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Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 Is About To Release BUT Is It Ready?!

Welcome to some more Star CItizen… Alpha 3.23 is about to go to live BUT is it ready?! Fleet Week is coming and it’s one of the biggest events of the year. CIG talk about the Progress Tracker and SC v1.0, another feature slips from 3.23 but you probably won’t mind about this one and CIG talk about the latest vehicle coming to the game the Mirai Pulse.

Alpha 3.23’s Release looks imminent. There are however a load of bugs that CIG have been trying to solve, and admittedly a good amount of them have been. Many players are concerned that a release now maybe slightly to early and a few more days in the oven could really help. But CIG are pressured by the time of fitting in 3.23s release and a XenoThreat event before Fleet Week later in May.

With that 3.23 Live Release I think we could easily see it out for the weekend. There have been a couple of new EPTU patches both of which fixed tons of bugs and had loads of optimizations. Also a lot of GPU Memory usage tweaks. GPUs with less than 4GB of Ram or if you use Vulkan can cause some issues still tho. VRAM currently very much limits your resolution in SC but also quality and water sim settings.

There was a Spectrum Thread 3.23 Is _not_ ready to be released in my opinion where the OP outlines various issues with the current PTU build and states this isn’t ready for live.

It takes ages to get out of a pilot seat.

Starmap can be very buggy / fiddly.

No indication when shields are getting hit

Can’t target turrets

Clouds in the ground.

Zyloh Response – Totally valid, but I’d like to shed some light on our perspective. We intend for 2024 to be a big year for Star Citizen, and we’re all about keeping that momentum going strong. It’s a tricky balance though – moving forward without sacrificing the quality of the experience. Sometimes, introducing a new feature can introduce new problems, which is why we’re taking a bit more time with things like the new hangar/cargo content (now aiming for 3.23.x).

This isn’t about hitting the brakes though. As always, our teams are all hands on deck, focused on addressing issues as fast as humanly possible. You might see a few bumps in the road with 3.23, but we’re certainly not stopping there. You should expect plenty of follow-up hotfixes and improvements as we push forward towards the big milestones ahead – 4.0, 1.0, and beyond.

It’s important to remember that every level of Star Citizen serves as a testing environment, and while issues are often found in earlier phases, root causes and solutions are often best discovered with the wide stress testing of the full Live Alpha resource. It is vital that we get Alpha 3.23 to the live environment as soon as possible to discover every cause and solution we can, while also ensuring we stay on track for future milestones, as delaying too long can create a ripple effect. The team is determined to get things into a great place, and everyone’s participation and reports have been tremendously helpful in that pursuit.

CIG had a message about there Roadmap Progress Tracker – As you might have seen in the recent Letter From the Chairman, our development team is in the process of outlining the necessary tasks to achieve Star Citizen’s full 1.0 commercial release. While our production schedule is still in progress, we intend to share a portion of it with you soon by updating the Progress Tracker up to the end of 2024 (with more to be shared later in the year!). We’re nearly finished and aiming to provide more details in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to the Roadmap for more information very soon!

We know some bits for Invictus Fleet (2) Week(s)

Will Introduce a Handful of ships and vehicles have been waiting for.

There was a Reddit Comment 

The Fat Fury is referring to one of the ships they teased at CitizenCon 2023. [Show Picture]

And it’s quite possible it’s going to be revealed during Alien Week which is in June.

You can expect an Expo, FreeFly, Massive Ship Sale, UEE Fleet, Tours and More For Fleet Week this year.

Talking About New Vehicles…

The Mirai Pulse (and LX) will be available with 3.23’s Launch.

Mirai’s entry into the ground grav lev vehicle market.

It’s more racing focused.

Takes inspiration from the razor.

These fit on a large range of ships. Like the 400i.

They will allow you to more stealthy and speedily approach a target on the ground.

And as environmental hazards and denser forests come online you’ll need ways of getting to areas without a ship.

The Pulse is the smallest ground vehicle in the game currently. It’s so compact that you’ll be able to jam it into most things… it’s slightly longer than 2SCU of cargo.

The Base Pulse comes with a fast firing laser gatling on the front.

Pulse LX is the pure racing version replacing the weapon with an intake and more thrust, it’s super agile. 

All it’s components are quickly and easily accessible at the touch of a button they eject.

It feels like a motor bike… but without wheels…

It trades durability for speed and agility compared to other bikes.

It can even fit in a UGF.

I am expecting them to be pretty cheap $$$ wise and be the perfect LTI token for Fleet Week.

Oddly tho 3.23 has seen another feature slip: Arena Commander: Grav Royale – The team encountered a critical issue with this game mode that requires additional testing. For the time being, we’re removing this card from Release View until this is resolved.

It’s obviously something the Mirai Pulse would of been useful in… but the mode has issues.

I don’t think there will be much love lost with that tho. BUT they are not even saying it’s a 3.23.x thing… it’s just been pushed off the roadmap for now… talking about 3.23.x tho we know that a variety of other features are coming this quarter as part of the 3.23 cycle:

Personal / Persistent Hangars 

Freight Elevators

Item Banks

Cargo Updates & Hauling Missions

Ship Modularity for the Retaliator Cargo & Torpedo Pods & bringing it upto Gold Standard.