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This Will Totally Change Star Citizen

What CIG are bringing to Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 Will TOTALLY Change the Persistent Universe. Responsive awesome looking Animations and getting everything less janky is key to making star citizen look and feel great. 

But interacting with the game world and getting that right is core and CIG have done that with the new PIE.

A load of previous SQ42 developers are now focusing on the Persistent Universe.

A lot of them adding their features that they were just working on into the PU.

In Inside Star Citizen: Extra-Vehicular Particulars we got to see plans for the PIE for 3.23 and EVA updates that assumidly are also targeted for the patch.

Player Interaction System / Experience

Interactions, looting ect in star citizen is clunky and prohibitive to seamless action currently.

The new system improves the way you interact with the world.

There is a streamlined selection of items that you can see and can tap F to grab / interact with. The type of quick interaction is shown.

This works with gear, equippables and random objects too.

The personal interaction wheel allows you to delve deeper into more interactions with an item or station. It’s loksed to the screen too so you shouldn’t miss click.

You can also open this up when you have objects in your hand to do other appreciate contextual actions with them. This is the Interaction Experience that CIG have always promised us.

This makes the whole star citizen experience a ton more seamless and fun.

You can customise the wheel & quick action for what is used as your primary (tap) and secondary (double tap) action with a given item/interaction. Set store an item as the default for harvestables. Equip to weapons and ammo.

Even pointing at and choosing objects to interact with is more precise and intuitive.

One of the CIG devs said you won’t be able to live without it.

EVA is getting major updates. This is Extra Vehicular Activity, and in these terms mean you flying around in space in FPS outside of your ship. 

Problems With the Old System

There are a ton of issues with the old system, giving you very little precision, it was quite janky, lots of odd things could happen as you enter gravity. In tighter areas it could be very bumpy. Turning had you have to rotate your entire body.

You now will float around like you would expect in fps while being propelled or moving with force. In the superman pose. Your camera and head will move as you look around rather than your whole body.

This will help orientate yourself, as well reducing the movement and turning footprint, you will bounce around a ton less and fit in gaps. It looks much better first and 3rd person and is more responsive

There are smoother transitions for coming out of EVA too, so you are less likely to prone yourself.

The Flight System works similar to that of a ships.

Press forward to accelerate in that direction, release it and you’ll still have some momentum. Your EVA thrusters are manoeuvring you.

You’ll also be able to attach yourself to the surface of objects and ships in space.

Pushing and pulling yourself around them. Sprinting has you gliding along.

They mentioned if you were in a vent and the gravity went out you could crawl thru it OR float thru it and it’s a pretty seamless transition between the 2. Zero G push & pull will be coming further down the line.

Limited EVA fuel will be a thing, when you want to stop you will have to use the space break or grab something. 

For this implementation of the system expect a significantly better EVA experience, less jank, less bumping around, better animations and better movement and transitions as well as being more fun.

Lots of the CitizenCon content CIG showed will make it into the game this year and some of it in 3.23.

In regards to when 3.23 is planned to be in our hands we don’t know for sure… in the ISC they mentioned 4 months and multi months during the show which may indicate that the 3.23 patch is going to be a bit delayed OR it might be that they are going to immediately start shows on the next patch after that. On paper the 3.23 patch is supposed to be release end of Q1 which is end of march 2024.

But Jared also referred to it as the Spring release which is technically anywhere between the 20th March to 20th June. He also said it was going to be a big one.