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Star Citizen Roadmap Update – Spirit A1 – MASSIVE MISSION CHANGES!

Star Citizen has had quite an interesting Roadmap Update, with new features for Alpha 3.20… plans for an Alpha 3.20.x patch and a huge new set of missions being worked on that could potentially be seen in game later this year.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 has a New Feature:

Physicalized Cargo Updates – Adding new functionality to accommodate the release of the MISC Hull C. This includes both automated cargo loading at LEO (Low Orbit) stations as well as SCU containers up to 32 SCU.

Does this mean that the Argo RAFT will also make use of the 32SCU cargo boxes and other ships might be able to use them too? Maybe…

Automated cargo loading could be the first steps towards loading / unloading cargo and costs and times associated with that. This will all have big impacts on the game economy.

There are also plans for a Alpha 3.20.X Patch with CIG saying there are some features that won’t make the 3.20 initial build be should be coming out during it’s cycle still:

The Crusader Spirit A1 Light Bomber is planning to turn up here. 

Could we have the C1 as well? Well CIG said:

The A1 will be the first of the three that’s ready!
So it looks like it’s just the A1 for now BUT I am still pretty excited to see it coming to the game. These are kind of alternatives to the Freelancer and Cutlass Series but I am a massive fan of Crusader ships probably more so than Drake or Aegis now.

There is a delay for the New Crusader Platforms  & Retrieve Consignment Missions.

CIG said – Due to encountering several issues with RaStar while setting up locations, these two deliverables did not pass their final review and need additional work before they’re released to the Live servers. Therefore, these features will remain Tentative on Release View and will now target a 3.20.X release.

Assumedly that also means they won’t be turning back on the already there Crusader platforms and Siege Of Orison Area either (which they had previously disabled), though I don’t know for certain.

I did see a question on Spectrum:

Does this mean we are getting the Freight Elevators in 3.20?

Freight Elevators won’t be in 3.20, they’ll be coming in a future release. 

Progress Tracker shows a set of 4 new mission types that have work going on into November which could suggest we might have them in game by the end of the year or if not then Q1 of the next.

New Missions – Steal Evidence

A criminal mission type where players are tasked with infiltrating Security Post Kareah and stealing files from Crusader Security for a hefty payout.

New Missions – Cargo Hauling 

Making use of the Freight Elevators feature, this mission type will have players hauling large quantities of cargo to earn both aUEC and reputation.

It’s probably worth explaining Freight Elevators – Implementation of systems and content for players to physically load and unload cargo to and from their ships by conveying cargo to and from hangars, landing pads, garages, and docking collars.

New Missions – Steal/Recover Cargo

Steal/Recover Cargo missions will see players recovering and/or stealing cargo from both derelict and active ships, then hauling the cargo to its intended destination.

New Missions – Restoration Contracts

Utilizing the Repair functionality of the multi-tool salvage attachment, players are tasked to restore ships from bow to stern, patching up the hull, replacing missing or faulty internal components, and replacing weapon loadouts in new salvage yard locations.

There are a load of updates for Reputation System in the works with current work wrapping up between now and November as well:

Reputation – Shop Discounts – Players will have the ability to receive discounts in certain shops based on their reputation with affiliated organizations.

Reputation – Hostility – Players will encounter AI that are either friendly or hostile based on their reputation with the organization the AI belong to. This also includes different friendly-fire thresholds and defense responses.

Reputation – Sandbox Triggers – This feature will allow for players to have their reputation increase or decrease with organizations based on their actions in the persistent universe, separate from missions. This in turn will either allow or prevent players from accepting missions for particular organizations.

That is quite a big collection of Reputation Updates there that will go a long way when combined with all the new missions for making some much more juicy gameplay loops. And like those new mission sets we could be seeing these by the end of the year too.