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Star Citizen Alpha 3.22 Adds Settlements & Salvage Gets Better!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, we have some big Alpha 3.22 updates, improvements to salvage, new settlements and inventory boxes being ready for testing and we also details of what’s happening This Week in Star Citizen.

Alpha 3.22 launched to the PTU for Wave 1 players and will open to more audiences soon! Luminalia will kick off next week, and CIG have some fantastic stuff planned for you for this year’s holiday season!

Siege of Orison continues through December 7 at 16:00 UTC, and you could expect a return of Jumptown that was running last week in the near future; Alpha 3.22 adds at least 1 more JT locations into the mix.

CIG have put out the full broadcasts of Day 1 at CitizenCon if you want to watch that 5.5 hour long vid, Day 2 will be available Friday.

The filthiest race in the ‘verse is back! The action-packed Daymar Rally returns and you can sign-up now. The Rally itself I believe is on Janurary 20th 2024 and you can watch it love on Twitch.

You can grab yourself a downloadable IAE event program… which is cool… but normally something you get before an event. I liked the way they did it this year tho.I might make one into a prop.

What Else Is happening This Week?

This Tuesday, we’ll publish the Subscriber Monthly Newsletter & an exciting update to the Subscriber Program!

Thursday, our weekly episode of Inside Star Citizen will focus on Structural Salvage: a feature coming in our future Alpha 3.22 Patch. 

There is also a Q&A for the new concept RSI Arrastra, to answer your main questions about this upcoming multicrew mining ship!

Friday, there will be no Star Citizen Live as our teams are working hard to offer Alpha 3.22 Live to everyone before the holidays break. There will be a patch watch post

You will, however, receive our weekly RSI Newsletter and we will publish a Patch Watch highlighting some of the new features and improvements our teams are working on that don’t appear on the Public Roadmap.

Experimental Mode Schedule:
December 3 – 10 – Single Weapon Elimination (Railgun) & Mirror Match Dual best-of-three dogfighting using the same loadouts with the Fury.

December 10 – 17 – Gun Rush & Tank Royale

There is a new 3.22 PTU Patch – Star Citizen Alpha 3.22.0 PTU.8970375:

It’s still wave 1 but will more moving to a wider audience soon. New Features Include:

Inhabited Derelict Settlements are now ready for testing & feedback – Inclusion of 15 new Derelict Settlements with both mission gameplay, social elements, and shops. These new inhabited settlements are spread throughout the wildernesses of Hurston and microTech using the Rastar tool with a larger, expanded library of new and existing assets. Some locations are accessible via the Starmap while other new settlements are more discrete and appear behind missions. All NPCs at these locations are neutral, making up a population of independent civilians and members of the Dusters faction and have been updated to use the new hair tech and faction clothing. There has been an Updated Hair Art and Geometry Polish Pass Globally too.

There are 8 New Hurston Locations: Zephyr, Maker’s Point, Ludlow, Pickers Field, Finn’s Folly, Weeping Cove, Cutter’s Rig, and Rappel.

7 New MicroTech Locations: Frostbite, Razor’s Edge, Bloodshot Ridge, Harper’s Point, Astor’s Clearing, Moreland Hills, and Dunboro.

However I want to warn players… performance there especially when approaching the locations is near unplayable. Big pauses between single digit frames at a lot of these areas currently.

Inventory: Openable Cargo Containers – 3.22 adds openable cargo containers, allowing players to be able to store commodities and items in. These new 1, 2, 4, and 8 SCU containers can be purchased and sold through shops and dropped from your location inventory into your ship cargo grid. These new cargo containers allow contents to be sold individually, as well as the containers themselves, in which case any unsold contents will be sent to the inventory the container is being held in.

This also includes work for tractor beams that will make it so cargo is locked onto cargo grids when the ship is locked by the door integrity. Meaning as long as the integrity is sufficient, cargo cannot be removed from cargo grids except by the owner or party members. It is considered a law infraction if Stolen off a cargo grid in a Monitored Zone.

Structural Salvage Balance Pass – Overall balance pass to put Structure Salvage earnings more in line with what is intended. This update will increase the base amount of time it takes to run disintegration and fracturing, reduce the amount of construction materials gained, and reduce the internal storage buffer of the Reclaimer to 140 SCU and the Vulture to 12 SCU. Along with this comes another mechanic to slightly offset those changes to be more skill based. This includes an “alignment field” that reduces the time it takes for disintegration as well as giving more material depending on the distance that player is from the “ideal spot”.

Structural Salvage UI and VFX Polish Pass
Temporarily removed the Hull-A from salvage mission pools

CIG did also put out a post on Structural Salvage Updates and What will come in the next couple of days beyond what they’ve already done:

Further updates for the amount of construction material gathered based on the position in the “alignment field” & UI updates to help you find the sweet spot for fracturing and disintegration.

The intention here is to make it more attractive to either position your ship or make use of the tractor beam. This will make the Reclaimer more viable again for multicrew gameplay.

Since we are still actively working on this, the values for time to fracture/disintegrate and the amount of Construction Material generated are subject to change.