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What Are The Best Star Citizen Ships?!

Star Citizen’s Ship Showdown has been announced and we also have CIG talking about RaStar and more updates to in Game Locations coming in Star Citizen Alpha 3.20.

Star Citizien’s Ship Showdown is returning on Monday August 7th.

What Happened in 2022? What Is The Ship Showdown?

It’s ship popularity contest that CI run each year with ships and vehicles that are currently available in game.

It’s in 2 phases… the first phase runs for 2 weeks and has backers posting about their favoriate ships on social media.

The 16 most popular ones make it into a single elimination tournament with players voting on their favoriates.

Each day has a different match up.

Round 1 – 16 Ships

Round 2 – Elite 8

Semi Finals – Final 4

Finals – Top 2

Ships are put into rough categories in the early stages… so dogfighters, industry ships etc… so we have some variety in the later stages.

Last years winner was the Anvil Carrack with the MSR taking 2nd place and the C8X pisces and Scorpius taking the 3rd/4th Slots.

The top 4 ships have special skins / flair typically made for them that is unveiled at the IAE later in November and players that own those ships get that stuff for free.

ALSO there is typically a FreeFly event that runs once the top 8 ships are in round 2 of the tourney and players get to try all those ships for free too.

Previous years have had some more dramatic winners with the MPUV Cargo Argo winning in 2021… thru the power of memes. There is sometimes a bit of drama and salt…

Star Citizen’s community is extra active I find during this time!

Oh and there will almost certainly be a bit of a ship sale… it’s SC why not?!

Please remember it is a bit of fun and I’d love to know what you favourite ship is…

And what top 4 ships do you think we will see this year?

We had an more dev info from Inside Star Citizen: Hey Now, It’s a Rastar

RaStar was first introduced at CitizenCon 2021.

This in house planetary location building Tool that allows for the placement and customization of structures and POI. It’s an RTS Style Placement System with modular pieces. It’s a basis of the tool that will be used in the future by players for base building, tho it’s going to be made much more player facing for wheen that happens.

The tool has had a small dedicated team of 3 working on it to improve it for a while now and that is allowing CIG to go in and update a load of areas.

We will see some awesome new POI in the near future with:

Derelict Settlements

And updated UGF (Underground Facilities / Bunkers)

CI are also working on massive underground facilities… that they showed at CitizenCon 2022… what we are talking about here is the bunkers that we have in game now.

There are 70 bunker locations currently in game. I didn’t realise there were quite so many.

They however only had 2 security facilities and 2 drug facilities variations.

Now with RaStar they have gone over these locations to make them look unique and bring them to the next level.

It looks like they are adding new locations but also giving a bit of an update to the old ones.

There was an example of RaStar in use making a Bunker Location.

They are still updating the UI.

They scout the location.

They can then flatten and edit the land.

Add prefabs / prebaked editable structures, the terrain conforms to building placement.

They add surface defences like turrets and dressing, storage areas and additional buildings / props. They try to make the area feel functional and used, making sure it makes sense and paths connecting the areas.

So that’s another addition to Alpha 3.20… updated POI… they didn’t show the interior updates… I do believe they are getting a bit of a refresh as well. Bunker missions have always had the most issues for me with SC.

NPCs not spawning, elevators not working, doors not opening… all big issues that prevent you from completing or accessing the gameplay there. I am hoping that 3.20 is the golden age for Bunkers… Plz fix CIG.