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What’s Going On With Star Citizen – August 8th 2023

Last Week In Star Citizen – The SQ42 & PU Monthly Report had a lot of interesting updates I have a video looking at each of those in a lot of detail.

Highlight wise for SQ42 there is a lot of talk about features and scenes moving into a shippable, beta and finalised state. That is looking like they are moving into the finishing off of a lot of parts of episode 1.

The PU report had a load of new ships, vehicles and variants being worked on as well as the Polaris making progress.

Skill Progression was another hot topic here. Players will get better at certain tasks by repeating them. Lift heavy things a lot and you’ll be able to pickup boxes and run with them faster and longer. Do a load of takedowns and you’ll look more experienced and do them faster. We don’t know the extent of the upper limits for how good you can get NOR do we know all the things you can get better at… could it also be G-Force resistance? Tougher? When we respawn form a clone will them also be as buff as we were?

I am interested to see where it goes…

ISC RaStar – Talked about updates coming to Bunkers in the Verse in 3.20. The RaStar tool allows them to make more variants and update these areas to look much more unique and interesting. The Show focused on externals rather than the internals of the facilities… so we haven’t seen what interior updates we might have yet.

SCL – They made a functional medi-box / kit for storing your medi-tools. The show went thru the 3d process of creating props and interactables.

It was a cool showing of the processes behind making things like these. 

They also showed a tool kit that has each of the items (and socket wrench attachments) and in there fully physicalized.

The Newsletter Sneak Peek looked like a Cairn, Grave or Shrine made of scrap.

August Sub Promos

Ship of the Month for Subs is The Origin 350r

This month’s flair is racing jackets.

An Origin one for Centurions.

That and a MISC one for Imperators.

And a Murray Cup on in the Sub Store.

All this will be earnable in the game in the future, there is roughly a 3 month exclusivity period first tho.

Alpha 3.20 is Still In Evocati… CI are doing various extended testing with that currently.

About a month ago CIG had said that 3.20 would be going to Wave 1 PTU in the “near future” obviously it’s not quite ready yet.

What’s Happening This Week in Star Citizen?

Ship Showdown Now On & There Is a Cool Little Promo Video For That… CIG said – we’re kicking off the ultimate in vesselmania with this year’s SHIP SHOWDOWN! Who will become the ultimate Champion of 2953 in the most important popularity event of the year? But first, it’s time for our flyable and driveable crafts to survive Phase One and get into the top 16; otherwise, the dream of eternal glory will be crushed before it begins. To avoid early termination, your favorite needs your support, creativity, and cheering! Check out the Ship Showdown page for more details and your chance to win a spaceship.

Phase One, running until August 21, is all about spotlighting your favorite vehicle by sharing original content to the Community Hub or Twitter with the hashtags #SCShipShowdown and #StarCitizen. This can be an original song, something physically crafted, an epic in-game or real-life shot, a trailer, a music video… you can even take it a step further and construct the ship in real life if you’re up to the challenge! To maximize your fav’s chances of advancing to Phase Two and the top 16, upvote, like, and reshare any content of the vessel you want to win.

The elite eight of this celebratory smack-down will assure that ship is available to test-fly for free starting August 31, with the final four competitors receiving a special paint option and in-game poster. 

The ship or vehicle that takes the #1 spot will be available to free fly for a month after the competition ends!

For The Rest of the Week…

Later Tuesday – Narrative are putting out ‘Jerry: A Half-Told History.’

Wednesday has a Roadmap Update. Hopefully this will give us even more feature for 3.20 and expand out the Tracker for other working for later in the year.

Thursday, Inside Star Citizen’s looks at the VFX department, their role in development, and an update on their latest work. Hopefully we will see some ship and environment work. And not too much is obscured for CitizenCon.

Friday, Star Citizen Live – Elliot Maltby from Mission Features, who’ll take us through the mission-making process. That’s at 3pm UTC on the SC Twitch Channel. I love Elliot and was far too drunk at the last bar citizen i went to with him there. He is a good chap. Also I was a lot tubbier than I remember…

Also CIG want you to remember that you have until Friday 7 AM UTC to participate in the 2953 Arlington Gang Screenshot Contest to win a beefy battleship.

There is something missing tho… CIG have promised us a Post Mortem report on 3.18/3.19 but its currently AFK we don’t know when it’s going to turn up BUT I am looking forward to it. As it will outline problems and solutions for the issues we had for the first half of the year with Star Citizen’s PU as well as some updates to what we can expect for the rest of this year. This should be coming to us SOON!?