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Star Citizen’s Forgotten Players Unable To Play The Game

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen… we have a mixture of dev responses, drama, some new cool items all bundled for you today starting with…

Players Stuck Unable to Play Star Citizen…

One of my mates LittleBitOfMadness who streams Star Citizen has had a terrible time of late… literally not being able to play the game.

He was streaming, got a 30k and now can’t get in the game.

Support suggested a Character Repair as a potential fix but basically it’s probably that his character is in a bad state after a 30k and that sometimes happens basically having the player unstowed but the game can’t retrieve them.

That fix didn’t work… and CI have said that there are instances where they don’t have workarounds of fixes for this… LBM appears to be one of those.

Support then said that they will be rolling out fixes in the future for this but didn’t have dates.

It then appears that they closed the support ticket marking it as solved.

This just leaves LBM and other players experiencing this issue in Limbo…

Leaving the ticket open even just to ask a couple of follow up questions would of been the bare minimum in my opinion there. Tho it might of been closed in error or overly zealously.

LBM did then get chatting to CIGs Haku who did say this problem will certainly be solved with 3.19.1. And did get him into the PTU for 3.19.1 which is working for him.

They are using all the feedback from players that experience this issue to solve future instances of it.

It did get me thinking how annoying it must be for players that get a bug that means they LITERALLY can’t play and there is no fix but to wait…

It would affect me less because I have multiple accounts… but that is obviously not something that most people have setup… or should need.

How to ensure the persistence of in-game bought ship weapons and modules equipped as upgrades to pledge/loaner ships?

I lost most of these weapons/modules during the upgrade from 3.18 to 3.19.

Wakapedia CIG responds

The current flow is that customized ships should be stripped of all customizations and those components put back into your home location between patches like this.

To confirm this still works with the workaround of needing to retrieve and store your ship as originally posted, going into 3.19.1, I ran a series of simulated LTP tests on some internal servers with Nova-CIG on pledge store attributed ships and items as well as in game purchased ships and components. Through all our tests this has worked as currently intended and gave us back the ships in their default loadout and placed the non-default custom components and weapon into our home city inventory.

However, loaner ships will behave a bit more like rentals and may not persist in the same way. To be safe, I would make sure to take customized parts off of loaners.

CIG the Alpha 3.20 AC changes are great BUT can we please get private lobbies back?

Zyloh CIG – Just touched base with @Duncan-CIG – we don’t have an ETA at the moment, although the intention is certainly to bring back private lobbies. They are dependent on new API from our network team, and that work will need to be completed for us to bring these back online. We’re looking forward to sharing more information as we have it.

Why isn’t there any work showing on the progress tracker beyond Q2 2023?

There’s a current issue with Progress Tracker preventing most of the data from being displayed. We’ll have this sorted by next week!

When Is The Storm Q&A Coming Out?

The Storm Q&A is currently with our vehicle team, we’ll have the post up very soon!

June 2023 Subscriber Promotions

Welcome to June, Subs! After the excitement of last month’s Invictus Launch Week, we’re preparing to kick off our annual celebration of all things alien in the ‘verse. From June 15 – 26, it’s Alien Week, so to get you in the spirit, the latest Ship of the Month is the Tevarin’s very own Prowler.

June’s Flair also has a conveniently exotic theme, with three unique variants of Banu knife available in-game from Tuesday, June 6. 

Banu Zogo Knife

The Zogo knife is prized among many Banu soulis for its versatility and cutting edge. The strong tip and wide belly of the blade make it particularly durable, a crucial feature in survival situations in which this blade excels.

Current Centurion-level Subscribers get the Banu Zogo Knife as part of their subscription.

Banu Myuda Knife

A brutally effective product of Banu engineering, the Myuda knife is a vicious weapon designed for leaving wounds that won’t heal easily. The special metal alloy used in the construction of the blade is rust-resistant and remains ultra-sharp even after extensive use.

Current Imperator-level Subscribers get the Banu Zogo and Myunda Knives as part of their subscription.

Banu Pambada Knife

Honed to a razor-fine edge, the Pambada knife has a wide range of applications. The serrated edge is great for cutting through soft and flexible materials like ropes or fabrics, while the gut hook can be used to overcome tougher resistance.

The Banu Pambada Knife is available to all Subscribers to pledge for from the Subscriber-Exclusive Store.

Reddit Blackout?

Reddit appears to be making the ability for 3rd party apps to connect to it and make use of it’s API prohibitively expensive in some cases… This has a lot of users and developers concerned about a mixture of issues, 3rd party accessibility and other useful apps may get discontinued and a good amount of people need these apps to be able to use reddit properly…  

There are concerns about spam, scammers, some people and mods of reddit groups are organising a blackout / boycott starting 12th June until the situation improves as a protest.

The SC Reddit may be affected by the blackout if it joins it… There is currently at time of recording a stickied post on the SC Reddit Discussing it. 

Just thought I would make peeps aware.

Bar Citizen Weekend

Manchester, United Kingdom – Saturday, June 17, 4pm

BrewDog Doghouse Manchester

18-20 Fountain St, Manchester, M2 2AR, England