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Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Wave 1 PTU Soon?

This Week In Star Citizen

The team is hard at work getting Alpha 3.20 ready for launch, and Evocati testing has begun! We’ve gotten some amazing feedback on Arena Commander’s upcoming updates, with testing on the PU beginning shortly. Keep an eye out for more updates as we get closer to a Wave 1 PTU release in the near future.

That is odd… Because Alpha 3.20 is a Q3 patch and I was expecting it live at the end of September-ish… and the testing cycle for 3.20 has already started and CI are already saying it’s going to Wave 1 in the “near future”. I mean that could mean anything tho.

It’s also possible that CI are trying to get 3.20 out ASAP to then focus on the next and last major patch of the year be that 3.21 OR 4.0.

CIG Continue…

In case you missed it, CitizenCon tickets are now available, and we want YOU at the event! In addition, we’re super excited to welcome back the addition of Community Booths. These booths have been a huge hit at our last two in-person CitizenCon events, so we knew that needed to return, bigger and better than ever before! If you are interested in applying to have a presence on the show floor, head over to the Spectrum announcement and fill out an application – we’d love to support and celebrate you at the big show!

Star Citizen’s FreeFly is Now Over… it wasn’t the most money makey of events for CIG but it is more focusing on getting new players to try the game rather than sell them a ton of stuff. The Foundation Festival itself continues until the end of July.

Turbulent (The Montreal Studio) has been acquired by CIG and have merged with them, this brings CIGs workforce to over 1100 so far with plans to expand this to 1500-1700+ over the next 3 years I believe. Tho Turbulent have been working with CI since the early days this looks to further expand the Studio there and have them focus more on Star Citizen’s Needs.

As I have said before 1100 employees is a lot of salary and 1700 is a lot more… it’s over 50% more! I’ll poke around to get some revised / accurate figures of CIGs game plan BUT it does looks like they are still rapidly expanding their studios.

I am really interested to see how well they do financially this year and what their goals are.

The most recent Sneak Peek was of the Mirai Fury LX we know that CI want to release this to flyable in Summer at some point. This could well be part of 3.20. This could be a touring / luxury / racing variant of the ship.

SCLive was focused on 3.20 AC Updates…

Experimental Modes will be used to test a load of things… including Master Modes (which are already being tested in the Evocati build)

Master Modes are going to take some time to full implement tho as it’s a retuning of EVERYSHIP and they are just testing it with the Gladius at the moment.

ToW is going back in Active Development. 

Multi-Crew spawning in the gunner positions of ships in AC didn’t make it’s go no go SO is unlikely to make 3.20… but not impossible… I hope they can magically get it in… I live in hope.

You’ll be able to explore planet green in FreeFly.

We are getting custom / private lobbies.

They are working to improve desync and performance issues.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

On Wednesday, stay tuned for the first of many CitizenCon updates you can expect in the months ahead as we approach October 21/22. There will be more information about how you might be able to get more involved with the big show!

Thursday is our last week without Inside Star Citizen, but fear not! Our weekly development update show returns from its hiatus next week.

On Friday,Concept Artist Alberto Petronio (Tumbril Storm, RSI Lynx, Greycat UTV) will be LIVE showcasing his process in creating vehicle concepts. What will he make for us? A flying saucer? A food truck? A unicycle? Tune into at 3 PM UTC to see.

They are also wrapping up the internal postmortem for 3.18/3.19 and are looking to publish to you all very soon.

Next Week I believe ISC Returns AND we will have a new Roadmap Update.

I saw a couple of interesting Reddit/Spectrum Posts:

Will Master Modes Improve Server Performance?

YogiKlatt Responded to this – No … hit results might get a bit better when combat speeds come down purely because distance offsets will be smaller. But it has nothing to do with server performance itself.