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Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 Adventure Beckons is Now Live

 Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 Adventure Beckons is Now Live

There is an awesome new 3.23 Trailer, we are going to be talking about the the wipe details, overdrive updates, xenothreat delay, ship sale & the most important changes to the patch… also CIG confirm that Pyro/4.0 is next!

Oh… if you want to get into the game quicker and were playing in the PTU just rename the PTU folder to LIVE and you’ll have a smaller download.

Also it’s always good practice to delete your SC shader folder after an update, here is the link for that.

You can typically find details of how to do this at the top of the SC patch notes.

3.23 Wipe Details:

You’ll have (and will want to) recreate your character with the new customizer and choose your home location, bear in mind that when the Personal Hangars are added to the Patch later in the 3.23 Cycle it’s your home location that will house it… so pick with that in mind as there might not be another wipe for a while.

There is an Official Star Citizen Character Creation Contest to make the best character and backstory for them. For the chance to win some ships.

3.23 comes with a Full aUEC wipe for all accounts. Players will start with their base amount from their account ledger + the 20,000 starting aUEC.

Characters in this new environment will be built from LTP data so (consumable) items such as medpens, ammo, rentals, and refinery jobs will be lost.

So where Ships & Vehicles Bought With aUEC kept – Anything bought with real money is still on your account… and it appears most people kept (most of) their ships and vehicles bought with aUEC. 

It appears many items, gear and components also persisted. 

There is a Partial” Reputation Wipe that appears to have wiped some peoples rep fully or parts of it BUT progress on things like the Overdrive Initiative should remain unaffected. Reputation Based Hostility is in game now BUT only affects certain areas like some settlements, it’s more ready for Alpha 4.0.

Thank you to everyone in my discord this morning for helping me confirm all that!

Update: Overdrive Initiative

XenoThreat Delayed – The XenoThreat menace has been repelled for now, and it’s unlikely the planned incursion will happen until after Invictus Launch Week (invading during a military expo is clearly a bad idea). As such, Overdrive Initiative Phases 1 – 5 will still be available for all volunteers right up until the XenoThreat assault begins.

If you’ve completed missions 1 – 5, you’ll receive a mission titled ‘Overdrive Initiative: Reward.’ Once accepted, you’ll be granted your F7A Hornet Mk II upgrade token and a seven-day day ship rental. To use the F7A Mk II rental during XenoThreat, hold off on accepting the ‘Overdrive Initiative: Reward’ mission until the event begins.

XenoThreat armour will be awarded once you’ve completed all Overdrive Initiative missions and the Overdrive-specific XenoThreat missions… Phase 6 / XenoThreat Invasion.

Phase 5 should now be completable now for players that couldn’t before.

And you can also open the console type mission_log_all_completed_missions (with underscores between each word, all lowercase) and that will show your progress on that if you are worried. I’ll link all that below as well.

F7A Upgrades & Rentals (First Wave) Have Been Distributed… but obviously you’ll get these if/when you complete those 5 phases of missions.

There were massive queues to get into the game last night as CIG were bringing up their servers… there might still be waiting times at peak hours…

Alpha 3.23 Features

Vulkan Is In the Patch BUT it’s more for testing… (you can change it in the Graphics Options) and for almost everyone it will cause performance dips / issues… but test it by all means. There is also Res Upscaling that can give some good results and is worth experimenting with… I found DLSS works best for me.

Distribution Centers on microTech & Hurston. You can find these all over those planets and as also get locations of them from missions. There are tons of missions here from combat, defence, to delivery. You can land at these and they are basically mini-LZs… some are “off limits” unless you have a mission there.

There are Marok Birds that you can harvest for missions and valuables.

And Dangerous Kopion Jackals that hunt in potentially large packs.

You can find these all over microTech and there are variants based on the biome.

  • Updated Ship AI & Combat Behaviour
  • mobiGlas, Starmap & MiniMap Update – Much easier to use, with addition search features, you can also see the local area of POIs, some ship interiors.
  • Improved EVA 2.0 – Looks and feels much better – Less Janky
  • Significantly Better Interaction System – And Action Wheel
  • FPS Loot Screen For Quick Grabbing items off bodies
  • Ammo Repooling and Magazines from Backpack – Better FPS UI
  • Load of New Ships are available to buy in in game shops
    • Fury MX & LX
    • Lynx Rover
    • Hull C
    • Spirit A1 & C1
    • Cutter Scout & Cutter Rambler
    • SRV
    • Storm & AA
    • X1 Base, Force & Velocity
  • Water Simulation, Cloud & Renderer Improvements
  • Replication Layer – And Server Recovery is in, this should migrate / restart a server that’s 30k’d so you don’t have to relog – There may be some issues with missions and trespassing after a server recovery.
  • Tons of FPS Weapon Changes, Weapon Balance (lots of buffs and damage increases), Dynamic Crosshairs for combat helmets, new scopes and sights.
  • Engineering (Experimental) Mode In AC – It’s awesome but basic – At least 1 team (of up to 6) is flying in an A2 and has to repair its components, fuses while fighting off the other team that’s in Gladius OR an A2.
  • Load new Racing Maps in AC, VOIPs now working, custom private matches

