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Absolutely Crazy Week Of Updates & Releases!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, What’s Going On?! With everything… there’s new patches, events, big roadmap updates, citizencon, devs talking more about Distribution centres and Master Modes… just lots this week… let’s jump into the summary!

SC Newsletter

Star Citizen Alpha 3.22.1 is Live… this new patch has various bug fixes.

It has the new Overdrive Initiative mission ready to go.

It adds GravLev Races and HUGE Master Mode Updates to AC.

Also the Capture the Idris event is running until 27th Feb,  this has players attempting to assault Idris’ in the PU as part of the Idris War Game Mission that will appear. They are fully destructible and has an interior now for proper boarding action… players are competing to be the longest to be in the pilot chair for… for a chance to earn an Idris M in game. But it’s awesome to see that these are effectively flyable capital ships now… a fun competitive event.  It is going to have some players actively trying to blow up Idris’ especially if they or their org have a good time in the seat.

Why is the event so short… well CIG devs are typically the ones in control of them to start with,,, so it’s a chance to have a brawl with them but it does mean it’s kind of a manual / high manpower mission from CIGs POV.

There is a Ship Sale on there were selling the Idris P in waves but they are already all sold out!

Roadmap Update

Freight Elevators are still coming to Alpha 3.23 BUT the ability to call up and put away vehicles in them will come a bit later.

There are also a load of AC Updates coming here now too:

The biggest new addition – Engineering Experimental Mode – 3 Test Modes for the resource network gameplay – Repairing, replacing components while in combat, putting out fires, coordinating and controlling various engineering operations.

Custom Lobbies – The return of private matches and the ability to choose maps and set rules.

Grav Royal – Full on Hover Combat

New Flight Map Miner’s Lament – An Asteroid laden area in Yela’s Ring

CitizenCon Announcement

CitizenCon 2954 has been announced it’s on 19-20th October in Manchester UK.

CIG are already hyping it as the biggest and best event yet.

We don’t have details of the venue yet.

Inside Star Citizen Masters & Blasters talked about all the master mode and gunnery changes coming to 3.23 and beyond that help streamline combat. I’ve got a full video up on that breakdown already but to highlight some important highlights:

Ships will all fall within (or between) an archetype, snub, light/med/heavy fighter, gunboat, corvette, frigate and be balanced around this and any sub category they might have like interceptor (which will swap manoeuvrability for forward speed & acceleration) or fighter bomber (focusing more on tanking).

Weapons have archetypes too with anti-fighter, anti-large (otherwise known as anti-material) or unspecified.

Almost every weapon and turret weapons are becoming gimballed.

There is a precision firing mode that allows for easier targeting of a ships sub-systems / weapons that will zoom in, highlight and help aim towards your target while also slowing the fire… turrets can use an auto-gimbal assisted aiming mode which is now exclusive to them.

MM are still evolving and CIG want you to play in the 3.22.1 AC MM tests and give feedback!

Star Citizen Live Q&A: Distribution Centres

How many Distribution Centres will be available in 3.23 

13~ Distribution Centres in Stanton. Just on planets for now, but we’re considering moons in the future. Initially only on microTech and Hurston. 

They’re very large buildings, and you could even do missions only in the same Distribution Centre. There will be plenty of PvE and PvP activities.

Are abandoned or Derelict DCs planned? 

Not at the moment, but there is no reason not to have them as we have other derelict places in the ‘verse. 

DCs on pirate systems would be quite cool to have as well, possibly it could change Faction regularly depending on activity. No plans at the moment, but it would be quite cool.

There are roads in these Distribution Centres, in the future is it planned to have DCs connected to outposts that are close? 

It would be cool to have roads connecting different locations, with missions interconnecting them. We know the community is interested in roads to navigate between places, or even maybe do races on these!

Could DCs be owned by players or Organizations in the future? 

We’re thinking about it; It’s only theorycrafting here, as it’s not planned at the moment: But for example these DCs could could possibly bring various benefits such as manufacturing special items like GreyCat amenities, and these goods would need to be sold elsewhere for profit. Organizations would need to defend these places to keep these benefits of course. But again, this is not planned, it’s good to think of new ideas.

Would UGF, bunkers, be replaced by Distribution Centres? 

No, UGF, and DCs are two different entities, bringing different gameplay opportunities.

What’s a “Raid”? 

We want Raids to be the endgame: You’ve done the story, explored your career as much as you want to, you’re ready for big missions, and Raids are where you will find super rare items, expensive loot. The goal would be to raid these places owned by Corporations. These Raids would be underground so you would need to fly in the airspace of the DC, land, fight your way in, and then go down to find other rooms, loot, and dangerous NPCs to defeat. So you’re going to have to play strategically to try and get in. Don’t forget that you will also need to get out, so be prepared! 

This is not for 2024, but we are developing an MMO so we’re going to have more questions like this. Raid will be an interesting experiment for us when the time comes, as we don’t have traditional classes, health bars etc.]

PvE and PvP can meet in the same place, this obviously excites some people, but another part of the community is worried about this mixture. How are these gameplay going to merge in 3.23, and then long term? 

Distribution Centres are very varied. Some are welcoming places, some won’t. Some will have security, with an extremely well fortified DC, missiles, turrets, guards, and as well fortified as we can. Some will be more like rest stops; It will come mainly in three flavours mainly: DCs “friendly” as long as players have neutral Reputation with the owner and you can access it as you please, DCs “hostile” doesn’t welcome players whatever your reputation, and “mixed” in between. There will be ‘green zones’ protected by NPCs as a first layer of security, but we will continue to bring lawless/lawful security features online as the development continues.

The Sneak Peek this week was of a large set of hangar doors in the floor of an Aeroview Hangar… suggesting I may well of been right that your ship will be able to be called up and put away via lifts as part of your personal / persistent hangar in the future. Will this be part of the 3.23 experience tho?