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Star Citizen – Expanding Cities With Building Interiors & The Push To Alpha 3.18 Open PTU

 Welcome to some more Star Citizen, we have a trio of topics to talk about today, the Coramor event is up with various activities and things on sale, CI have been talking about the Journey to 4.0 and with it building interiors that will flesh out landing zones further we also have the latest on Alpha 3.18 and it’s push to Open PTU maybe for this weekend!

Valentines Day in Star Citizen

Coramor is a holiday celebrated annually throughout the United Empire of Earth (UEE) on February 11. Its origins can be traced back to 2486, when Yuri Ilyin disappeared trying to reunite with his lover, Corazon Tan, who had become trapped behind the recently collapsed jump point to the Oretani system. During his search, Yuri would send emotional daily comms to Cora’s parents updating them on his search, the last of which was unintelligible except for “…anything for Cora… amor…” Yuri was never seen again.

The story of Yuri and Cora was popularized in a late 25th-century vid titled Coramor, a portmanteau derived from Yuri’s final comm. Inspired by the tragic tale of love, people began exchanging romantic messages on February 11, the date of his disappearance.

Today, Coramor traditions include the exchange of gifts and messages between lovers, travel to romantic destinations, and the sending of comms into space in the hope of attracting new love. Some celebrants use the day to send messages to lost loved ones. The colors pink and black, the same as the livery of Yuri’s ship in Coramor, are widely associated with the holiday.

Inspired by the traditional colors of Coramor, these Lovestruck paints give a stylish metallic pink and black look to your Arrow, Cyclone, Scorpius, HoverQuad, Nomad, or Ares.

The Lovestruck paints for the Arrow, Cyclone, and Scorpius will be delivered in the upcoming Alpha 3.18. 

There are some red hot armor sets to purchase also RSI Subscribers have exclusive access to Coramor-themed armor sets that are bound to make any adventure a little more romantic.

Back for a limited engagement, you can snag the ultra-exclusive Anvil Hornet Heartseeker just in time for Coramor. Capture this devilish beauty now before it leaves you lonely.

There is also a screenshot contest

This year, we want you to wear your heart on your screen, get creative, and make a heart shape somewhere out there in the ‘verse. Snap a screenshot and submit it on the Community Hub for the chance to win fabulous prizes.

Interior Design | Journey to 4.0

We got to see an early view at the interiors of buildings for landing zones and cities that CI are working on. Where Ian Leyland Star Citizen Art Director talked about work that’s going into the feature.

They are expanding out various landing zones to have additional play space.

Currently there are some limited interactions you can do with the buildings and landscapes of a city you might be able to enter a few buildings, land on top of a tower but they want to have much much more.

CI are starting full production of building interiors by the end of this Quarter.

They have produced some blue skies ideas to springboard conversations about the direction of what these interiors should do and offer and some potential plans for how buildings and interior gameplay might play out and be built from a design POV:

  • Rooftops should offer access / exit points to the player.
    • Previously cityscapes were just a backdrop to the LZ.
    • They want interesting rooftop landing spaces that add to gameplay.
    • They could have hub buildings you land at and then can access a few buildings from there.
  • Below this they have maintenance, industrial, technical & power rooms.
    • These areas could control power, communications, there could be involved mission objectives here.
  • Below this there may be Residential Apartments and Social Spaces.
    • These could house player as well as NPC housing with a load of different layouts and architectural styles… they want this modularly built. They have also been looking at higher end areas too. BUT there might be dystopian flat blocks you can run round at Lorville Hurston for example.
    • With social spaces they want these to be advanced traversal routes and add to the life of the landing zone.
  • Commercial / Offices / Shopping / Food Areas
    • These areas will be very gameplay focused, Office Blocks, Corporate Wings, Manufacturing, various missions could be linked to here. Restaurants and Bars could have NPCs to meet, High end food choices.
  • Lobby / Reception / Communal Areas / Access points / Shopping
    • Player and NPC access points with a lot of branding / signposting 
    • They are building them to be multilayer traversal spaces.
  • Underground / Subway / Lower Access / Maintenance
    • Below all these They talked about transit hubs that link multiple buildings together and be great social & combat spaces… kind of like a mini space station.
    • There could be abandoned stations / networks, there could be racing opportunities. 

Devs will be building all these sections to be used in a range of buildings and slot them together for different needs and variants. This will also help inform player habitation plans and gameplay too.

With the re-do of Lorville this is actually part of a larger initiative to get interiors in to all LZs. All Cityscapes are likely to change, buildings need to be made bigger to fit interiors. 

CI are also working on those New UGF at the same time too… so the Verse will be getting a lot more densely packed with gameplay in the not too distant future.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 – Stress Test and Push to Open PTU

CI are trying to push for the Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 to open up to all backers on the PTU this weekend if possible, they just ran a stress test on the PTU to help with finalising bugs and some fixes.

There was a new Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.0 PTU Patch as well that fixed a good few bugs:

  • Added Cutlass Steel to AC Duel, Battle Royale, and Squadron Battle modes as a selectable ship
  • Fixed The Extraction laser with the ROC Vehicles failing to retrieve shards from a harvestable deposit and include them inside the vehicle cargo
  • With Infiltrate and Defend Missions – ‘Eliminate Each Target’ message remained after you completed it.
  • Snub fighters docked to compatible Constellations would despawn after several minutes
  • Drake Vulture’s Bathroom Door won’t unlock & toggling the Salvage Beams can cause animation skips / incorrect arm states.
  • Security Post Kareah QT for vehicles was “obstructed”.
  • Players didn’t inherit atmosphere of the ship when sitting or laying down in some seats without helmets
  • With Personal Inventory – Attempts to move all can fail
  • Fixed 3 Server Crashes

Star Citizen Community Hub saw some updates improving content browsing adding some dedicated pages for content and a load of optimizations too. There are more improvements in the works as well.

Boom, that’s it for your updates today!