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Star Citizen Alpha 3.21: Mission Ready Is Now Out To Live and it’s brings a whole host of new content.

With high risk comes great reward, so head into the ‘verse to tackle some of the most dangerous missions yet. From infiltrating abandoned bunkers to restoring peace to a once-idyllic city in the clouds, Alpha 3.21 introduces all-new escapades for pilots of every level. Plus, there’s the latest groundbreaking tech, updated features, quality-of-life updates, and much more.

This is largely a QoL and Mission Update Patch.

It’s quite a big update 34gb from 3.20.

Even tho it’s still effectively the 3.20 code base.

There hasn’t been a wipe BUT you will of lost anything that wasn’t “saved” to the LTP like ammo and refinery jobs.

All of the content planned for 3.20.x will be in the 3.21.x cycle along with various other additions like the Replication Layer.

There is a ship sale on with the patches release In addition to the Crusader A1 being on sale from $175, there is the Mercury Star Runner, Prowler, Redeemer, Valkyrie, Vanguard Hoplite, C8R Medical Pisces & Cutlass Red all on sale as well.

There is also an Additional Referral Bonus for 3.21 Until October 30th if anyone uses your referral code and becomes a citizen by buying a game package (at least $40). You’ll both get a HoverQuad and Copperhead Paint for it.

Alpha 3.21 Updates

Added New Flyable Ship: Crusader Industries A1 Spirit

3 Jump Point Rest Stop Stations and Lagrange Points these act as the final stop before entering Jump Points.
Pyro, Magnus & Terra

Each location is set up similarly to all the other Lagrange Points and consists of a parent Gas Cloud, a smaller Child Gas Cloud, a Gateway Rest Stop and structures leading to the Jump Point itself. It is important to note that Jump Points are currently non-functional in 3.21 as Stanton is the only available system at this time.

Repel Raid on Orison with New Crusader Platforms (Originally called Platform Assault on Orison). These FPS combat missions around Orison will now utilize newly added platform clusters that have been placed around Crusader.

Re-introduction of Bounty, Assassinate, Clear All, and other missions. These FPS combat missions around Orison will now utilize newly added platform clusters that have been placed around Crusader to provide opportunities for more concurrent missions and more unique locations. These missions include eliminate all missions similar to the current UGF missions. For these islands the player will be tasked with killing everyone in a given building. These Mercenary missions available from Crusader Industries will have three difficulty curves, ranging from an easy clear of one building, to a hard clear of three buildings. Similar to eliminate all missions, Eliminate Specific Missions will task the player with killing single or multiple Bosses based on difficulty. For players to qualify and receive these missions they first need to complete Security Work Assessment for Crusader Security.

Retrieve Consignment Missions – player’s are challenged to assault Underground Facilities (UGFs) and kill / search for data pads that contain consignments depending on the mission variant. A consignment will have a code on the top for the dispenser which will cause the items listed on its manifest to come out of the dispenser one by one. These items can be taken and sold at commodity kiosk’s around the game for aUEC, this is however optional and players only need to retrieve these items from the dispenser to make way for the mission critical items if they so please. This mission will take part exclusively at the security UGFs, are shareable, and will require the drop-off of at least one box of classified files to complete the mission.

The Illegal version of this mission is offered by Ruto and the Legal version of this mission is offered by the various Security Organizations of Stanton.

– The Legal version of the mission the player will find corpses of dead security at the facility on arrival. On these corpses will be the data pads and the player will have to deal with Ninetails defending the location they have overrun.

– The Illegal version of the mission there will be no corpses, just security at the location which will drop the data pads as loot when killed.

This mission also introduces a new mission module called the AnteUpWaveSpawner, this module will cause AI to continuously spawn in waves at the location. These waves get progressively harder based on triggers, the triggers for this mission are Codes being successfully entered into the dispenser and every 5 minutes the player is at the location(on a looping timer). On this mission the waves will start to spawn once the first boss is killed.

SPKareah – Steal Evidence this mission offered by Twitch, players are tasked with stealing the next Evidence item that spawns from the Kareah contraband dispenser. To obtain this mission, players must talk to Twitch in person after completing her intro mission and having climbing in reputation. Only one instance can be active on the server at any time.

The first objective simply states to retrieve the Evidence, which will place a marker on the evidence dispenser. The mission description in the MobiGlas has a brief explanation on how to get the access code for the dispenser. When a box of evidence is spawned, the marker moves from the dispenser to the evidence, objective stays the same. Once the box of evidence has been grabbed by a mission player, the delivery destination is marked. If the box of evidence is taken away by another non-mission player, the marker will stay on it to allow recovery of the box by mission players.

Players can now Sell Things Owned by Members of Their Party Without it Being Considered Stolen.

Ground Vehicle Physics Updates – Handling Improvements for the Nova Tanks and all Wheeled Vehicles. Made Throttle Control easier and made suspension tweaks.

Driver Remote Turret QoL Improvements – Zoom has been added for all vehicles where a Drivers/Pilots that can use a remote turret. Added Stages to Turret Zoom: None, 2x Zoom, and 4x Zoom. Press or Hold Z to activate. Gyro mode is now enabled & togglable (G) for Driver Remote Turrets for all ground vehicles.

Arena Commander 3.21: Feature Updates

Until November 10th Gun Rush is running as an experimental mode and it’s extra spooky as everyone is a Skeleton!

Winners Circle –The playable area has increased to 10km Altitude from 6km. However Pirate Swarm is currently disabled in the map.

Endless Vanduul Swarm (currently exclusive to the Master Modes Experimental Test) has received a significant balance adjustment. The number of AI that spawn per wave, in general, has been reduced; however, the “Elite” wave where 7 Vanduul Primes spawn now includes all 13 Legendary Vanduul Pilots!

The strength of Vanduul ships and skill of Vanduul pilots now scales per wave. While we won’t be sharing the exact details of this scaling, we are excited to see how players adapt and look forward to the feedback.

Reach wave 25 (Survive 24 minutes) to earn the 2953 Vanduul Aggressor Badge!

PirateSwarm Waves 7, 8 and 9 have been updated. 

Wave 7: Constellation & Merlin replaced with Corsair.

Wave 8: Wave replaced with an intermediately skilled Hammerhead.

Wave 9: Added 2x Buccaneers & 1x Corsair.

They’ve also adjusted AI skills between wave 4 and 8 for a better difficulty curve.

Match Cycle Improvements – this will make it rarer to get the same map in your next match. 

Removed the F8C from the allowed vehicles of Battle Royale & Duel, as these modes are limited to Light & Medium Fighters. Also adjusted its score to 3,500 to better represent its class and ability.