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Star Citizen May Update – Fleet Week Is Going To Be BIG

Welcome to a Star Citizen Update for May what is there to look forward to this month from Star Citizen and the channel… it’s going to be a busy month… there is 3.23, fleet week, XenoThreat and loads more coming up… BUT first… Giveaway Winner for last month’s Hornet F7C MK2 is:

For May 2024 we have a New Giveaway and it’s for a Crusader Spirit C1. it is a fantastic multi-role combat / cargo / mission runner ship that’s perfect for you and potentially a friend to cause havoc in the Verse… there is even room for a vehicle. It’s got a tractor beam a load of cargo space and a good amount of pew pew. This also comes with LTI & a Star Citizen Gamepackage ALL YOU NEED TO PLAY! Comment on any of my videos on youtube made this month to be in for a chance of winning!