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Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Is Getting Good!

There are even more QoL Improvements for Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 which is currently in wave 3… maybe wave 4 PTU by the time you see this. There’s been another PTU patch and we’ll quickly cover some of the week’s news.

Alpha 3.20 Is now in Wave 3 PTU and may be going to wave 4 by the time you see this video. That means a load more people have access… wave 5 is open PTU and everyone can try the patch… then it’s live…

In the latest PTU Patch there was a load of Important QoL Updates…

HDR – High dynamic range (HDR) is now enabled for players with a compatible monitor. This is activated in Windows by going to the ‘Windows Display Settings’ and selecting ‘Use HDR’. Then, open Star Citizen and select ‘HDR’ in the ‘Graphics tab’.

Updated Keybinds for opening mobiGlas and Scanning -. MobiGlas is now opened/closed with TAB while on foot while still F1 in ship cockpits (fixed to be TAB in a later build), while scanning is now V (long hold), Arena Commander Scoreboard = Tab. I HATE CIG CHANGING BINDINGS SEEMINGLY RANDOMLY. We got some new functionality… change all the old bindings to something else… that’s smart…

MFD Persistence – Custom Vehicle MFD selections should now persist for as long as you keep the vehicle intact. Players should only have to set MFD menu selection once per vehicle but losing and insurance claiming it will create a new vehicle, thus losing the saved custom MFD.

mobiGlas Readability – The mobiGlas now has a darker underlay to improve readability across different locations. Vehicle/Ship HUD and other selective UI is now hidden while opening the mobiGlas in a pilot seat.

Core Tech

  • Made Several Server Performance Improvements
  • Made Further Planetary Performance Optimizations
  • Made Further Engine Rendering Performance Improvements

There was an Alpha 3.20 Patch Watch | Quality of Life Post:

CIG are currently amidst a global push to seek out and implement a variety of quality-of-life fixes and changes. This is part of an ongoing effort to improve the greater gameplay experience, and we expect to provide many more similar updates in the patches ahead.

Let’s dive in to some changes you can expect to find (or were just released) on the PTU for Alpha 3.20 beyond what we have already mentioned.

Blocked Call – We’ve added a new option within the game settings to restrict comms calls to only members of your friends list.

We’ve also added options to enable Friend Request Notifications, and let you choose to receive Party Invite Notifications and Currency Transfer Notifications from anyone or from friends only.

Aligned Quantum HUDs – A significant effort to align the quantum HUDs to the crosshairs on all ship cockpits was completed by the Ship Content and UI teams. The HUD is now also lighter and looks less like a reticule, making lining up for quantum travel easier. This is necessary as the quantum HUD is not projected, so it’s impossible to align perfectly. However, there will be cockpit overlaps on some notable ships, including the Drake Cutlass. This is a compromise to ensure the QT target is not offset on any ship.

Anti Combat Logging – Now, when quitting the game while in combat, or having been in combat recently, the player’s avatar will remain for a time. This prevents players from logging out and instantly disappearing, potentially robbing other players of a kill. Should the player use ‘Exit to Main Menu’ or access the game options, they will be warned that they are still considered to be in combat.

Empty RMC Canisters – The filler station onboard the Drake Vulture and Aegis Reclaimer can now also create empty RMC canisters for the hull-scraping Multi-Tool.

MOLE Pilots Know – Argo MOLE pilots can now press “m” to activate a mining HUD that shows the following details:

  • Current cargo content of the MOLE
  • Current charge rate of the targeted rock
  • Composition of the targeted rock
  • Distance to rock and danger zone indicator

INSIDE STAR CITIZEN – The Mirai Fury LX is a new Racing Variant coming to 3.20.

No Weapons, more thrusters, racing wings and paint job.

Star Citizen Live – looked at Arena Commander Gameplay & Features Coming To Alpha 3.20.

Experimental Modes will rotate and change through a patch cycle… 1 or a few at a time.

In the PTU a lot of them are being tested at once. These modes are to prove out features and gamemodes.

GunRush – FFA Get Kills with a weapon, get a new weapon, work your way through the 16 weapons to win.

The played some squadron battle, Tank Battle (there was a gravity, floaty tank bug that has since been fixed) and racing.

Vanduul Swarm Master Modes as well… They are really happy that this is going to be testable by players in 3.20. It’s just for the Gladius… in the VSMM mode it’s endless waves… survive and get as many points as you can.

Some modes get you a badge unlock if you win.

You will be able to apply skins to your vehicles and ships in AC.

This Week’s Sneak Peek is again of the San’Tok.Yai – Xian Medium Fighter