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Welcome to some more Star Citizen… There is an Idiris Event starting today, 3.22.1 should be going live and we have a roadmap update that shows Engineering Gameplay turning up in Alpha 3.23.

Idris Event

CIG have been teasing this for a few days now BUT todays the day…

Some form of Idris event be it in the PU or AC.

We know that CIG had been trying to run Idris Boarding Tests and that the interior of the Idris looks like it’s there too.

Zyloh did say:

To help manage expectations, we won’t be releasing the player-owned Idris tomorrow, but it’s still going to be an explosive event.

The release of Alpha 3.22.1 is also planned with this with the addition of GravLev Racers, The Overdrive Initiave Missions and a huge update to mastermodes.

CIG did say it would be very late EU time… so maybe technically today’s the day… but I’ll be playing it tomorrow!


CitizenCon has been announced… 

CitizenCon 2954 returns to Manchester Central on October 19-20, 2024!

How do you top our biggest and best CitizenCon to date? You’ll have to come to Manchester this October to find out. We’re already sure this will be our best one yet. Join us to celebrate CitizenCon 2954, the epic adventures ahead, and the vibrant community that makes it all possible.

Please note: There will be an additional off-site event with extremely limited availability happening on October 18 – more information coming at a later date.

CIG have been teasing that this is going to be the best CitizenCon yet.

Geoff Zanelli tweeted out:

Oh boy oh boy like 100 times… he is one of the award winning composers behind SC and SQ42s music.

And it response to SC’s tweet:

How do you top our biggest and best CitizenCon to date?

You’ll have to come to Manchester this October to find out!

He cheekily replied  – Actually I have some ideas, I’ll send an email about ’em

So when can we buy tickets to CitizenCon?

Zyloh Replied:

As soon as we are ready, we’ll share more information, both about the event, tickets availability, and more. We will give a heads up ahead of time.

Now let me throw some Alpha 3.23 Roadmap Updates at you…

Freight Elevators – An Update

As work has progressed on Freight Elevators, the team has recognized that additional feature work is required to implement summoning vehicles via your hangar. Therefore, this portion of the release will likely come at a later date, so do not expect this in 3.23. Freight Elevators without vehicles is still currently slated for Alpha 3.23.

There has been a variety of additions to Alpha 3.23 as well…

Arena Commander: Custom Lobbies

Custom Lobbies, previously referred to as “Private Matches”, makes their return to Arena Commander. Utilizing the new Frontend & Lobby Systems, Custom Lobbies allow players to set up and play matches for any game modes on any map at any time, with their own rules.

Arena Commander: Grav Royale

Embark on high-speed mayhem in a thrilling new game mode: Grav Royale! Engage in intense vehicular combat across diverse maps, mastering your Gravlev vehicles to outmaneuver foes and seize victory in this gravity-defying battle arena.

Arena Commander: New Flight Map – Miner’s Lament

Miner’s Lament, previously exclusive to racing & part of the Master Modes tests, now opens its treacherous asteroid-laden expanse to all flight modes. Dogfight in the chaotic beauty of Yela’s ring for an intense, dangerous, close quarters showdown.

Arena Commander: Engineering Experimental Mode

Three Limited Test Experimental Modes featuring the engineering gameplay (also referred to as “Resource Network”) showcased at CitizenCon 2953. Help shape the future of engineering gameplay in Star Citizen by testing and giving feedback to the features and balance showcased in this limited test before it hits the Persistent Universe.

The patch is still planned for an April Release… and boy is it a big one!