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Star Citizen New Ships – Cutter Variants – Fury LX – Alpha 4.0 Features

Welcome to some more Star Citizen… today I wanted to talk a little about progress with Alpha 3.20, some new ships the Fury LX and a Couple of Drake Cutter Variants, plans for Alpha 3.20.x so new features and ships coming later to 3.20’s branch AND some expectations for Alpha 4.0 if it is indeed coming later this year.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 PTU – (Should Be Opening Up To Wave 3 PTU SOON if it hasn’t already) Other than that the patch focuses on some additional Bug Fixes:

Load of Hull C Updates and Fixes, Performance and General Fixes too.

No more spinning madly in EVA or taking random damage!

Alpha 3.20 is on course to be live before the end of September.

We don’t know if there is going to be a wipe yet BUT CI haven’t suggested they need one here.

We know there is a Fury LX which is likely the racing version of the Fury.
We are going to have an in depth look at it in ISC this week.

If you want to go fast in a very compact snub then that is probably a ship you will want.

I am expecting it to turn up with Alpha 3.20’s launch BUT it’s possible it could get pushed to 3.20.x if it’s not ready.

Something that’s previously been leaked on Art Station is the  Cutter Scout & Expedition versions. CIG also accidentally put a test sales page up for the Cutter Scout yesterday.

These are ships that could well be coming to Alpha 3.20 BUT also possible they are going to be for CitizenCon or the IAE as they are in the Starter Ship Category.

A Scout Version of the Cutter is likely going to have better scanners and be faster than the base version. The rear section appears to be bigger than the base version potentially.

An Expedition Version should focus on Exploration… so fuel tanks, better QD for longer range, specialised scanners could all make sense for the ship. From the original Art Station design it looks like there is room for a suit, a table / living area expansion and a smaller cargo bay. Potentially to make room for specialised equipment.

Alpha 3.20.x

Spirit C1 & A1

Tumbril Storm

Fury LX & Cutter Scout (If not in 3.20)

Retrieve Consignment Missions

New Crusader Platforms Also Reactivation of old ones and SoO

It looks like CIG plan for a Star Citizen Alpha 4.0 by the end of the year if possible:


Jump Points

Server Meshing

Beyond that we don’t know for sure what will be in an Alpha 4.0 patch BUT assuming it’s the next major patch after 3.20 and for the end of Q4 2023 there are things that CI have been talking about and that appears on the Roadmap that we can expect.

Barge Heists

Bounty Hunting v2

New Settlements / POI

Factions & Missions in Pyro

More AC Updates – Multi-Crew

New Experimental Modes

Master Mode Evolution

Finally Vulkan Integration?

Ship Trespass

New Missions & Rep System Updates

Ship Scale Tractor Beams

Star Citizen Subflair 2023 Sept SKU imperator
Star Citizen Subflair 2023 Sept SKU store

In some other news Sub Promotions For September:

This months sub flair is interesting…

Chance Cubes for Centurion Subs – The top lights up when rolled to help make binary decisions in either red or blue.

A Digital D6 is available for Imperators (who also get the chance cube). Roll it and a Number between 1-6 will appear on the top!

In the sub store (along with the other 2 bits) there are D20 plushies in Red Blue & Green available. I think these are effectively rollable too. Assumedly this is a DnD and maybe even BG3 reference. 

This stuff will be available to find in the Loot Pool in game after a 3 month exclusivity period.

The Corsair if flyable for Subs for the whole month… it might be longer if the ship wins the Ship Showdown!

And it looks like the Finals will be The Corsair Vs The Vulture!