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Star Citizen July Lore & Narrative Updates

Star Citizen’s Lore is actually pretty expansive and their narrative team expands out the universes feel and history but also informs a huge amount of gameplay systems and area.

Today we are looking at a Set of Questions that players asked about SC from Pyro Settlers & Missions to what vermin and critters will we see in the verse, what has the imperator been doing to what does Stormwal taste like?! It’s a mixture of very gameplay relevant question to some interesting and flavourful ones: 

Citizens for Pyro – Previously it’s been mentioned that there will be independent homesteaders, farmers, and the like in Pyro who a lawful player might be more inclined to ally with over the various gangs. Is this Citizens for Pyro group planned to be another faction that lawful players will be able to do missions for in Pyro?

Answer: Citizens for Pyro is a group of concerned civilians intent on suppressing the criminal forces who control Pyro and use it as a base of operations to attack other systems. The group began by sending forces into Pyro to hunt down criminals but soon realized that these forays did little to address the problem. They believe that expanding the influence and size of non-gang affiliated civilian settlements within Pyro is the only way to alter the course of the system’s future. The more civilians there are living in Pyro, the more commerce will occur and the more resources will be spent on protecting those interests by improving the systems overall safety, stability, and well-being. This plan has garnered interest and support from both companies and private donors who are interested in expanding the economic opportunities in Pyro. While Citizens for Pyro has primarily been a volunteer group based outside the system, this support means they could soon be looking for contractors to aid their goal of establishing and protecting settlements in Pyro. If you have nerves of steel and aren’t afraid to take the fight to Pyro’s gangs, then definitely keep an eye out for future contracts from Citizens for Pyro.

I know there is a desire to make as much unique flora and fauna as possible, but what of humanity’s old frenemies, vermin, critters & space rodents?

Historically, we have unintentionally shipped rats, mice, roaches, mosquitos, etc all over the world, and our record of accidental releases is not much better (wild pigs/boar, rabbits, nutria, feral cats eating local birds, etc…). While I am sure there will be other alien creatures that fill similar niches, how likely is it we will see a good old (space) rat tussling with its local equivalent in ArcCorp and other human settlements?

Answer: The familiar fauna you mentioned are definitely alive and well across the UEE. Space travel has been so widespread for so long that the pests and parasites that have hounded Humanity for ages have also found a home wherever we’ve established one. For all the captains who would take the time to systematically vent each section of their ship to ensure no unwanted creatures were along for the ride, there would be plenty of others who would never bother. 

However, as Humans traveled the stars and encountered new species, there has definitely been more competition for those Earth creatures. So it wouldn’t be too surprising if an alien creature has taken over the vents on a space station that you’d normally expect to see a rat. 

We refer to such creatures as “boids”, and the Narrative team has already created a list of some that populate the universe. Our breakdown includes specifying the type (insect, bird, crustacean, reptile, and so forth), the biome it inhabits, a description, and if anything can be harvested from it either directly or indirectly. One of these boids, the stone bug, was introduced in the 3.18 patch. Meanwhile, the Ranta may not have made itself visible to players just yet, but its dry cube-shaped dung is harvestable in-game. While common rats, roaches, mosquitos, and other creepy-crawlers are alive and well, our boids list consists of strange creatures and those that feel familiar but have a sci-fi twist that make them unique to our world. We also develop these boids in conjunction with other teams, and want to ensure they have the creative freedom to explore interesting ideas and looks. Some of the boids you’ll see populating the world will be pulled from this list we’ve created and others will come directly from other teams that we give a Narrative spin.   

So, yes, the familiar little creatures that we all know and hate/love are in the Star Citizen universe. Yet, Players are more likely to find themselves in situations facing exotic boids, like by scraping hull barnacles off their ship before they cause damage or collecting Blunders for their highly corrosive vital fluids.

There is a Hurston bunker location named ‘HDOF-Palomar’.  What does HDOF and the other designations mean? 

HDOF stands for Hurston Dynamics Operations Facility.

HDMS for Hurston Dynamics Mining Station

HDSF for Hurston Dynamics Storage Facility

There’s also HDES for Hurston Dynamics Extraction Site 

HDRSO for Hurston Dynamics Remote Security Outpost.

What Does a Stormwal Taste Like?

It is important to note that these majestic creatures are protected by law and Crusader Security does not look kindly on poachers. As such, ethically and morally, we strongly recommend against eating a Stormwal.

Now with the legalities out of the way, the most surprising thing regarding Stormwals as a food source, is how comparatively little there is for their respective size. Much of their bulk is occupied by inner flight bladders which are extremely tough and rubbery. While they don’t have much flavor, they offer an interesting textural element to a meal. They can be eaten raw after mechanical tenderizing (either through heavily scoring the flesh or by extending pounding) or they can be served cooked by thinly slicing into noodles and stewing for a very long time until it achieves a texture similar to a firm gelatin. Either preparation is traditionally served in a strongly flavored citrus dipping sauce. The cooked version of the bladder can also be fried into a crispy cracker.

