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Star Citizen November Update – What’s Going On?!

Welcome to a Star Citizen November Update… there is sooo much going on in the Wonderful world of Star Citizen. What do we have to look forward to this month, what’s going on now, what content can you expect?

But first we have a Giveaway Winner for last month… that’s a Constellation Phoenix.

The winner of that is @alexr5508 Congrats.

Also just as a heads up to know if it’s me in the comments, it will only ever be from my main BoredGamer YT account and I’ll only signpost you

For November however we have a New Giveaway and it’s for 5 different ships with gamepackages and LTI for 5 different winners:

Avenger Titan, Drake Cutter, C8X Pisces, Nomad & a Mustang Alpha.

I thought it would be good to get lots of prizes out this month as we’ve just had CitizenCon and the IAE is coming up rapidly!

What’s Going On In November!?

The Pyro Preview / Playground is now accessible… kinda… they are doing a load of erratic 8 hour-ish tests everyday until the 14th of Nov. 

Not everyone has access, it’s mostly very active testers, I believe Evocati, some concierge and players that bought the CitCon 2953 digital goodies pack currently. Tho that will go out to more players as they expand the waves… the Preview build being basically PTU that’s treated a bit differently. 

I’ve been playing in it and it’s fun BUT buggy, it has performance issues, it’s really just new locations, (some impressive visuals) and some interesting missions BUT very little in the way new mechanics.

The Sun Flares are hilarious, terrifying and buggy… I get completely blinded when caught in them… then planet surfaces hit by them are just blown out gamma up to 11.

Later this month IAE 2953

Expecting the 2953 IAE to start Friday 17th November and lasts for 10-14 days.

Pretty much every ship will be on sale that there has ever been from concept to flyable.

There will be a load of new ones coming straight to flyable / driveable.

We are expecting the Storm, SRV, C1, Cutter Expedition, expect some new ones & new Concepts most likely too. BUT CIG had said they wanted 12 more ships in the game by the end of the year and we’ve only named 4 there, so there is potentially 8 more for the IAE and 3.22.

Obviously it’s a massive sales event but also a FreeFly & Expo, so anyone can try SC for free and all ships can be rented and tried for free as well.

Each day or 2 a new manufacturer(s) will take to the expo floor to show off their ships and vehicles. There is a load to see. You will probably be able to rent the F8 this year.

There is a holosuite to see some ships in development.

You can expect Alpha 3.21.1 to come just before the IAE with all that content “ready to go”.

Will this have all of the planned 3.21.x updates… potentially.

As part of the ship reveals and general hype CIG often have Jax McCleary (space Jermey Clarkson) videos, shorts or some form of cinematics. Jax was last seen in a ship disabled in the Pyro System. I am hoping to see more of those awesome vids and social media posts again this year.

And there is always the possibility of more things going on with missions or things to do during the event too. I think this IAE when coupled with the success of CitizenCon, Hype around Pyro and Release of 3.21.1 as well as pushing towards 3.22 will catapult SC into new crowdfunding highs… I am thinking $125m this year.

We are expecting that CIG are going to get 3.22 out in December… at least that appears to be the plan. That could mean we see the patch in Evo testing by the end of the month.


We are still going through CitizenCon Bits, from Squadron 42 being feature complete, that amazing engine demo, new atmospheric flight, base building and TONS more…

My confidence and morale for Star Citizen has sky rocketed. I already trusted CIG but it was a long road… now I can enjoy the journey more.

We will be covering as much of the Pyro Playground as possible, it might be relatively erratic tho as the build is very much in testing, it’s very buggy… and the schedules might change, there might be queues or the servers might come down. 

We will be covering all of the IAE… I’ll try and get a couple of videos up a day including covering what’s in the expo hall and what’s on sale.

I believe the Roadmap Updates are going to be released later today so we will cover that later this week.

Personal & Health Updates

I am Away for some of next week on “Holiday”, playing board games planning some future content. I will take my laptop with me, so I can record and get videos out while I am there but we should also have some. Zin her partner and a few of our mates go to a airbnb or centerparcs a few times a year for this, it’s a good time, delicious food!

I’ve been dieting and exercising quite successfully over the last month.

Lots of running, lifting, squats, pushups, situps.

This is the best shape I have ever been in. I am just finishing a 2 day water fast, not really sure if they are hugely beneficial or anything but I thought I’d give it a go, shrink my stomach a bit, give my liver a rest, I can tell you that I am certainly hungry now.

I am less like a fat hobbit now, more like a slightly fitter one…

Channel Memberships

Something I have been neglecting is encouraging people to become channel members with the JOIN button under my videos, it really really helps the channel and gets you some exclusive content… we have some CitizenCon and other bits to put out on that later this month. Please consider becoming a member!