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Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Call To Adventure Is Now Live!

Alpha 3.19 significantly better deployment and experience when compared to the 3.18 branch.
Focusing on bugfixes and improving gameplay, tho it still has “some big updates”.


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However at time of recording the databases for inventory and ships are having some major issues on certain servers… I literally can’t access my inventory or spawn a ship and I need to server hop… Hopefully just some teething issues with so many people downloading, playing and getting ships allocated?

Is there a Wipe for this patch No… tho you do have to re-customize your character and choose a home location… There were some LTP issues that I will talk about later, with some players having a bug and some ships/items not being allocated correctly. If you are not missing anything then worry not!

There is a mini-sale on with some 3.19 related ships & vehicles on sale on the RSI Store:






There are a Ton of new features and updates with the patch!

Salvage Contracts have been added to the PU. This new contract called the Salvage Resource Rush is a mission where a faction or mission giver requests the scrapping of a derelict or husk in their possession, either on the ground at a junkyard or in space in a debris field. Players accepting the mission are tasked to scrap the derelict to the best of their ability and sell the RCM to a shop. Once the player is finished with the scrapping of the derelict, they can complete the mission in their MobiGlass. This mission will have three variations:

Lawful: a lawful mission giver or organization requests the scrapping of a derelict. The location is secured by the organization with orbital sentries or Centurions.

Lawless: a mission giver requests the scrapping of a derelict. The location is not secured in any way, risk of being raided by pirates is present.

Unlawful: an unlawful mission giver or organization asks for the salvage of a recent battle, which is not accessible to civilians/cordoned off. The location is secured by hostile orbital sentries or Centurions.

New PvP Mission type to the Ghost Hollow crash site on MicroTech where players will need to fight for control over terminals for a chance at big credit payouts from aUEC terminals in the Reclaimer Derelict.

When active, they generate aUEC that anybody can withdraw, players can try to control the terminals (which are also guarded by Outlaws AI). To start this event at the Ghost Hollow Crash Site, a player will need to disable the Stanton4 comm array above MicroTech which will enable the terminals and send out a Mobiglas communication to all nearby players. Once done, the terminals can be activated in the tower next to the derelict ship.

There is the NPE or Tutorial which is an option you will have when you first spawn. It locks you in to doing a set of simple tasks for the first 20-30 mins from waking up in your had to getting to Baijini Point and rewards you with some aUEC.

There has been a major rework to Lorville City & it’s Skyline to better fit the scale of the city and its distinctive buildings. The goal is to create the visual identity for the high-end, low-end, and generic branding of the city skyline and add navigational signage around the landing zone. There are updated Volumetric Clouds and Atmosphere here and there has been general polish on clouds too.

FPS AI accuracy and behaviour has been updated. This is intended to make AI feel a bit more realistic, lifelike, and in some ways more forgiving without pinpoint, deadly accuracy at all times, which is something that has caused many of us much frustration while clearing out baddies from underground facilities.

NPCs should now have a better range of accuracy modifiers, which will ramp up accuracy based on many factors like seeing and losing sight of target, how long the enemy sees it’s target after regaining sigh on them, mercy times to assess how much of a threat the target it, and their loadouts. 

Tractor Beam / Salvage / Customization Update – Enabling hand held tractor beams to attach and detach items such as ship components and allowing players to sell those salvaged items for profit. This iteration of the tractor beam gameplay will add the functionality to the tractor beam attachment of the multitool to detach and attach items from ships itemPorts. This functionality can either be used for component exchange, replacement or restocking or to scavenge other ships to use or make a profit. Players can lock and unlock the ability to remove weapons and components from their ship with a new Port Unlock option in the Inner Thought where which in the cockpit or using the new Port Unlock keybind (Default (r-alt + K). While aiming at a component with a tractor beam to detatch it, hold “B” and it will highlight the object with a glow around its perimeter/shape. Left click and drag to pull the component lose from its socket/hardpoint. While attaching components, an AR marker will appear to give players guidance on the correct orientation to attach the component in correctly. If the holo outline is green simply let go of the item and it will attach. If the holo outline is yellow, rotate the item until the outline turns green. If the holo outline is red, the item does not fit the Item port requirements.

MASSIVE MINING UPDATE – With Alpha 3.19 comes updates to both Ship and FPS mining with wide-sweeping balance changes to sell prices, refining effectiveness and costs, component stats, multi-crew mining efficiency, mineable difficulties and masses with larger asteroids, resource distribution, as well as the addition of new mineables. The goal in 3.19 is to make multi-crew mining more attractive and even out all materials to make them all more lucrative instead of a select few.

