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Star Citizen Alpha 3.22.1 Is Now Live

Star Citizen Alpha 3.22.1 Is Now Live we are going to be looking at what’s new in this patch, delving through the patch notes with a summary of that and how this affects the game. Lots of Master Modes and AC updates too.

There has been a Mini-Wipe with this patch…

Characters in this new environment will be built from LTP data so items such as medpens, ammo, rentals, and refinery jobs will be lost.

Fixed an issue that could cause aUEC purchased ships to be lost from LTP after a patch – However This LTP bug fix will take affect going into future updates but not going into 3.22.1. This issue was sometimes causing ships that were insurance claimed to become unsaved from LTP unless the ship was ASOP spawned and then restored into a location.

Best Practice

It’s best practice to delete your user/shader folder after updating a patch.

I’ll link the Alpha 3.22.1 Known Issues and some solutions / workarounds in the comments below as well.

Persistent Universe Patch Notes

Gravlev Balance Updates – Updated acceleration restrictions to gravlev player height changes. Full Balance Pass for performance changes for all gravlev vehicles.

Distortion Temporary Changes – Distortion damage has been effectively removed from all item except power plants and dashboards. This is a temporary measure until we rework how distortion damage penetrates vehicle hulls. Shields now have a 75% to 95% resistance against distortion weapons (based on power triangle assignment).

  • Updated mining item descriptions and HUD to reference Inert Material Level instead of filtering
  • Added a mild push impulse force on catastrophic shatter of mineables (with a smaller force for FPS variants)

We also know there are new Overdrive Initiate Missions Added. Pre-XenoThreat Event Missions basically…

There is an Idris Event that is now live too – Capture The Idris

There are some Major Bug Fixes – Beyond fixing various crashes:

  • UGF Elevators should no longer go missing.
  • The Prison elevator is now functional.
  • Medical beds should now work
  • The “Target Attackers” hotkey not working
  • Hostile AI droping their weapons when entering combat
  • Emitting flares/decoys and distortion damage shouldn’t cause performance issues
  • Various ship storage, door, spawning, fog and invulnerable area issues.
  • Various ship and engine audio issues.
  • ROC Mining Laser should work consistently
  • Energy-based weapons should work properly again
  • Kiosks should no longer get stuck at “Signing out”
  • Multiple players can tractor beam the same container properly now.
  • Ships can’t block access to the Lorville Central Business District.
  • Small windmills at settlements have collision again.
  • Fixed an issue that caused grav-lev “anti-fall” to not trigger across rivers

A huge portion of the updates here are for Arena Commander

New Experimental Mode: Grav Race using hover vehicles… This is on 5 new maps: The Snake Pit, The Snake Pit (Reverse), Clio Islands, Rivers Edge & Shifting Sands.

Gun Rush has seen an update removing a rank and changing the weapons and order they are in for a better experience. Removing the Salvo Pistol and the Railgun among other things from this mode is a good shout in my opinion.

System & Balance

Ballistic Persistence, a system which had you respawn with the same ammo you had upon death, has been disabled.

UI Message Queuing has been tweaked for you don’t get message overlapping.

Kill Confirmed (Vehicle) pickups will now award based on the value of the destroyed vehicle.

Spawn Screen improvements have been made to the UI user experience of the Spawn Screen. Including closing the vehicle selection in more ways, a list view of available multicrew ships which is always available, more information on who and how many are aboard a selected vehicle before spawning and more! I believe the cap is 4 crew per ship in AC still tho.

They have disabled some maps Bloodshot Ridge & Makers Point for FPS modes and Winners Circle for Master Modes as there are some bugs, they should return in 3.23.

They’ve Disabled Ready System in Squadron Battle, so it just goes!

Improved Team Balancing, to highly prefer keeping Squads together.

Scoreboard in Racing game modes will now display players in order of race position and lap counts should show correctly.

Fixed issues with Death Info & Issues when spawning / getting kicked.

There is a massive Master Modes Update

Testing for this is incredibly important ahead of 3.23’s release in April.

Master Modes is now available in Pirate Swarm with a Special AI Behaviours Test, focusing on closer engagements and more aggressive traits. Tuned specifically for Master Modes. Play through 13 waves, experience 1v1s and new wingmen. This replaces MM in Endless Vanduul Swarm.

Atmospheric Maps – We have enabled atmospheric maps across all Master Mode game modes to assist in testing in more environments. It is important to note that this patch does NOT include the “Control Surfaces” atmospheric flight model demonstrated at Citizen Con 2953.

A wider selection of ships has been introduced to all Master Modes tests.

– P-52, Snub Interceptor

– Gladius, Light Fighter

– Buccaneer, Medium Interceptor

– Super Hornet F7C-M, Medium Fighter

– Vanguard Warden, Heavy Fighter

– Constellation Andromeda, Medium Gunship

– Hammerhead, Anti-Fighter Corvette* (tho that one isn’t available in races)

Engines Updates – Rotational speed and acceleration modifiers for boosting are now dependent of the capacitor assignment (50% to 100%)
Capacitor assignment will not affect the boost burn unless you are in an interceptor

Reduced overall boost pool but increased regen by 50%.
No regen difference in NAV vs SCM mode for boost capacity

Changed regen delays to – Snubs: 0.25s, LF: 0.5s, MF: 0.75s, HF: 1s, Connie: 2s, Hammerhead: 3s)

– Slightly reduced rotation rates of F7CM and Vanguard

Shields – All fighters (S1 & 2 shields) now have bubble shields, they’ve re-tuned shield strength, S2 Shields are effectively weaker. Shield regen overall has been reduced

Capacitor assignment has now a much bigger impact on the resistance (energy 0% to 50%, Ballistics 0% to 25% resistance)

Shield buffer pool in NAV made can now hold 100% of the shield generator’s health

Slightly reduced health of Buccaneer & Super Hornet

Updates Weapons – Reduced weapon regen delays (0.25s for anti-fighter, 0.5s for unspecialized)
Reduced ammo speed of all weapons
P-52 ammo increased & Added custom gun for P-52
Removed heat from energy weapons