FPS Controls

  • It’s Still F to Interact / 1 – 3 Weapons BUT also now mouse scroll
  • Change movement speed – Left Alt + Mouse scroll wheel
  • Unarmed melee (fists) – 6
  • Multitool / gadget – 5
  • Consumables (Medpen, etc) – 4
  • Throwables (Grenades, etc) – G
  • Equip melee (knife) – V
  • Weapon customise – J
  • Crouch – C
  • Prone – Left Ctrl

The BIG Changes come with Master Modes – your ship can be in one of these 2 and Holding B to Swap:

Nav Mode – NAV mode is used for traversal. When activated your quantum drive will start spooling up and once completed you can go very fast (around 1km/s) with your thrusters and your quantum travel techniques are available to you. Weapons and shields will still be powered and regenerating, however shields will be ineffective and weapons are not allowed to fire. If your quantum drive gets powered off or becomes distorted, the high speeds will be unavailable again. Your quantum drive in general is very susceptible to distortion damage so make sure you are not in danger when entering NAV mode.  Also it’s now Long Left Click to QT while in Nav Mode when spooled.

SCM mode is used for any gameplay that is not traversal (meaning going from A to B). Your shields are functional, your weapons work and salvaging and mining can be used normally. However your speeds are harshly limited.

Operator modes (not to be confused with Master Modes) change the behaviour of your current cockpit dashboard. (e.g. Salvage, Mining, Missiles, Guns, Quantum Travel). In the top left of your flight HUD you’ll see your master and operator mode. Turrets currently do not have an indication about the current operator mode.

Middle Mouse Button (MMB) now cycles through ALL available operator modes, not just GUNS and MISSILEs.

There is a generic FLIGHT operator mode (FLT) for Nav which allows you to just fly around without Quantum Markers.

The keybind for calling ATC has been moved to RALT+N – for Landing & TakeOff

There are tons of changes to combat, flight, gunnery… let me go over some of the more major ones:

There are some changes to IFCS including Boost which ramps up now, there is Gravity Compensation and Automatic Precision mode (that limits speed) when landing gear is out… you can turn these off tho.

Cruise control is more like a “sticky” throttle. Instead of pressing a button and the ship lurching forward with max acceleration, swapping to cruise mode will put the ship into a “sticky throttle” mode.

LALT+C is Cruise Mode, IFCS will use your current forward speed as the goal speed it tries to retain. Pressing W or S (or using your main throttle axis) you can then smoothly decrease and increase that forward goal speed. To reset it to zero hold X.

There is a load of weapon tuning updates, pip & Esp improvements

Persistent Ship Settings are now saved to the ship.

By default all ships and turrets are now equipped with gimbals. There are a few exceptions to rule, e.g. when the guns have been built into the frame of the spaceship itself, e.g. the nose guns of the Vanguard, the S7 guns of the Ares or in general on all Vanduul ships. G to change gimbal modes BUT Autogimbal is exclusive for dedicated turrets now.

Precision targeting is available on all pilot seats and turrets. You get the most use out of it with gimballed weapons. Precision Targeting is LALT+RMB, the view will zoom in on your current target and (if you have scanned the target) all available sub-targets will be highlighted. Use your crosshair to “paint” the target at a certain position and your shots will lead your gimbals to try to hit the target at the marked spot.

Precision targeting will also heavily reduce fire rates on certain weapons BUT decrease the spread.

4.0 & Pyro Is Next…

Alpha 3.23 is one of our most expansive and game-changing releases to date that adds life, excitement, and usability improvements throughout the vast Persistent Universe. From the introduction of the very first wildlife across Stanton’s planets to the Master Modes feature that streamlines vehicle control and ship combat, Alpha 3.23 elevates the Star Citizen universe to its most immersive and engaging height yet.

This release also marks a significant milestone toward the upcoming Pyro system, laying the groundwork and adding many of the front and back-end necessities that will empower players to leap to the new star system in the next patch release.

There is a 3.23 Ship Sale with 19 Ships / Vehicles Available:

300i, 400i, 600i, C8R Pisces, C8X Pisces Expedition, Cutlass Steel, Cyclone AA, MT, TR, MOLE, MSR, Prospector, Reclaimer, Reliant Kore, Spartan, Terrapin, Vulture –  

Mirai Pulse & Pulse LX are both new & flyable in 3.23:

They are incredibly small hover bikes that are pretty agile, the Pulse has a laser gatling weapon where as the LX drops that for more racing features.

There are various skins available and if you are a concierge a version with a free Gold & Charcoal Dominion Paint.

Available from $25-30 with the latter price being if you are using any store credit. And come with LTI or 120 month insurance respectively. Both being great for an “upgrade token” ready for Fleet Week.

Some Important Bugs To Know About

  • Bunker elevators sometimes does not return up when called
  • ASOP terminals for ground vehicles at Lorville gates get stuck on infinite load
  •  Misaligned HUD Markers with Ultrawide or TSR graphics upscaling enabled
  • Using a medpen causes you to drop your weapon
  • Internal Transit Elevator shows up when called but doors remain closed, no carriage /  Transit will intermittently desync off course
  • Tutorial Objectives can be softlocked by player leaving bed before their objective record has updated
  • Friendlies showing up as enemies in AC Squad Battle

BOOM! That’s it for you Alpha 3.23 Updates!