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Star Citizen Says Goodbye To It’s Oldest Space Station

Port Olisar will be no more with Alpha 3.20 later this year!

Port Olisar was the first Space Station in Star Citizen when it was added in Alpha 2.0 in 2015 and there was only the Crusader Planetary System… and Planet Crusader was very much not a landable location.

Port Olisar is getting replaced by a modern station in Alpha 3.20.

The current LEO stations (Low “Earth” Orbit) stations that are tied to planets, low orbit). They are modular and future proofed so they can add new things when they need to with new careers as they come online like bounty hunting or exploration. However, Port Olisar is very old and does not use that setup.

The original station was a way to get functionality that was needed into the game.

It’s quick and easy, land on pads, get into the main hub section, do your business station, with a good variety of shops.

Port Olisar didn’t have any elevators. Which is a massive bonus when elevators have had so many issues.

BUT it’s very small and doesn’t have the facilities for other stations like hangars, it was a landing pad only station.

New Cargo, Mining & Medical Gameplay isn’t really supported there.

The New Station is Seraphim Station – Internally known as Port Olisar 2.0

 This station is tube/cylindrical shaped and has loads of moving rings and areas to fly around. It still looks a bit like Olisar. It’s more extravagant and larger than other stations. 4-5 times bigger than the Original Olisar.

The station looks beautiful and allows for some amazing views overlooking Crusader.

It has the full range of shops, habs, cargo, medical, food, docking areas and hangar facilities.

They are getting stations ready for bounty gameplay and each station has a security dock.

That’s where bounty gameplay will be focused, from mission pickup / drop off.

CIG are aware that PO is a historical monument and a lot of players love it.

In the short term they are removing Port Olisar and replacing it with Seraphim BUT will be doing something with Port Olisar in the future? I think maybe an AC map?

One of the reasons they wanted to replace it now was because the Hull C requires space station docking rather than hangars or pads to do it’s cargo business.

There was a Favourite Memories of PO Thread where CIG staff have started sharing their thoughts too one I noticed from Savrals-CIG

Port Olisar will always have a very special place in my heart. It is basically one of the reasons why I am sitting here.

A good friend of mine at a LAN party said: Sit down I will show you this amazing game that you have been trying to avoid for such a long time, it now has actual gameplay.

So he started the game, it crashed, we somehow managed to get back in, he wanted to spawn a ship, the game crashed.

We got back in and after a while we managed to have his ship spawn, we left the halls of PO, he died. We spawned again and we approached his mighty ship sitting on the platform. He entered it and showed me how amazing the ship was designed and looking.

This was the moment where I stood there in silence and thought to myself: Wow!

We continued playing the game we wanted to play, but from that moment on the game did not let me go. The very same friend gifted me the game I think a week later for my birthday.

So he is to blame that I am sitting here right now.

Every time I visit PO this is what I think about, the awe of the potential of this game we all love. And look how far we got now from that particular moment.

PO will be missed.

I think it will be missed too BUT it is important for them to get all the essential gameplay experiences into every LEO station around Stanton. They can’t hold on to really old legacy things like Olisar, especially when it doesn’t conform to any of the standards they have.

We have been expecting PO’s replacement for at least a couple of years now tho.

There are some solid goodbye port olisar memes. And people do genuinely seem saddened by it’s removal.

ISC is going on a 3 week break.