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Star Citizen Update – Pyro – Vehicle Tractor Beams – Master Modes – FreeFly

Welcome to the Star Citizen News, it’s the week ending the 9th of July, we are in the middle of the Foundation Festival, we have had the Dev Monthly Reports for both SQ and SC’s PU, there are new silly sub flair items available let’s jump in…

From the SC Newsletter

The Foundation Festival is in full swing! This month-long event is aimed at building a stronger, Star Citizen community. 

Take advantage of the Free Fly, earn massive rewards by participating in the Guide System, refer a friend to get a Greycat STV with electric-green paint, and much more!

The FF is awesome as it gives all players new and old access to 12 ships until the 17th the FF however continues until the end of the month.

There’s a wealth of in-game wearables, armour, weapons, and ship paints to unlock as you use the Guide System. Whether you’re helping a new pilot, learning the ropes, or exploring an unfamiliar career, each session will grant you a new reward.

If you are interested in getting involved in that freefly you can just make a SC account and then visit the FF Page. I have a full focused video on all of what the foundation festival has to offer, which i’ll link below!

In Star Citizen Live they talked about the role of a producer in Star Citizen and the Gaming Industry in general… there wasn’t much in the way of tangible Star Citizen specific development info here tho.

There was no ISC as it’s on break until the 27th July.

I’ll give you some quick highlights from the Monthly Reports for the SC PU Report:

The Tumbril Storm is making progress very quickly… looks like it will be released later this year.

SantokYai should now have passed it’s greybox gate review.

There is a New Fury LX that should be turning up in Summer.

Tons of work has been done on Pyro, distributing POI, outposts, bunkers, new flora and organics. As well as missions there, new cargo and piracy missions.

BUT there is even more mission work out of pyro too… The blockade runner mission will update and replace the Ninetails Lockdown mission.

They are ploughing ahead with the Data Heist, Retrieve Consignment and Ship Escort missions too.

There is a new water system.

Vehicle Tractor beams were tested with various ships including the SRV.

The Resource management system made good progress.

Tank Royal Mode for AC removed it’s Magda man and added Daymar and Mya ones.

Master Modes are going to be tested in 3.20 in AC.

Wear and Condition for items is extending to weapons.

They worked on Boids or flying creatures that move in flocks or swarms.
Vulkan continues to make progress and there is a lot of refinement to netcode working towards Server Meshing.

For Squadron 42 

New mobiGlass Apps were added including the Galatapedia.

They alluded to a personal status skills page… which I don’t really understand yet.

The new Areo dynamic flight model and control surfaces are nearing completion.

Master Modes are going to start to be tested gamewide.

A lot of scenes and game elements appear to be getting completed or nearing completion.

They worked on the Idris, Bengal some puzzles.

They are culling and updating bad animations.

AI is getting significant improvements for combat encounters.

They worked on restraining ai in multiple scenarios and various new behaviors.

July Sub Flare

This month’s Flair is a collection of cute mugs commemorating some of the ‘verse’s favourite cartoon characters, including Finley the Stormwal for centurions & imperators, Star Kitten for imperators, and the Big Benny’s mascot one purchasable in the sub shop. 

These will be added to the in game loot pool in around 3 months time.

The subscriber ship of the month is the Aegis Hammerhead!

This Week’s Sneak Peek appears to be of some updated or reworked armor.