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Star Citizen July Update – FreeFly Soon – Alpha 3.20 Updates – New Fury LX

Welcome to a Star Citizen July 2023 Update… What’s going on this month with Star Citizen & what can we look forward to!

Last Month’s Giveaway Winner for a Constellation Andromeda is CptWinning


For July we have a New Giveaway and that’s for a Drake Vulture Light Salvage Vessel with LTI. As these aren’t available to purchase in game until 3.20 I thought giving them away seems like a good choice. You can buy salvage contracts and hull strip those ships, in the future you’ll be able to do munching as well, crunching up the rest of a ship.

In 3.20 you are going to be able to get involved with the new Cover Up Missions, that have you removing the paint job of a criminal ship before law enforcement turns up.

To be in for a chance of winning that just comment on any of my videos made during this month. 

What’s Happening In July?

The Foundation Festival looks like it is starting around 6th July and should go on for the whole month. It focuses on community and helping players. You can probably expect a variety of things, new player guides, a freefly, referral bonus, prizes and unlock for players that help players via the guide system.

There is a Tutorial Contest currently running but expect a lot more!

Maybe a bit of a starter ship and skin sale.

3.20 Focus

They talked about AC 1.5 in the recent jump point mag reiterating and confirming features for that patch… 

We know Port Olisar is going away and getting replaced with Seraphim Station

The Hull C is arriving in game

The Vulture will be purchasable finally in game.

There is a load of new missions Retrieval Mission that have you extracting an item from a bunker and you can stay and get more BUT it gets harder over time and more stronger waves of enemies come.

Those Cover up missions we talked about earlier.

New platforms and missions at Crusader and those platforms opening up again.

New Settlements, Villages, Towns and POI… these have my super excited.

Something else that we found from the JP mag is Fury LX is coming sometime in Summer…

This is probably going to be straight to flyable and almost certainly a Racing Variant of the ship.

Monthly Report

Inside Star Citizen Returns 27th July

They’ve missed the last couple of SCL & ISC doesn’t return until late July

Event – XenoThreat, Jumptown, SoO?

More Evocati Tests? Maybe a wider group?

ToW is very much going to be in Active Development in July.

This is the single player combined arms

More CIG Bar Citizen’s – Chances to get Tholos

In the newsletter we got a sneak peek of some new trees on Hurston.

Our Content, zin and I will be playing a bit more SC… we are really enjoying 3.19.1 event with relatively limited content for a pair of players there is still quite a bit to do and a LOAD to explore:

Treasure Hunting 3.19.1

Some Combat Missions – Whistlers Crypt – Bounty Hunting

Medical Rescue / Evac Gameplay

AND A MASSIVE Thank you to our Patreons & Channel Members!