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Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Roadmap Update – New Features, Delays & Maybes

Star Citizen has had a Roadmap Update for it’s next major patch Alpha 3.20 that is pegged as an end of Q3 patch. This confirms various features for turning up now and we have some additional info from CI and the Monthly Reports that could shed some light on other updates coming with that patch and beyond by the end of the year.

A couple of Features were added to the Alpha 3.20 Feature Set:

Seraphim Station – A new fully-operational station positioned in the skies above Orison. This station houses multiple shops, cargo services, refuel and repair, and more.

New Crusader Platforms – Adding three new points of interest in Crusader’s atmosphere, providing new locations for missions and loot. (Not yet had final review)

They are also reenabling the Crusader Platform missions.

They then confirmed that various other features had passed their final reviews and and confirmed for being in 3.20:

Seraphim Station

Experimental Game Modes – These limited-time game modes range from simple twists on current modes to entirely new modes. This initiative will not only allow rapid iteration of game modes to be put in players’ hands faster, but also allow all teams to gather vital analytic data for specific activities, equipment, vehicles, and in-development features.

Modes we should be getting with 3.20:

Single Weapon Eliminator – Arclight Pistol

Gunrush / Gungame

Tank Royale – Hurston, Yela, (you can spawn as a gunner for a teammate)

Infinite Wave Vanduul Swarm

Salvage Contracts: Coverup Missions – Players will be contracted to strip the gang markings and paint off a ship that was used in a crime that the gang doesn’t want to get caught for. Security forces will also be searching for the ship to confirm and prosecute whoever had committed the crime.

MISC Hull C – heavy cargo hauler into the PU. This includes station updates that allow the ship to load with purchased cargo after it’s left a hangar at at cargo zone.

Wheeled Vehicle Handling Improvements – Updates and improvements to current ground vehicle movement parameters and simulation, allowing for more robust tuning and identity between various ground vehicles.

What Else Does 3.20 Have?

Arena Commander Frontend – Replacement of the current Electronic Access Frontend. This makes switching modes, vehicles, loadouts as well as creating lobbies a more fluid experience, as well as giving developers the tools to adjust features and create new ones more easily.

AC New Racetracks – Adding 4 racetracks from the PU and 1 new one – Euterpe Icebreaker, Miners Lament, The Snake Pit and Yadar Valle enter Arena Commander, alongside Halloran Circuit, a brand new racetrack on the New Horizon Speedway. 

New Horizon Speedway Rework – Placing the location above it’s atmospheric home  the holiday resort planet, Green, otherwise known as Ellis 3. The now 4 New Horizon Speedway circuits have had their tracks improved too as they make use of proper in game atmosphere.

Three New Dogfighting Maps for AC Modes – Winner’s Circle – Alongside the reworked New Horizon Speedway Maps comes a long-requested atmospheric map for dogfighting modes. Battle in the earth-like atmosphere above the beautiful planet Green, the 3rd planet of the Ellis System.

Jericho Station – Stanton’s INS Jericho debuts as the newest location for all dogfighting game modes in Arena Commander. This true zero-g open space environment has players face off with few distractions and high performance in the lightest of all our maps.

Security Post Kareah – One of the new additions to Arena Commander from the Persistent Universe, Security Post Kareah will host all of Arena Commander’s non-race game modes, both FPS and Dogfighting .

There is a new FPS Star Marine Echo 11 map version for FPS Elimination, a bit smaller than it’s original.

What hasn’t passed it’s final review?

New Crusader Platforms

New Missions Retrieve Consignments – Bunkers – Spawn @ Dispenser with Code – Increasing difficulty Enemy Waves.

Anything else mentioned?

Mastermodes Are Being Tested

Pirate Swarm Updates – New ending waves BIG Fleet Battle, F8s, Idris, Javelins

MultiCrew in AC Modes

Improved VOIP

Tons of other AC updates too!

New POIs Unique Settlements a Dozen or so. 

Other Missions…

Mining Resource Rush – Various large clusters of asteroids around Stanton are being sold off by several organisations. For a fee, civilians are given access to these spatial mining claims and allowed to mine until the cluster is depleted, drawing many mining crews, and occasionally pirates, to these hotspots. This deliverable has been added to the Mission Feature Team’s schedule.

Package Extraction – A new multiplayer mission where players will work together to recover stolen prototype ship components. Crusader Security tasks players with extracting these highly-classified components from the Nine Tails transport ships before they can escape off-world. This deliverable has been added to the Mission Feature and Narrative Teams’ schedules.

Some Maybes and definitely nots…

SoO & XenoThreat – Ready to be “tested” again

Tumbril Storm Maybe?

Vulture Finally Purchasable in Game

Other New Ships / Vehicles

More New Missions

No way SanTokYai – Has Work going into December as does the spirit… BUT it’s possible the C1 could be ready before the rest?

Fury LX – Probably before 3.20.

Vulkan Maybe

Ship Scale Tractor Beams? Maybe BUT Probably for later in the year.

Times & Costs / Loading Unloading Cargo… probably later this year

Wipe? We don’t know yet… according to what CI last said it’s easier for them to copy data across… there have been some pretty big duping exploits tho and if they get fixed they may well wipe just to have everyone at the same level.

Barge Heists – Later in the year

Ship Trespass got pushed to later this year

We also know that at some point soon the NineTails Lockdown is getting replaced with a Blockade Runner Mission Set.

The other major thing that Alpha 3.20 might have in my opinion is Bounty Hunting updates… CI have been working on a load of updates with tracking and back end services for bounties as well as security docks and offices for bounty hunting gameplay at stations AND the cryopods that we will use to move captured bounties in. It’s certainly not confirmed for 3.20 BUT if it’s not here then I am expecting for later in the year.