Locations around Planets and Moons have Exclusive Resources to Mine. Like Arial having Iron & Quartz)

“Standard” will appear in rocks and then uncommon and rare resources have a chance based on the make up of the rock. Rocks have a huge diversity in size and difficulty.

Different Mining Lasers will be geared towards particular types of resource mining and all mining components / sub-components, consumables have been given a full stats rework.

Prices & Refining Efficiencies are based on distance from the source of a resource. Travel further to sell and your typically get better prices and refinery modifiers.

Multi-crew mining has also been balanced with the Mole getting a buff on instability if the same lasers fire on the same rock, while the Prospector will get a punishment for multiple prospectors firing at the same rock on instability.

A rocks make up and density, size, mass is all informed by location and the resources it’s madde from.

The Mining UI will inform you how difficult a rock is to break with your setup as well as your cargo & mining items.

You can change, attach and move mining heads with the tractor beam tool.

FPS Mining Update – Added Janalite as FPS minable to caves (very rare but very valuable)
Allowed Mouse Wheel to control throttle – Alt + mouse wheel to control laser intensity.
Adjusted Difficulty of Hand Mining Various Nodes

More Economy Updates

  • Removed Diamonds Temporarily
  • Added Corsair, Cutter, and C8R Pisces to In-game Shops… No Vulture tho…
  • Reduced the Inventory Stock of Ship Weapons, Missiles, and Ship Components Sold in Reststops and LEOs

As part of Stability & Playability of this patch CIG have made some concessions:

They Updated the density manager system so that mission entities and things dropped by missions such as corpses, guns, and debris will be cleaned up when the area is streamed out. As we reuse mission locations such as UGFs, the location will then be cleaned up of all mission items when the area is streamed out while player dropped things remain as usual.

  • Temporarily Removed Orison Platform FPS Missions for 3.19
  • Temporarily Removed Claim Jumpers Missions for 3.19
  • Made Insurance Claim Time and Price Increases to all Ships

Some Other Updates:

  • Moved Location of Area18 ASOP Terminals Closer to the Hangar Elevators
  • Updated Building Blocks Shop UI for Casaba and Dumpers Depot With Shop Specific Styles
  • Optimized Radar Performance While Scanning Large Amounts of Cargo Boxes
  • ASOP UI Performance Optimizations
  • NPC Performance Optimizations

There are still various Known Issues, problems with Trams & Trains, FPS Weapons and Gear selling at very low prices, ships exploding from invisible collisions, elevators at refineries not working properly, EVAing on the SPK pads can insta-kill you, sometimes sales terminal don’t work. There are a billion edge cases too. CI are working on these and suspect some more to be fixed in a 3.19.1 patch soon.

Also CIG had some issues with LTP and allocation of some ships / items they said:

We found some unexpected behaviours with Long Term Persistence during the release to 3.19…

  • Ships and FPS items aren’t being attributed if they were never put out and back inside an inventory. So if you had bought something with aUEC but never moved or used it.
  • The Insurance claim will make you lose your ship unless you retrieve / store it back
  • However if the ships or items were in your home location inventory they are safe and will be recovered in the next patch. I assume that will be 3.19.1 in the very near future.
  • I believe this is only affecting some players but you should still have your aUEC, Rep, and I believe anything you’ve bought with real money. If you haven’t noticed you have lost anything when logging in to 3.19 for the first then you are all good… This isn’t something happening each time you log on.

Alpha 3.19 is a significantly better experience than 3.18 ,or at least it is when your server works and can spawn your ships and access your inventory. We should see a hotfix for this deployed shortly I would expect AND that’s important as….

Fleet Week Incoming Friday 19th May.

Welcome to Invictus Launch Week – the annual military event starring Humanity’s most deadly war machines. Visit the exhibition hall to explore the Navy’s in-service fleet and try many of them out for free!

The UEE Navy’s flagship, the colossal Bengal supercarrier, will be touring the system, while the fearsome Javelin Destroyer is open for guided tours. Explore everything military at the biggest Invictus event yet.

There is going to be A LOT of players trying out SC for the first time… let’s hope CI can get the game in a less frustrating state…

New Ships and Vehicles at Fleet Week:

Mirai Fury & Fury MX – Flyable

RSI Lynx – Drivable

Tumbril Storm – Concept