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CitizenCon 2953 The Hype Begins

Welcome to some Star Citizen News and what’s happening this week in SC as well. CitizenCon Details, Alpha 3.19.1, Alien Week, Fixing the Broken Starmap Page and more!

This Week In Star Citizen

Last week we released a big info drop on CitizenCon 2953! This year’s event will be a TWO-DAY celebration! The biggest convention of all things Star Citizen will be taking place in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday, October 21st, AND Sunday, October 22nd. Get the lowdown on tickets, community booth, volunteer opportunities, and the return of the fan-favorite cosplay contest so you do not miss out on the fun!

Tickets are available from $199 giving you access to both days as well as various goodies.

There are Premium Tickets for $299 as well giving you after party access and some other perks. Tickets go on sale from the 28th in waves. I was originally thinking these tickets were pretty overpriced BUT it’s due to the nature of it being a 2 day event… and probably CIG not wanting to use dev money for their fanfest. We will have to wait and see if it’s worth the money for the attendees.

This year’s event looks massive and I am very much looking forward to it.

Will there be the ability to watch for free online, almost certainly… I’d also expect a digital goodies pack that CIG sell as well…

Last week also saw the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.19.1, which aimed to implement a variety of fixes. However, the team is aware and monitoring a number of ongoing known issues, such as ASOP terminals not consistently functioning, and others. We’ll keep you posted as we have more information.

CIG are still investigating issues of where players lost ships and items with the migration between 3.19 to 3.19.1, this will only be relevant to players that lost items and again only those that followed the guidance of unstowing and stowing the item so that there was a LTP record of it. It seems a lot of people lost of a load of ships they had just bought, seemly aUEC was unaffected by the issues.

One of the big highlights of last week was the kickoff of this year’s Alien Week, in which we explore the ships, languages, cultural nuances, and history of our non-human friends. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to carve out a few minutes for the latest Banu commercial. And of course, compete to win in our latest Community Contest, in which we challenge you to recreate a mysterious alien encounter…

The week wrapped up with International Bar Citizen Weekend inspired by First Contact Day and our personal favourite part of Alien Week. Having the opportunity to connect with you all in-person brings us an incredible amount of joy. Like-minded adventurers, gamers, and developers alike gathered near our offices in Los Angeles, Montreal, Austin, Manchester, and Frankfurt for food, beverages, and of course, a shared love for all things space!

I had a great time in Manchester… although I did get obliterated.

Codes for Banu Tholo’s were given to attendants.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

The Alien Week fun continues, as this Tuesday, we’re publishing a new Alien Language post for all you xenolinguistics out there to test your skills. 

Thursday welcomes another round of Jumptown 2.1, for those looking to clash.  In addition, we’ll welcome a new episode of Inside Star Citizen, focusing on the Mission Feature Team’s exciting work for Alpha 3.20 and beyond.

On Friday, Star Citizen Live returns at 8am Pacific/15:00 UTC – guest coming soon, and you’ll also find our weekly RSI Newsletter directly delivered to your inbox. In addition, the Bar Citizen World Tour continues, with a few notable upcoming events. Members of the team are currently traveling to Shanghai, for the largest community-organized event to date (1,500+ attendees), followed by a Bar Citizen stop in Hong Kong, and South Korea, with many more to come throughout the remainder of the year

Plus, the Show Us Your Colors Celebration 2023 continues, so get colorful and share your best with us on the Community Hub! There’s been some incredible submission so far, many of which have been passed around our studios.

Some Other Bits… There was a Spectrum Post:

Ark Star Map looks to be broken as is the Telemetry Page

CIG Responded – Hey y’all! We’re aware of the issues with the website Starmap and the Telemetry pages. We encountered a bug with the telemetry in the 3.18 branch (which includes 3.19), and this should be resolved for the release of 3.20. The Starmap has also been similarly reprioritized and we’ll get a fix out for it ASAP! Thanks for your patience!

There was also a thread from CIG [Special Feedback Request] Mining Instability

We are hoping to deep dive into mining instability and get some detail on how you all are interacting with some of the recent changes, where potential pain points are, and what you like and dislike about the current setup relative to the old one. We are especially interested in these topics:

  • General problems or difficulties with the current instability implementation
  • How this version compares to the previous one
  • If the current tools and methods for countering instability are fun and effective
  • What your expectations are when you think about mining instability

Any other thoughts you have on instability are also welcome! We look forward to reading through and seeing how or if we can improve this system.

It looks like CIG wants to further improve mining gameplay in 3.20.

This week’s sneak peek appears to be of access card.