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Star Citizen – Alien Week Starts Today – 3.20 Roadmap Update – Where Is Alpha 3.19.1?

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen News… we have a roadmap update, alien week starts today, there are various dev responses and where is 3.19.1?

Where Is Star Citizen Alpha 3.19.1?

It’s possible CIG will put a release candidate out in the next couple of days and have a release of Live for the weekend BUT we literally don’t know.

I was expecting it to go to live last week, which hasn’t happened.

There are a couple of major issues that CI have been trying to solve like the Hangar Doors still being there but invisible after opening. And they are trying to address stability and performance here too. It should be Live SOON… we just don’t know when.

We have had a Roadmap Roundup – June 14, 2023

The Roadmap Is working again, it had been broken for the last few days AND the Progress Tracker had an update CIG are beginning to add the Q4 2023 schedule for Upstream teams, with additional teams being added in the future, so now we can see into Q3/4.

The Tumbril Storm was added. This has Upstream work finishing in August it looks like… then requires downstream teams which I think would take at least 2-3 months? Using the Fury as a rough reference.

We will dig into various work CIG are working on over the next couple of Quarters in coming videos.

We also saw a single feature to Alpha 3.20:

Wheeled Vehicle Handling Improvements – Updates and improvements to current ground vehicle movement parameters and simulation, allowing for more robust tuning and identity between various ground vehicles.

I’ve got some related questions and dev responses that I saw on spectrum:

Vehicle Handling would mean Ranger soon TM ?

Two-Wheeled Vehicles is a separate deliverable than this one and requires additional engineering work.

The Hull C is on the 3.20 release view and literally nothing else cargo-refactor-related has shown up yet…

CIG Responded – Part of this is determining the exact scope of what will be included in 3.20 and what will be in a future update. Tune into ISC this week for more info!

What’s The Status of HDR?

It’s almost done. We just need to add it to the menu to toggle it and have a final QA pass to ensure everything looks consistent. How long this gonna take i do not know.

Alien Week Incoming

Alien Week in honour of First Contact Day, which kicks off this Thursday! Alongside a bevy of alien-themed content, we’re also hosting a series of Bar Citizen events this weekend, one near every one of our studios: Los Angeles, Austin, Montreal, Manchester, and Frankfurt. Join your fellow citizens and CIG developers for a weekend of comradery; we’ll have plenty of goodies to give away as well!

Are we getting the San’Tok.Yai for Alien Week?

There’s a few more steps after Greybox, including LOD0 and Final Art, as well as things like Audio and VFX. We’ll have a progress update this week on ISC!

But you’ll be able to buy a range of alien ships both flyable and concept and a selection of exclusive skins during alien week. Things like the BMM (tho paused in production, I suspect it’s still popular), San’Tok.Yai, Railen and more!

The Inside Star Citizen Episode will join in the festivities of Alien Week as well, along with an update on the upcoming MISC Hull C. 

There will also be a Tumbril Storm Q&A post ready, with your burning questions on Tumbril’s newest tank answered by the vehicle team.

Friday, Alien Week continues with an Alien themed Star Citizen Live starting at 5pm UTC on twitch.

There is a looking for questions thread with The Top Questions (that you can add to or up vote) Currently being:

Most of the alien ships we have are fighters. Are you working on any new / unique ship roles that are only represented by alien ships?

Can we expect to have industrial alien ships in the future (mining and/or salvage?)

Gatac is a manufacturer described as industrial. So far we have a cargo transport and the community is spit-balling ideas around industry ship possibilities, while our human idea of industry may differ from Xi’an industry. What sort of industries / professions is Gatac envisioned to support for future ships?

How is the Tevarin Language guide going?

We haven’t heard anything about the Kr’thak outside the lore bit on the spirit wars, are there any plans to start introducing their lore or ships in the foreseeable future?

A xi’an, a banu and a tevarin play a drinking game at a bar citizen. Who is the last one standing?

While the Ark Starmap is having some technical troubles, I was hoping that the Narrative Team might address any Lore/Narrative related motivations for the myriad changes that have occurred on the Starmap over the years?

Saturday, there are a pair of race competitions – First at 5:45 PM UTC, the Division Pro race from XGR will go live on Then later that evening are the System 7 finals from ATMO esports, going live at 8 PM UTC on

There are various CIG Hosted Bar Citizens around the world near CIG studios over the weekend. Zin and I will be coming to the Manchester one if anyone is around, it would be good to say hi! I think they might be giving away stuff to attendees of these events… like with the Banu Cubes previously…

Boom that’s it for your Star Citizen News update…

We will have more updates on Alien Week after it goes live.

I am also looking forward to updates on the Hull-C and other cargo gameplay that might come with it in 3.20.

When do you think 3.19.1 will release to live?

Are you coming to one of those Bar Citizens this weekend?

Are you looking forward to Alien Week and are there any alien ships you want to pickup?

Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.