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Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 Hidden Features – Alpha 4.0 Is Next!

Your custom characters can be saved / imported they live in CustomCharacters folder in your SC Live, USER, Client, 0 Folder. You can use this file after the next wipe as well.

Distribution Centres are all over MicroTech and Hurston and some locations only appear on your map if you have a mission for them.

Salvage Prices rework, RMC 15k / Construction materials big drop to 1.5k.

This prevents mass amounts of money from running salvage.

Missions have had a reward pass too – with a focus on rewarding effort and time.

Ships and vehicles are much much more expensive with in game aUEc with an average price rise of 1.5-3x but some as much as 8x.

Loads more ships available in game (shops):

Fury MX Fury LX, Lynx Rover, Hull C, Spirit A1 & C1, Cutter Scout & Rambler, SRV, Storm & AA, SAN’TOK.YĀI, X1 Base, Force & Velocity.

Q Jamming prevents spooling of Qdrives.

Q Dampener Will Limit Ships to SCM speeds

Talking of Quantum Mode – B to go into nav mode, Left Click is now Quantum Travel when fully spooled, you can also press the middle mouse while in NavMode to go into a marker-free travel mode.

Ton of interactions for ships that now work and you’ll notice better access and use of turrets.

Ballistic Ammo Pass

EMP / Distortion Pass

There are so many updates and changes

Tractor Beam Pass

Ares Iron Has a Charge Shot. For very high damage.

Singes and mass drivers have received a load of buffs.

Freelancer had had some internal updates

Ship AI is much much better.

Engineering Gamemode in AC

MobiGlas rework shows tons of stuff including details and distance of your ships.

With the Starmap Light & Darkside of Planets are shown.

Starmap is just a click to set course… you still may have to make multiple jumps tho.

For the local and minimap To move floors and sections in the map app it’s Q/E or Shift + Q/E 

To set a Custom Marker for interior maps press T (these can’t be shared or put in space YET)

Tapping F will use default actions on items / interactables, you can hold F still to move the cursor and RMB to open action wheel while in that mode, release on the action to do it.

PIT (Personal Inner Thought) LAlt + F

(R)ALT + H will toggle helmet on and off for quick eating / drinking.

There is Dynamic Crosshairs for combat helmets; these also have hit & Kill Markers, you can turn this off in settings.

LAlt 1 will pool all of your primary weapons ammo, LAlt X will reload your secondary weapon

Glint on scopes is in for 8x or more scopes BUT you only see if they are pointed at you and aiming down scope.

Bullet drop is a bigger thing. Zeroing is more essential.

When looting bodies you can click the swap to inventory button if you want to manage more of your stuff.

Starcloth Tech is now in and the Medical Gowns were Updated

Item Banks are around LZs but aren’t functional until 3.23.later

Tutorial NPE works in every spawn location now I believe

Turn off Camera Shake if you are going to use DLSS/FSR

Vulkan isn’t fully optimised yet – As such wouldn’t recommend it yet.

Server Recovery can take a couple of mins when you crash

FPS TTK should be much quicker – items no longer block bullets, hit reg is better, there has been a weapon pass on everything. Increasing damage and improving aim / recoil.

There is a ton more coming with Alpha 3.23.1 all the Fleet Week Stuff too.

All Medbeds (including T3) will allow for respawning of players.

Also the addition of Sabre Firebird, MPUV 1T, Ursa Medivac, Retaliator Gold Standard + It’s Different Module Variants.

We Know that Alpha 4.0 is the next Major Patch (roughly planned by the end of Summer) BUT there will be other 3.23.x patches during the next few months that will also include BIG Cargo Updates:

Persistent (Customizable) Hangars – These will be where you set your home location

Freight Elevators some physical loading / unloading cargo and management

Cargo Hauling missions

Item Banks – To Interact with, store and pickup smaller items and gear at landing zones.

Expect a few more minor features to turn up and a boat load more fixes and optimizations.