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Star Citizen News Update 9th March 2023

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News… We have a couple additions to the Roadmap , and update to Alpha 3.18… with a new PTU Patch which looks like it might be the last before the live build (potentially later today) and there are some interesting new weapon mods from the Subscriber Promotions…

Roadmap Roundup – March 8, 2023

The RSI Lynx has been added to the Alpha 3.19 Patch…

The Lynx Rover is a vehicle that was originally supposed to be bundled Connie Phoenix and Emerald. This I believe is supposed to be a more luxury / higher tech version of the  Ursa Rover focused on touring / exploration.

In the same way the P-72 is a more luxury / higher tech version of the P-52.

I don’t know much more about than that… it was one of the “unannounced” vehicles that CI have been working on I think.

Additional Derelict Settlements – Settlements with both gameplay and social elements, spread throughout the Stanton wilderness using the RaStar tool.

We know that CI want to have as many POI, outposts, settlements and derelicts as possible. Whistlers Crypt on Daymar with the 600i and MSR wrecks with the settlement there is an example of this… we have also seen some of the work towards these New Derelict settlements in a ISC… basically large sections of ships are salvaged and made into housing for NPCs and mission locations. These are also pretty modular so CI will be using them in a load of different ways and POI.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.0 PTU.8389318

  • Fixed – Antares Quantum Dampener Producing VFX/SFX but does not function
  • Fixed – Flair Items shown as available in Inventory are missing in Loadout Manager
  • Fixed – After returning to menu/relaunch into game, character customizer will open

This build contains multiple new improvements to help with server and client performance as well as Fixing 3 Server Crashes.

Now with Alpha 3.18… there was a little bit of drama about Content Creators getting access to the Scorpius Antares.

Should be less annoyance at this, noone has bought it yet… It’s Advertising for SC…

Is it fair? No it’s not suppose to be. The fact that CI support any creators is awesome imo… if you are a smaller or new creator it’s going to be hard to expand and get recognition but with some time, style and polish you will get an audience and potentially support. I’ve been covering SC for over 8.5 years (averaging over a video everyday) and for the first 2 years of that I was a very small channel… I have a bias from the fact i got in early and became relatively popular… so please feel free to disagree, I can only talk about that from my POV… I would encourage content creators to keep on trying, watch other videos for ideas, reach out to CI and also to understand that it can be a bit of a slog.

Maybe a cool thing for CI to do would be spawn some (rarely) of these new ships in game but empty so players could find them and use them at military outposts or salvage sites OR in the future have events where there is a Jumptown Style take and hold to potentially steal one?

The Antares will be going on sale when 3.18 launches… which looks like may be later today… at least within the next 48 hours OR at least that is the plan from CI.

They did say it may have some bugs and issues in the live build tho that they will try to get solved ASAP. Especially Server degradation over time Issues.

So stuff might get a bit de-syncy, NPCs get a bit dumber over time.. Maybe…

We can expect a FreeFly once 3.18 is a little more stable, maybe later in March.

March 2023 Subscriber Promotions

March’s Ship of the Month is the supremely versatile MISC Freelancer MAX. Outfitted with extra cargo capacity, it’s ideal for making a living shifting goods or vehicles across the ‘verse without sacrificing everyday usability.

And if you can’t bear to say goodbye at the end of the month, the Freelancer MAX is available until April 4 with enhanced insurance as part of our Subscriber Special Promotion.

If you prefer a more combative approach to life in the ‘verse, this month’s Flair is just the ticket. This exclusive collection of Klaus & Werner underbarrel lighting ensures you hit your mark in even the darkest corners of the ‘verse.

These weapon accessories are compatible with any personal firearm with an underbarrel attachment, making them a versatile must-have for any on-foot adventure.

March’s Flair will be available when Alpha 3.18 reaches the live servers. 

Tracer Laser Pointer (Orange)

Tracer Laser Pointer (Green)

Brightspot Flashlight (Purple)

Boom that’s it for you SC News for the day!