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Star Citizen Ships Currently In Production – CIG Address Insurance Drama

What Ships Are Currently In Production and actively being made by CIG NOW.

AND at least some partial resolution to the drama over ship claim timers and players waiting far too long to get their ships back!

CIG previously raised the waiting times on ships and vehicles when you claim them after they’ve been lost or destroyed as well as the expedite times and costs. Some of these were incredibly high BUT a lot of players don’t have many ships and an increase of a few mins to over an hour more on their insurance claim times isn’t practical for those wanting to actually play the game.

CI have Lowered Ship Insurance Timers and Expedite Costs Across the Lineup… in the latest Star Citizen Alpha 3.19.1 PTU Patch.

CIG recently said… in regards to the Changes In Ship Timers – The team is now analyzing the ships according to a variety of different criteria, which in turn dictate how long it’d generally take for the systemic economy to produce a new vehicle when lost, and thus how much time and expense the insurance system should levy. Those base values are then scaled down – and some ship parameters are given a bit extra weight (such as larger vehicles, which will see a larger time reduction) – given the current state of the game and so that we get the gameplay experience we want.

Further to this they also said:

So yes they have lowered insurance / ship claim timers based on player feedback here for the 3.19.1 PTU and look to be continuing to monitor it. BUT they haven’t lowered them to where they were before 3.19… It’s certainly much better on the PTU than on the live servers HOWEVER as I have said previously I personally think most timers should be a lot lower (lower than in 3.18) OR players should have the option to entirely circumvent waiting with aUEC. In the future when it makes more sense yes waiting and loss will be important to the game currently it just gets in the way of testing and gameplay AND it doesn’t provide much in the way of useful data as the balance for this needs to be looked at when we have a lot more of the game in our hands. 

That’s just my thoughts on it tho.

The latest Star Citizen Alpha 3.19.1 PTU Patch also makes more changes:

  • Made Further Lorville Performance Improvements
  • Adjusted Mineable Rock Instability Values to be More Predictable so Players Can Better React
  • Fixed an issue that was causing AI to get stuck standing/crouching on top of useables such as chairs
  • Fixed an issue causing inventory to infinitely load
  • Fixed Operations Depot Lyria-1 was missing a QT Marker for “Protect Site” mission
  • Fixed 1 Client & 3 Server Crashes

So What Ships in Active Production Currently? 

Well we had a Star Citizen Live That Focused On Ship Questions CIG said there (or on the roadmap) currently that the following ships are in production

Hull-C – Massive Cargo Hauler

Spirit – Small Multi-Crew Alternatives to Freelancer & Cutlass

SRV – Tractor Beam Tow Ship

Storm The New Concept Light Tank

SanTokYai – Xi’An Medium Fighter

There are some Redacted Ships (seemingly a single ship and a series of ships / vehicles)

There are some Variants of an existing ship/s

Retaliator Gold Standard is also seeing work

Some Ships & Vehicles that may be going into production very soon: 

Apollo, X1 & G12 

They are investigating Pre-Production on the Polaris and are aware how popular the ship is and it may go into production again when resources are available.

Reclaimer Also needs a Rework… not time frames on that tho.

There was some other tangible development info in that SCLive:

They say there is never too many ships (as long as they don’t overlap with each other in style and role too much). They like to have a lot of diversity in ships and choices for players.

In game ship manufacturers have been influenced by real world car and plane companies.

Concept ships can move between manufacturers if they don’t fit the style.

There might be some new variants of the Fury in the future. They threw ideas around like a racing one but also a ramming one and salvage one.

They have been improving the ship pipeline and with a larger team they want to be able to release a capital ship a year.

They have been able to test some interesting things with sticking weapons and strange loadouts to the Hull-C where it’s cargo goes… maybe we might see some modularity or interesting customizations / weapon choices there.

Modularity is now technically ready for development BUT is NOT currently being actively worked on.

Physicalized damage is being worked on it appears that the system includes, ship, vehicles, props, structure and environments to some degree.

Ship Scale Tractor Beams are being worked on and have had a size refactor, this won’t change any of the intention it’ more just naming conventions.

S1 – Large Objects & Small Containers

S2 – Large Containers

S3 – Potentially Ship Sized OR Massive Containers

Boom that’s it for your Star Citizen Ship Updates Today!