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Star Citizen – The Billion Dollar $$$ Alpha

Star Citizen’s Funding has reached new highest, the ship showdown claims it’s first victim, there’s a sale on but you might not know it and there are rumours of Wave 1 PTU next week maybe?

Star Citizen $600,000,000 Raised

It’s actually a lot more including

Sub Money, Sponsorships & Investments

Which is at least $150m more…

So really Star Citizen & Squadron 42 have seen around $750m.

Where has the money gone, a large amount of wages well CI have been building Star Citizen for a decade now. And with multiple large studios since 2014/2015 and they have been constantly expanding. It looks like they will have 1200-1500 employees across the world within the next 3 years. CIG say they maintain a healthy bank balance reserve too.

I think we will see Star Citizen easily hit $1B in funding in the next couple of years.

With over $110 million raised in 2022 alone and although 2023 is a little behind due to poor months for June / July (I mean they are still better than other years that are 2022).

We still have CitizenCon and the IAE later in the year and I think that could catapult star citizen well beyond previous years… maybe $125m for the year in my guestimate.

Ship Showdown

Arrow Beat The Fury

Today’s Match Up is the Scorpius Vs The Redeemer

I like both ships but the Redeemer for me is my fav of the 2 and who I think will win.

Make sure you vote everyday at the time of this videos release we will know the winner of that bout and we will have the Reclaimer Vs the Vulture… I love them both but I would expect the Vulture to win here… that said it not being purchasable in game might of damaged it’s popularity compared to the Reclaimer which is available in game without real money changing hands.

Which is your favourite salvage boy?

Stealth Sale

There are Showdown Versions of all of the top 16 ships on sale…

Tho the 890 Jump has sold out the other 15 currently come with 24 months insurance.

I am expecting them to have a more obvious sale once we have the top/elite 8 ships.

There is also going to be a freefly event to try those 8 ships and anyone can try SC for free too between August 31 through September 7.

Remember top 4 ships get some flair and skins made for them for owners.

The King of the Showdown will be available for a month of freefly too.


If you are at GamesCom Watch CIGs Social Media / Twitter!

CIG are giving away Tholo Codes, Ships and Other Goodies!

Alpha 3.20 Wave 1 PTU

A nameless source suggested to me potentially end of next week. Tho take that with a pinch of salt as even if it’s accurate currently it could change! I am keenly awaiting the patch.

The PTU wave restructure should apparently make the whole process quicker from wave 1 to live. 

And there is a lot to be excited for!

Arena Commander Updates

New Ways to enjoy Vanduul and Pirate Swarm, New Fleet Battle Ending for Pirate Swarm, Infinite Wave Option for Vanduul Swarm.

In Atmosphere Dogfighting Map, Loads of Other New Maps

New Race & Updated Race Courses

Experimental Modes Adding tons of new content, Tank Battles, various FPS modes like gungame (rush), Master Mode Tests, and loads more.

Seraphim Station – Replacing Port Olisar

Hull – C

Cargo Updates – 32 SCU Cargo Boxes – External Automated Loading

Vehicle Physics Updates

New Salvage Cover Up Missions

There is a 3.20.x patch already planned to:

Spirit C1 & A1

Tumbril Storm

Crusader Platform Update & Reactivation

Retrieve Consignment Missions

And you can expect various other bits and pieces in those patches too that aren’t listed on the roadmap, they might be updating the Ares with a little bit of aim assist and a load less spread on large Gatling weapons. New Bunker Updates, Animation Improvements, Mining Gameplay Tweaks, potential fixes for some player desync and invisibility issues.

Possibly the Fury LX.