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Star Citizen Alpha 3.22 Wave 3 – New RSI Subscription Perk Updates

We have another Alpha 3.22 EPTU Patch, this one much more focused on Polish & it’s out to Wave 3… we also have the new Subscriber Flair and a bigger update to the whole subscriber program’s rewards.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.22.0 EPTU is out to Wave 3 this adds Wing Commander (and above) concierge backers and additional active players to the Evocati, Subs and other players that already had access. Just for reference Wave 5 is the Open PTU wave and then that leads to the Live build.

What was added & updated in this patch?
Derelict Settlement Lighting and Inclusions Polish Pass

Structural Salvage Polish – VFX and UI Polish Pass. Re-balanced Reclaimer internal salvage storage buffer to 240 SCU and Vulture to 13 SCU. Updated Salvage Law Component to make sure Fracture Salvaging can trigger hostility. Moved location of Joystick / HOTAS Salvage keybind Options.

Updated Behring FS-9 Ballistic LMG to an ammo count of 75

Front-End Style Update – Updated menu title text, colors, and logos. Updated Button Styles and button state changes (idle/over/down/disabled), added messaging and UI info for Friends / Party / notification lists. Updated secondary title type size (ex: Primary Residence and Current Location titles).

They fixed a ton of issues, improved performance & stability BUT there are still a load more that require attention from performance, location bugs, AI, inventory and ship issues.

There appears to have been some issues with ground vehicle being in some cases significantly slower than intended in 3.22 currently. CIG are looking into it.

There is still a way to go before the patch will be in a state for live but it’s getting there.

I am thinking open PTU next week and live the week after most likely.

We are still awaiting the X1 Series and SanTokYai to be added to this patch and the additional Arena Commander Maps. And we know that CIG are going to be further improving Structural Salvage where they can too.

Still my favourite part of 3.22 is MultiCrew Arena Commander… enabling us to take on PvP, or Coop Swarm Modes in larger ships with friends! 

December Promos

Sakura Sun Plants to put in your habs / ships…

Happy, Cheeky & Surprized for all subs, imperator & from the store respectively.

Vehicle of the Month is th eRSI Scorpius & Antares. All subs get the former Imperators get both to try for the months.

Interestingly Imperators appear to get double extended insurance on the ship of the month with 24 month insurance rather than 12 for Normal (Centurion) Subs.

That’s a good point there has been a bit of an update to the RSI sub system and what you get for the 2 types of subscriptions:

Centurion is $10 a month or $99 for a year this gives you

Early PTU Access in Wave 1

Vehicle of the Month – Access to 1 Vehicle to try each month and the ability to purchase it with 12 month insurance.

Monthly Flair – a single flair item each month and access to purchase store exclusive flair and all previous monthly flair.

10% discount on Merch

Every 12 months a 10% discount coupon (upto $50)

20k REC each month (for use in Arena Commander)

Access to the Bi-Monthly Jump Point SC Digital Development Magazine

Access to the Concept and Work in Progress Vault of images

Access to the Subscriber Den Spectrum Forum & Chatroom.

Early Access to Event Tickets

Imperators Get The Same but with some enchantments:

It’s $20 a month or $198 a year.

An additional different Vehicle of Month and both can be bought with 24 month insurance.

An Extra unique piece of Flair each month.

15% Merch Discount

20% off coupon after 6 months (upto $100)

40k REC each month

Imperator Test Flight – Try out every new ship and ground vehicle for a full week upon release. Any flyable or drivable vehicles added to the quarterly patch are available, from nimble snubs to hulking capital ships. Assumedly this is true of anything added during the patch cycle as well in a point patch.

Is subbing worth it? Only you can answer that question.

If you love SC and want to support the game, or any of those extras really appeal to you then maybe. A lot of people grab a 1 month sub when they want early PTU access for example.