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Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Update – FreeFly Begins – Starfield Incoming

Hello & Welcome to the Star Citizen News… Alpha 3.20 has some updates, The Ship Showdown has it’s Elite 8 Ships and a FreeFly About To Start, ISC Returns and Starfield is about to Release and we’ve had a bit of drama over the last few days. Let’s jump into all that and what we have to look forward for the rest of this week.

Star Citizen Newsletter

Alpha 3.20 is now in PTU Wave 2! The Hull C, mining and ship stat updates, and an absolute bevy of new Arena Commander content (including a Master Modes limited test!) are now available to put through their paces. We’ve already received some fantastic feedback, and we’re hoping to open up to more PTU waves very soon.

There is a New 3.20 PTU Patch that just went out it fixed a load of bugs and performance issues. They disabled some of the experimental modes to focus on others:

The Fury Duel, Single Weapon Elim, Duel, Normal (Non-MM version) Vanduul Swarm were all disabled. Reduced Laps for Race Tracks from 3 to 1. Fixed Loadout issues and most importantly added the Missing HUD Elements to Master Modes… which means we can actually try them out properly and shoot targets… hopefully anyway.

CitizenCon 2953 is approaching, and the Digital Goodies Pack is now available. This pack features all the same digital items that come with a ticket to CitizenCon 2953 including a paint for your Drake Dragonfly, matching undersuit and helmet, a ruinous shotgun, this year’s CitizenCon trophy, and more!

But for $35… expensive…

In Ship Showdown news, the Live Showdown is upon us! The top 16 ships, as selected by you, will clash in daily head-to-head battles to crown this year’s Ship Showdown champion. Your votes are vital, as the Final Four ships will receive exclusive in-game paints and items, while the winner will be available to Free Fly for all backers for a month after the competition ends.

Ship Showdown Progress

By the time this video is out the Elite 8 Ships will be confirmed






Connie Andromeda

600i Explorer

And Drake Cutter (which is currently up against the 890J but will almost certainly beat it).

From August 31st until September 8th you’ll be able to Try All of Those Ships for Free and Play Star Citizen For Free…

Some of these ships are a little meme / spite voted in… but at the end of the day the ship showdown is a bit of fun and a popularity contest it’s Star Citizen’s Eurovision.

The Sneak Peek is again of the Tumbril Storm which we know is planned for Alpha 3.20.x… this is the most sneak peeked vehicle ever… more of a obvious peek than a sneaky one now.

This Week in Star Citizen

Inside Star Citizen returns on Thursday with Part 2 of our look at Ship Audio this quarter, with several new features currently in development that make ship sounds sound…shippier. (That’s what Jared said.)

Thursday also marks the next round of Ship Showdowns as we enter the Elite 8 stage, and the 8 ships that made it past Round 1 will be available to fly for free! Keep an eye out for our Free Fly Comm-Link for more details.

On Friday, you’ll find our weekly RSI Newsletter directly delivered to your inbox. Star Citizen Live also returns on Friday with Duncan and Sam from the Arena Commander Feature Team. They’ll be jumping into Arena Commander live on our Twitch channel to showcase much of what’s in the upcoming Alpha 3.20. Tune in at 8 AM Pacific / 3 PM UTC.

Last but most certainly not least, this Saturday the final 8 teams in this year’s online 2v2 Fight or Flight tournament duke it out, not only for the top prize, but a chance to compete at the CitizenCon Fight or Flight Invitational. Tune in to to make sure you don’t miss any of the action.


Early Access 1st September

Wider Release 6th

Predictions – Between Fallout 76 and What They Promised / Expectations

I believe that the depth of the game will be reasonably shallow, planets probably won’t be that big or have much on them beyond POI and some exploration. BUT if the general gameplay loops, FPS and Ship Combat all feel good then they game is still going to be fun.

And I am looking forward to it… I do think it is massively overhyped. Hoping it’s in the 8/10 territory.

Was going to do a paid promotion of it BUT then it wouldn’t be a fair review / opinions.

It’s part of my Xbox GamePass Sub so I’ll play it on the 6th.

There have been a Glut of Drama videos over the last few days… not primarily a drama channel… I don’t mind it it’s part of the news, I love SC warts and all BUT you are mostly going to see star citizen news and updates here… hopefully only a small amount of drama pieces… I do want to be a one stop shop for all things star citizen AND won’t shy away from coverage of anything I think is somewhat newsworthy, I think deserves discussion etc…

The Layoff Drama was overblown by a load of sources so I thought it was worth explaining that in a video… that it looked largely a manufactured drama.

CIG charging $35 for CitizenCon Flair… that’s tooo much money IMO!

The “Something Has To Change” Post On Reddit from an ExCIG Employee, again I thought it was worth discussion, there were a few good points BUT it did look to me like venting and saw investment into the new UK office as the wrong thing to do. I disagreed with a large portion of their critique.

I’ll be accused of both white knighting and drama inciting but I’ll cover everything I think has any form of merit as far as news goes, let you make up your own mind BUT also give a bit of what I think too. A correction to that video I believe I said they were a Customer Service Manager (they were) but their most recent job title at CIG was Sales Operation Manager.