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Star Citizen What’s Going On – New Features Revealed & BIG Events Incoming

CIG have posted what’s Happening this Month In Star Citizen and we’ve just had an very exciting week from SC’s Shows… so let’s summarise what’s going on!

In Alpha 3.22a Live – Siege Ends on the 5th at 8pm UTC.

An Alpha 3.22.1 is in PTU Testing with a variety of tweaks and fixes. But also likely containing Coramor, Red Festival and the FreeFly updates… 

And Alpha 3.23 is in Evocati.

There is Lots Going On Throughout February…

CIG is continuing their Bar Citizen World Tour… they will be attending various Bar Citizens throughout the year… I believe also one that I am attending in Manchester at the Brewdog Doghouse on the 2nd of March 2024.

Coramor 2954 – SC Valentines Day (probably starting somewhen between 9th & 14th)

Love is in the air as Coramor, our in-lore Valentine’s Day equivalent, returns to Star Citizen this year with some exciting new additions that are sure to win your heart. Participate in our screenshot contest by showing us where you would take your date in the ‘verse, and you could win a vehicle that you’ll absolutely adore.

Red Festival 2954 – We are saying goodbye to 2023 and starting 2024 with a fresh adventure at the Red Festival 2954. As is tradition throughout the UEE, the Banu have hidden red envelopes across Stanton and are offering a variety of red and gold ship paints to tempt good fortune in the coming year. It’ll be the year of the Dog in SC so expect some flair to match. You can expect this to start around the 10th to the 25th.

During that festival there is going to be a FreeFly Event, so all players get some additional ship access and anyone can try SC for free when that’s active during the Red Festival.

What ships will we get… it looks like a Nomad, 100i, Scorpius, 400i and Prospector…

But wait there’s more there is also an additional referral bonus during that period… recruit a player that buys a game package and both get a Drake Dragonfly and Red Alert Armor Set.

The Jumptown Dynamic Event is also going to be running later this month too… I am really looking forward to Jumptown AFTER we get Alpha 3.23 in and maybe there is a bit more netcode refinement / fixes to invis, desync etc… It will be interesting to see feedback on this run of it.

We Just had an awesome amount of info coming from CIG… with the return of their weekly development focused shows…

ISC & SCL focused on Alpha 3.23 and oh boy is it worth the wait… Squadron 42 More Refined Features are starting to turn up.

They showed off some updates to EVA, flying through space in FPS is going to be a lot less clunky, your move like a ship, being propelled by your EVA Suit / Pack (eventually this will require fuel), they improved the animations, rotations and movements.

Player Interaction has seen an overhaul, it’s much easier to select and interact with objects and you can customise your defaults.

CIG also talked about most of the other Features Planned for 3.23 as well:

Character Customizer with New UI and more Heads, Hair, facial hair, DNA sculpting and make up.

FPS Updates Reloading, Repooling Ammo, Dynamic Crosshair, Visor & HuD updates including an FPS Compass and minimaps of a load of ships and LZs.

New Starmap which is only a much more functional ergonomic better looking Starmap including search functions.

Distruction Centers which are landing zones with a ton of missions and content, also part of the massive underground networks… but more the above ground part.

Combat & Ship Updates

Master Modes with the clear change between Nav and SCM Modes. Either travelling fast or being ready for combat / industry.

Most Weapon Hardpoints are becoming Gimbals, there is Precision Targeting giving you a togglable zoom mode, a load of balance changes.

New Missions, The Blockade Runner, a MASSIVE XenoThreat Update… which some of will potentially roll out before 3.23.

Economy Updates – Changing a ton of prices and giving the universe economy more bite.

A New Shopping App. Cargo Updates… And Persistent Hangars & Freight Elevators

This Week’s Sneak Peek

Freight Elevator at an Outpost… so on the surface of a planet / moon without a hangar.

I suppose that makes sense as you will buy/sell commodities here and they follow the same rules as buying at major landing zones.

Maybe this will also be used to call up inventory at bases…

Basically freight elevators will allow you to call up from or put into storage cargo, equipment and vehicles that you can then load onto your ship OR load onto the elevator. Then move or sell at that LZ.