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Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Lasting Legacies Is Now Live

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Lasting Legacies Is Now Live

There are a whole lot of new features and things going on with this patch, as well as a bit of a ship sale but also some problems.

Also There are a lot of players trying to get on and CIGs servers seem rather overloaded, there are quite big queue times with some players reporting 1000s being ahead of them and then failing to connect.

Also the 3.18 patch is planning to release an update 3.18.1 potentially next week with some more stability updates and bug fixes as there are still a few pressing ones that need fixing ASAP. Not least of which is general server degradation issues.

Other than those teething issues and big surge of players the patch is absolutely massive in terms of gameplay and features added.

New Ships

The Drake Vulture Specialist Salvage Ship – is available from $150 (175)

Get away from it all to a life on the drift with the Drake Vulture. Built purely for salvage, it’s ideal for enterprising pilots looking to make a living breaking wrecks apart.

This initial implementation includes hull scraping, with material mulching and processing coming in a later patch.

The RSI Scorpius Antares $210 (230)

The Antares takes the already deadly RSI Scorpius fighter and outfits it with a devastating EMP generator and quantum jammer. Disable enemy ships, prevent them from fleeing, and take complete control of the battlefield. 

And although upgraded for electronic warfare, the Antares hits hard enough to take down immobilised ships in a flash thanks to Size 3 weapons mounts and a Size 4 missile rack.

They are also available as special upgrades giving you warbond prices on the upgrades.

Other Ships On Sale


Racing Ships – Origin 350R, M50, Mustang Gamma, P-72, Razor (inc LX & EX)

Explore the Biggest Star Citizen Update Yet!

Alpha 3.18 throws open the door to the next stage of Star Citizen’s groundbreaking universe. Alongside adding immersive careers, stunning locations, and thrilling gameplay, the latest patch holds the key to true in-game persistence – one of the biggest hurdles in the pursuit of a living universe that evolves alongside its inhabitants.

Play now to discover everything Alpha 3.18 brings to the ‘verse. And remember, this is just the beginning; there’s much, much more on the horizon.

Persistent Entity Streaming – Universe-Wide Persistence

Persistent Entity Streaming is a huge update to Star Citizen’s core technology that enables the next generation of cutting-edge features and gameplay.

From items remaining after death to visiting new star systems in future releases, it’s a major step toward a fully realized Persistent Universe that evolves with the players that inhabit it.

Dawn of Salvage – Hull Scraping

Carefully dismantle crashed haulers or tear apart the losers of battles to make a fortune with the debut of Salvage gameplay.

Hull scraping is now available via the Aegis Reclaimer, all-new Drake Vulture, and by hand with the Greycat Multi-Tool. Further salvage mechanics will be added in upcoming releases.

Soft Death – Vehicle Immobility

Alpha 3.18 introduces vehicle ‘soft death.’ Now, if one of a ship’s critical components is destroyed, the ship will remain intact but stranded, leaving its contents and crew hanging in the balance.

Soft death is key to the Salvage career, as abandoned vehicles can be ripped apart for serious profit by ships like the Aegis Reclaimer and all-new Drake Vulture.

Cargo System Refactor

Finally made possible by PES, this long-awaited refactor physicalizes cargo boxes and crates, allowing them to be picked up and moved in real-time.

While vital to ships like the MISC Hull series, it also makes piracy more lucrative, as cargo persists wherever it’s dropped.

Gen12 Graphics Renderer – Next-Gen Update to the Graphics Engine

Like PES, Gen12 is a hugely important update to Star Citizen’s core engine. This initial version renders all transparent geometry but will ultimately deliver vastly improved performance and visual fidelity in coming patches.

Gen12 is also the foundation of the Vulkan API, Star Citizen’s cutting-edge graphics platform currently in development.

Natural Wonders – Sand Caves & Rivers

Sand-cave networks are now waiting to be explored across the system. Alongside hosting various new and existing missions, they feature a unique harvestable that can be foraged and sold for profit.

Plus, more rivers and lakes have been placed around microTech alongside the debut of rivers on Hurston.

Secrets of Daymar – 600i & Mercury Settlement

An all-new derelict settlement has landed on Daymar, this time made up of the remains of an Origin 600i and Crusader Mercury.

Like the previous settlements (and those coming soon), it features new missions that challenge players to clear out enemies, assassinate specific targets, recover items, and more.

Update to Security Post Kareah Space Station

One of Stanton’s classic locations has been given a makeover with new missions and gameplay vital to the security of the system.

The station is now protected by full-time Crusader Security who, alongside guarding the fabled CrimeStat terminal, have begun storing confiscated materials and contraband around the place.

All New Missions at Orison and Klescher

Planning a productive meeting at Orison’s Inspiration Park after the defeat of the Ninetails outlaw gang? Think again, Alpha 3.18 introduces new combat missions across the business sector platforms.

And for those on the wrong side of the law, doing hard time just got a lot easier. Now, guests of the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen can enjoy new ways to reduce their stay, including collecting and handing in contraband.

High Speed Thrills – New Racetracks

Buckle up, new raceways are open around the ‘verse! Found across six locations, including Daymar, Euterpe, and Area18, each unique circuit offers high-speed thrills with varying difficulty and environmental challenges.

Plus, a new Greycat PTV-only kart track is open in Orison for more down-to-earth racing action.

CIG do plan on running a FreeFly potentially later in March after they deploy some more fixes to 3.18.x

There is a load more coming up with Alpha 3.18, events, freeflys, more updates… just be aware until they patch it there are some more bugs and issues than appropriate.

Boom, that’s it for your quick Alpha 3.18 update.