The other main part that can be consumed is the stormwal’s fin which has a ring of lean dark meat known for its strong minerally flavor. A raw preparation is the most common with thin slices being marinated in oil, salt and spices. Particular care must be taken to slice against the grain or the fin meat will be almost inedibly tough. Cooking the fin is not recommended as the stormwal’s muscle fibers tend to constrict tightly together when exposed to heat and the end result is very dry and fibrous.

How Is Sewage Dealt With? Do planets have processing plants that filter it into usable products? Or is it shipped primarily off world and dumped on planets like Hurston?

Despite its displeasing attributes, sewage carries value in the universe. Locations would have processing facilities that filter and separate materials based on desired usage, and those byproducts could potentially be used in numerous ways. Exactly how they’re handled would be determined by the location’s governing body. 

For example, Crusader could have an advanced greywater system to keep its plants alive, ArcCorp could help fuel its planet wide network of factories with Human waste bioreactors, and microTech could combine sewage with other products to process it into something useful, like how recycled material composite (RMC) is a byproduct of salvaging and can be used for minor hull repairs. Meanwhile, Hurston might deem all these solutions as too expensive and simply sell it in bulk to other locations or pay people to take it away, like the current waste disposal missions in-game. Since they’re the first planet in Stanton, maybe someday they’ll even be looking for contractors willing to dispose of some of those crates of waste by firing them into the sun.

I am curious what Miner’s Lament looked like/was before what looks to be an explosion that happened to destroy the station. Will we ever learn this or is it up to the theory groups? 

Answer: Miner’s Lament is so named because it was the home of a tragic mining disaster in 2868. A small group of former Shubin Interstellar employees seeking to take advantage of the recently privatized Stanton System pooled their resources and formed their own mining consortium. After scanning multiple available claim sites, the group decided on this location near Yela thinking that it would provide them with the quickest profit. 

With what funds they had remaining after purchasing the claim, they contracted out for the construction of a mining facility believing the higher volume of ore they would be able to process would offset the startup costs in the long run. However, when delays and cost overruns threatened the entirety of their operations they decided to halt construction and utilize the partially complete station as best they could, finishing it once they made some profits.

Three weeks in, tragedy struck. One of the facility’s large storage hoppers became over pressurized when a safety release valve failed. The hopper burst sending ore shards and shrapnel hurtling through the facility and nearby vehicles killing dozens of miners. The operation was shortly shut down afterwards as it was no longer functional and has remained closed in the decades since. In 2918, the claim rights reverted and the area was stripped of most of its resources by various independent operators. It was during this time when visitors to the claim began racing each other for fun until it evolved into the modern track that Wildstar members now frequent.

Ever since Laylani got elected as Imperator we haven’t heard much about her. What happened?

Elected to the position in 2950 and inaugurated in early 2951, Imperator Addison faced scrutiny from the very beginning from those who wondered how she even managed to rise to power, while others questioned how she would be able to govern as an independent. So far, her biggest political win has been declassifying regen technology and working with the Senate to make it widely available. She’s also worked on her campaign promise to loosen AI restrictions by drafting the Better Act Together legislation, which would officially allow the government to fund its research. That legislation is currently stalled in the Senate though, as the working relationship between the two branches of government has soured. The Senate also rejected Imperator Addison’s nomination of Nyahuoaōng T.yi to be the UEE Ambassador to the Xi’an Empire. Still, Imperator Addison has made it a priority for the UEE government to be more inclusive by placing Ki Jotal in her cabinet, making her the first Tevarin appointed to such a position, and promoting policies that have increased Tevarin Citizenship numbers.

What Is the Imperator’s Equivalent to ‘Air Force One’?

This information is highly classified. Since everyone flies ships strapped with weapons, the 1st Marine Combat Battalion goes to great lengths to ensure the Imperator’s safe passage through the Empire. This includes using a vast fleet of ships, decoy flights, and other safety protocols that remain a tightly held secret by the 1st Battalion.

Unlike Air Force One (the airplane that the President of the United States traditionally travels on), there are no seats for press on flights the Imperator takes for security reasons. Members of the press would board a separate charter with secure comms to the Imperator’s ship for impromptu pressing briefings.

Are there still Monarchist factions in the UEE. Not specifically Messer loyalists, but those who would like to see a more traditional Imperial aristocracy return to the fore. 

Answer: Despite monarchists lacking traction on an empire-wide political stage, certain planets or states could have such a system in place. The UEE Common Laws specify certain rights that each planet must uphold, but as long as they adhere to those standards, how they go about it is completely up to them. So a political system, like the constitutional monarchy of the United Kingdom, could absolutely exist in the UEE, though we have yet to specify one. 

That being said, monarchist factions could definitely still exist in the UEE. Some factions would yearn for the lost regalness and historical connection to Humanity’s past, while others would believe a strong leader is essential for protecting the empire and achieving political objectives with minimal interference. Despite the terrible legacy, there would even be some that crave the return of the Messer regime. In fact, the last Imperator election cycle featured a candidate who claimed to be a descendant of Ivar Messer and espoused hateful policies, like kicking all Tevarins out of the UEE. Thankfully that candidate failed to make it out of the primary round.