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CIG Statement On Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.2 And XenoThreat Woes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, we’ve got some updates from CIG about 3.18.2, XenoThreat, new content coming this week as well as some community racing events.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.2 hit the Live servers, and brought with it a myriad of bug fixes and stability improvements. The XenoThreat have returned and are terrorizing Stanton, and we’re seeing more of you than ever before joining forces with the Civilian Defense Force (CDF) to defend the system. 

Despite anticipating some turbulence during its initial release, we’ve always recognized the importance of Persistent Entity Streaming (PES) as the most difficult and complex component of our efforts to enable Server Meshing. The engineering required for PES has been extensive, as it fundamentally alters how we record the state of the Universe and introduces an unprecedented level of persistence that is unmatched by other games.

We’d like to note that we’re aware of the various issues that have popped up during XenoThreat, including the interaction delays, causing things like ASOP terminals, restocking, and general interactions not to function properly, as well as issues related to desync. The team is currently collating and analyzing the vast amount of data they have received, thanks to your participation and the tremendous amount of traffic only possible on the live servers. While these issues can be a hindrance in the short-term, they are a necessary and inevitable step in the ongoing process to develop and strengthen our backend for the big milestones ahead. Our team is committed to this, and is very optimistic about the road ahead.

We’ve just had a Galatapedia Update

There is a big focus on the Kallis System which is an unclaimed developing system and protected under the fair chance act even tho their isn’t any known sentient life their allowing for the study of a planetary system in it’s infancy.

We also saw some lore updates on Ships and Vehicles… like the Lynx Luxury Rover – The Lynx is a luxury exploration vehicle developed by Roberts Space Industries (RSI). The company adapted the Lynx from their existing Ursa rover to include alongside their Constellation Phoenix luxury model spacecraft. The Lynx drops some of the Ursa’s armor and internal modularity in exchange for luxury fittings and general quality of life improvements.

Thursday Inside Star Citizen Returns with a focus on Lorville 2.0 and the massive city update for Alpha 3.19.

Friday, SCL airing live at 15:00 UTC No info on guests yet… I am expecting something 3.19-y related.

Also subscribers will be treated to the latest Jump Point Magazine. (Which I will probably start summarising).

This Saturday, there are TWO community racing events.

The Crux Cup returns for its annual endurance race, which has been a staple for the community dating back to 2945! The race introduces a 94km track, titled Ahumahi Ring, at Orison, Crusader. The event welcomes any ship and skill level, with a variety of racing classes. 
Also there is the System 7, which is another spectacular organized by Atmo Esports, this is round three of its annual event. After the previous microTech Tundra Dash, the leaderboards have been close! Make sure to tune in to see who will take home the win at the Babbage Bash!