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Star Citizen Alpha 3.19.1 Incoming – Dev Response On State Game Balance

Welcome to This Week in Star Citizen we go over the updates coming up this week and a dev response on the state of game balance.

From the RSI Post This Week In Star Citizen:

Work continues on various upcoming quality-of-life fixes for Alpha 3.19.1, and we’ve made significant progress on some of the recent ASOP terminal issues, specifically where terminals and kiosks can become inoperable. A fix candidate is currently going through all the checks, and we’re looking to have this in your hands shortly along with other performance improvements. As we ramp up our preparations for the upcoming Alpha 3.19.1 patch, we’d like to give a friendly reminder to check out our Star Citizen Alpha 3.19.1: Long Term Persistence Update to keep you in the loop with what to expect with the upcoming patch (I’ve covered that in my videos, basically if you want ships and items to transfer from 3.19 – 3.19.1 take them out and store them again.) We’d also like to take the time to express our gratitude for your continued patience and support.

I am personally expecting Alpha 3.19.1 to be released later this week. That’s not a confirmation tho. CIG do appear to be getting that patch in very good shape compared to the releases we have had so far this year, hopefully it won’t explode when it’s deployed to LIVE.

CIG Continue:

Last weekend, members of the Community team had the privilege of attending the Equinox 2953 Bar Citizen event in Ohio, USA. This was one of the most recent stops of our Bar Citizen World Tour, and if you weren’t able to attend, fear not, there’s plenty more to come throughout the rest of the year. Also, in case you missed it, we’ll be hosting not one, not two, but FIVE Bar Citizen events on our International Bar Citizen Weekend (17/18th) near all of our offices in celebration of the upcoming Alien Week and YOU, the community! So, come by and have a chat with the team; we’re looking forward to hanging out with you in person.

Oh, and did someone say “CitizenCon”? We know that many of you are excited to learn more about this year’s epic in-person celebration of all things Star Citizen, and we are just as excited to share all the deets with you about the venue, volunteering, cosplay contest, community booths, and more! Expect a transmission very soon!

The ‘verse is a welcome place for ALL, and with the month of June shaping up to be a month of celebrations, it is only fitting that we celebrate each and every one of you. As such, we invite you to celebrate Pride all month in our Show Us Your Colors Celebration 2023 contest. Let your creativity run wild, just make it colorful! )There is a screenshot/general social media post competition for that.)

And last but not least, race #6 of Atmo Esports’ System 7 event kicks off this Saturday. Watch the contestants put the Drake Dragonfly through its paces on microTech in “River Canyon Chaos” on Twitch.

Later Tuesday, Subscribers will receive June’s Sub newsletter.

On Wednesday, catch up with the latest development updates with May’s Monthly Reports for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. 

Thursday’s Inside Star Citizen continues exploring the updates coming to Arena Commander in Alpha 3.20. We will also learn about Experimental Modes.

Friday, there will be another episode of Star Citizen Live at 3pm UTC with guests to be announced later this week. Assumedly it will be to do with AC/SM updates.

What is the state of the balance work?

What is the current state of the ship/component rebalance work that was started in 3.14? Are there blockers preventing progress on that or has it largely been put on the backburner because of Sq42 being priority right now?

YogiKlatt Responded – That balancing is currently happening in S42, however I do not yet know when we can merge it over. The weapons are balanced with the new aiming system in mind and we are not yet sure if we want to move the weapons over before the new aiming system is ready to be ported over … not specifically for the aiming system itself but the downstream dependencies like UI, etc.

So it doesn’t look like we are getting much in the way of proper balance for a while but that makes sense as there are huge sweeping changes coming to various flight and combat systems:

The Resource Management System

Physical Damage & Components

MFD, UI & Cockpit Updates

Master Modes – Nav vs Combat Mode

This New Aiming System too

In the short term CI are going to be doing temporary balance to make sure everything ticks along AND also Arena Commander being a big focus in 3.20 does also mean they will have somewhere to rapidly iterate and test out balance and changes as necessary.

BOOM! Alien Week should start at some point next week!