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Star Citizen What’s Going On – Alpha 3.20 – The Final Four

Welcome to some more Star Citizen… What’s Going On?! We summarise their news from last week and what’s going on this week.

Last Week In Star Citizen

Alpha 3.20… Wave 2… waiting for it to go to more waves.

Lots of fixes in the latest couple of PTU patches.

Still looking good for a end of September if not earlier release for the live build of that.

ISC looked at more Sound work and focused on ships and work they’ve done for ambient sounds for them. Every manufacturer will have it’s base bed of sound that makes that hum.

You’ll be able to identify a ship (or at least their manufacturer) by their amident sound.

Each Physical Component will be unique and also add to those amident (and active) sounds.

SCL was delayed due to transport/train strikes.

This week’s Newsletter Sneak Peek is of a hatch at an Outpost or settlement.

We know that there will be vent and underground connections to some outpost buildings.

So these may be used to get around, for repair or stealth.

Saturday, we saw this year’s online 2v2 Fight or Flight tournament finals! The final eight teams duked it out in the largest 2v2 dogfighting tournament in the ‘verse to secure a chance to compete at the CitizenCon Fight or Flight Invitational. If you’ve missed the live stream, visit Atmo Esport’s Twitch channel to relive the action and see the winners, Shadow Moses, grasping for the champion spot. 

This Week in Star Citizen

This Tuesday, a new Subscriber Monthly Newsletter will be going out.

Wednesday will see the publish of our bi-weekly Roadmap Update.

This Thursday on Inside Star Citizen, we’re taking a deeper look at Racing in Star Citizen and will introduce the latest addition to the Mirai line-up, the upcoming Fury LX.

On Friday, Star Citizen Live returns with the  previously scheduled episode with Duncan and Sam from the Arena Commander Feature Team starting 3 PM UTC on the SC Twitch channel. They’ll jump into Arena Commander to showcase much of what’s in the upcoming Alpha 3.20.

Looks like we will be getting the Monthly Reports next week for SQ and SC’s PU.

The Ship Showdown is down to the Final 4

It’s time for your favourite four ships to face off in an epic clash of titans!

Only four ships remain from the KO rounds, and they will each receive brand new Best-In-Show paints plus manufacturer-themed posters made just for them. Later this year, they will also be featured during the Best-in-Show days during the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. However, it’s time to crown the ultimate Ship Showdown champion and determine which ship is the true community favourite in 2023. The ultimate winner will be available to fly for everyone for a month.

To allow everyone to make an informed choice, we invite you to take the four best ships for a spin. So, if you can’t decide between the upcoming finalists, join the Live Showdown Free Fly to put them through their paces. The Free Fly will run until September 7.

A quick reminder is that we have some discounted Starter Packages to celebrate Ship Showdown on the pledge store available until September 7 as well.

But now, let’s get to this year’s Final Four!

  • Aegis Redeemer: Sporting a plethora of weapons systems, including remote and manned turrets, the Redeemer can engage with a wide range of enemies no matter what the angle of attack may be.
  • Drake Vulture: Be a one-pilot salvage operation with the Vulture. With ample storage and surprising agility, this entry-level salvage vessel has the tools to get in, get the job done, and get home safely.
  • Drake Corsair: Trade defences for firepower and range with the Corsair exploration vessel. With room for four crew, dual quantum fuel tanks, and a complement of six weapons, the ship is ready for any challenge it may face in deep space.
  • Origin 600i Explorer: Serious exploration doesn’t require giving up comforts with the 600i. The ship’s wraparound canopy affords pilot and crew clear, unobstructed views for stunning vistas, and an expanded exploration module for long-haul missions.

Set your alarms and calendar reminders to swing by the Ship Showdown page daily and vote for your favourite in the final rounds.

May the best ship win!

Layoff Drama Resolution… The most debunked drama…

I had a message on my Discord from one of the peeps involved in that “drama”:

“Hi. So I am the girl that said “you too?!!!” In the debacle with Teddy getting laid off. To be clear, I said that because a lot of gaming companies right now are laying people off…. and I just happened to be one of the previous to his layoff, however at another company based in Colorado. I was surprised because that is very strange for CIG to do. What the rest of the world doesn’t know is that my spouse works there and even he was like “whaaaat?”. I can see where the confusion came from and apologies for that. Previous to that conversation I was talking to him about other companies laying people off that we both worked with prior so that was a continued conversation others saw. I actually had a wonderful time working with CIG and wished I could go back after a large layoff with the company I left CIG for (working on a passion project), but my old position was relocated to the UK. I just want Bored Gamer and others to know the truth ok? Cool”

They went onto say:

“Other big companies like the one I worked at have had recent layoffs but none of that is happening at CIG and they are actively hiring. (From the horses mouth).”