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Star Citizen March 2023 Update… 3.18 Finally, Stella Fortuna & Freefly

 Welcome to a Star Citizen March 2023 Update… what’s happening this month, what do we have to look forward to, what content do we have planned on the channel?

Firstly the Winner of February’s Giveaway is Major Havik you have won a Crusader Spirit C1 with LTI & Game Package, congrats!

For March we are giving away an Argo RAFT. This Cargo Hauler is going to be incredibly useful in making some aUEC in Alpha 3.18 but also it should be getting more updates to it’s cargo mechanics later in the year being very effective at picking up and moving 32SCU cargo crates.

It also comes with LTI and a SC Game Package. All you need to play the game! To get involved just comment on any of my videos made during March, one comment is chosen as a winner from one of my videos at the start of April.

THERE IS A SCAMMER trying to get people to contact them on telegram THAT is NOT me… I don’t use telegram, I only ever use my main Youtube Account that I post videos with. I will never ask you to send me money before you get your prize.

For the Giveaway… All I need you to do is confirm your email address and you can also contact me on OR

What’s Happening In March?!

Well almost certainly Alpha 3.18 should be going to live during March…

It’s currently in Open PTU and CI are just focusing on bug fixing… there are some major blockers that need to be solved BUT as bug fixing nd stability is the only focus CI should be able to plough thru in getting that out to us.

This is the largest content update since Alpha 3.0.

Adding Salvage, Crafting, Boarding, Cargo Updates, Object Persistence, New Missions, New POI, PU Racing (and time trials), New Ships with the Scorpius Antares & Vulture, Loads of Rivers, Outposts, A ton more gameplay around SPK & Klesher Prison, a mass of QoL improvements, New environmental features, cliffs, sand caves, improved events Jumptown 2.1… it’s bigger and better, XenoThreat and SoO have seen changes due to all the new features. There are new derelicts and settlements, FPS missions at Orison… there are optimizations too with the Gen12 renderer! ALSO! A load amount of ships and vehicles have been added to the in game store so you can buy more things than ever without spending your IRL monies.

We will be covering all of those individual features and updates throughout March.

You’ll see a Ship Buyers Guide / Tour of the Antares as soon as it’s in our hands.

That’s going on sale as soon as 3.18 goes live and will be immediately flyable.

You can also probably expect a Freefly around 3.18’s launch along with a ship Sale…

It’s likely that Jumptown 2.1 will be running pretty soon after live as that was CI’s plan earlier in the year. CI typically sell any ships that are new OR have had their mechanics updated in a patch BUT ALSO ships and vehicles that are useful for an event they are running.

Cargo, Salvage, Combat… 3.18 touches on so much so I am expecting a lot of ships to be available to purchase.

You can expect Jumptown 2.1 and potentially SoO and XenoThreat Events to be run on 3.18 live… I am not sure what’s coming when… as I said earlier probably Jumptown 2.1 (with it’s new facilities and size increase)

We are getting Monthly Reports real early this month, which is great! They give us a huge amount of context and development detail into what CI have been working on over the last few weeks and what they are focused on now.

We will dive into them as soon as we have them! 

CI are now focused on putting out Alpha 3.19 “News” so we will be covering that as and when. We will also do some deep dives into the features that are planned for the patch.

We know as well that 3.19 is built on 3.18 code base and that it’s planned to come out before Fleet Week (at the end of May).

Other bits we should see during the month…

St Patrick’s Day Stella Fortuna (17th March)

Every year CI have a celebration of St Patrick’s Day, sell green ships and skins, have some screenshot competitions, and celebrate the luck of the space irish.

Thru March CI should be releasing more special ISC episodes on Server Meshing and their push to get 4.0 / Pyro out to players. Hopefully that will give us a bit more indication of the plans for 2023… we will also get a couple more Roadmap updates… the last 2 have been pretty bare tho.

Content Plans

We will be delving into 3.18 content obviously but beyond that. We have a new Start Here Star Citizen Guide Ready to go!

We will be giving Lots of coverage to Alpha 3.19 as well

Fleet Week Expectations

Roadmap Features & Updates… we will be delving into what CI are working on Q1 / Q2 this year.

Jan & Feb are pretty slow months for SC news, zin and I take it easy for those months BUT it’s March now…

I want to expand out the amount of videos we get out as well… so I’d like to average 1.5 videos a day so 10 – 11 a week.

We will cover a mixture of news & summaries as normal as well as more gameplay… assuming that 3.18 is stable enough to support that. It would be nice to look at each of the roles you can do in game, play through a load of the missions and events.

At some point we will be starting up Community / Org Spotlight again… I keep wanting to do it BUT get side tracked… it’s quite time intensive.

Also the occasional podcast styled video zin and I do… we might expand that out to have guests occasionally too.

Just finished Sons Of The Forest – We are looking for other fun coop games to play through atm, we should be uploading that playthrough for Patreons & Channel Members through the month… there will also be some polls and other exclusives for those that have gone the extra mile to support the channel!

Zin and I are going on Holiday & have our Birthdays at End Of Month…

We go to an Air BnB up near Leeds for a few days with a load of our mates, play console, pc and board games and eat delicious foods. We will typically get some videos ready before we go and I can quickly record some sc news while I am up there anyway so there won’t be much disruption of the channel. 

I am going to try and get to the April 8th Bar Citizen In Manchester if possible.

I am poking CIG for an office tour as well atm…

I am still shilling for NordVPN… I hope you enjoy this months ad for that…

Also tobii eye tracker has a sale on until march 6th… so checkout the links below for that.