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Star Citizen – 12 Awesome Ships Free To Try – Foundation Festival Now On!

Star Citizen’s FOUNDATION FESTIVAL 2953 Is Now On!

It’s running for the whole of July and there is a load of stuff to get involved with and swag to be earned.

Including a FreeFly which runs until the 17th of July (If you are here just for that I’ve put links to making a SC account, and then getting access FreeFly below)… during that time anyone can try Star Citizen for free and both new players and existing get access to 12 iconic ships.

Origin 600i


Cutlass Black

Cutlass Red









All of those ships are on sale. You can also buy armour and equipment loadout bundles.

Some ships come along with an FPS loadout, basically a career kit bundle and warbond discount. 




FPS Combat

Cargo Hauling

You can Grab Warbond Upgrades for those ships and get the FPS / Career Gear too.

There are a load of skins available for the ships to buy separately too.

There are discount Starter Packages with the Aurora MR AND Origin 100i that come with a GamePackage, and Foundation Festival Paint.

There is a FPS Ready For Anything Bundle As Well… doesn’t come with a ship BUT it should come with the starter packages imo.

Foundation Festival Free Fly Referral Bonus

There is a special Foundation Festival Free Fly Referral Bonus.

You and the players you refer get a Greycat STV with Electric Green paint.

The bonus is granted when a new player uses your referral code and pledges for a starter pack or ship (minimum $40) on the Pledge Store.

This bonus promotion runs until July 31, 2023, so don’t miss out!
These also count towards the standard referral scheme too.

Existing players get this reward immediately.

New player’s rewards will be granted after the promotion ends on July 31, 2023.

Exclusive Guide System Rewards

Everyone who uses the Guide System / Hub during Foundation Festival will receive exclusive in-game items, from character clothing to weapons and ship paints. 

This is site that pairs you with a guide for a chosen skill / mechanic you want to learn in star citizen then you can jump into the game with them.

Rewards are available for both the Guide and the Requester of the Guide…


  • One successful guide session (at least 30 minutes and a verified Endorsement*) – Black Foundation Festival in-game beanie
  • Two successful guide sessions -Turquoise Foundation Festival in-game beanie
  • Three successful guide sessions – Foundation Festival in-game cap


  • One successful guide session (at least 30 minutes and a verified Endorsement*) – Gemini LH86 pistol
  • Two successful guide sessions – P4-AR Rifle
  • Three successful guide sessions – Multi-tool set (pyro PYT w/Orebit Mining Attachment, w/Cambio-Lite SRT Attachment, Cambio-Lite SRT Attachment can, TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment)

Also both players receive an exclusive skin for one of the 16 freefly ships for completing each of the different categories of tutorial.

BUT there is even more loot… each weekend during the Festival Friday – Monday 4pm UTC they are also giving away a different armor and sniper weapon set to both guides and requesters that complete 3 sessions during that time.

If you complete one successful session each weekend for all four weekends, you will receive the “Wildwood” Armor & Sniper, so make sure to collect all five Armor and Sniper Rifle Kits!

CIG want to remind players:

“if you already own one of the rewards, you won’t be able to receive them another time. Also, please remember that we can monitor and verify all Guide interactions and disqualify players attempting to game the system.”

I think CI are trying to test their guide system and work out rewards for it…

It’s a good promotional tool for them, getting players to teach each other and both get rewarded for it. 

Interestingly there is a dedicated New Player Chat* – the perfect place to meet and plan first adventures together during the entirety of the Foundation Festival event:

*This chat is only available to new players who join between May 19 – July 31, 2023

Alpha 3.19.1 is a pretty good patch and there are no other events currently running which means stability and performance should be pretty good too.
On a side note Volunteer applications for CitizenCon 2023 close monday 8am UTC.