly Reports came out… CI are working on a load of new yet to be announced ships and vehicles.

The Ship Scale Tractor beam, Argo SRV and Hull-C are all close ish to completion it seems. 

There is a ton of work going into new salvage, Investigation & cargo missions. Bounty Hunting V2 is getting fleshed out with more missions too.

CI are working on the much needed New starmap experience.

Pyro’s Ruin Station is looking better every day.

They continued to work on the new large underground facilities.

And Vulkan Integration marches ever closer.

I’ve got an in depth breakdown of that PU monthly report on my channel… check it out and we will get the SQ42 and AI Portions of the report out next week.

Red Festival is ending 6th Feb 8pm UTC… so it’s your last chance to get a 

Discounted Starter C8X Pisces Game Package

There is also the Year of The Rooster Paints

And a load of Red & Prosperous Ships On Sale

Make sure you pick up your wooden rooster flare too… from the Red Festival Page.

This Week’s Sneak Peek from the SC Newsletter looks like it might be the Argo SRV or at least some form of Argo Ship…

We may well be getting that elusive Open PTU for 3.18 this week…

Also on the 8th Feb we are getting a big roadmap update with details on the 3.19 feature set and some more of the plans for the year.

That is what I am looking forward to!