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Get Ready For Star Citizen’s Fleet Week…

Get Ready For Star Citizen’s Fleet Week… here is what you need to know if you are new player OR just wanting to get the most out of Fleet Week… we also will be talking about the New 3.23.1 Patch and new vehicles that are in there. 

Alpha 3.23.1 is now Live

I recommend downloading that ASAP before Fleet Week. 

The Patch Is Ready For Fleet Week! 

Fleet Week starts 4pm UTC Friday 17th May and runs until 29th May. 

There is a FreeFly running throughout so you can try SC for Free too.  

I’ll Link the Fly Now Page on the RSI website to visit to get access.  

You will need to make a SC account whatever and there is a link below to do that and some extra bonuses for using that link too. 

Everyone will be lent an Avenger Titan to try. 

Every 48 hours a new set of manufacturers take over the Bevic Convention Center Expo Halls at Area 18 on ArcCorp.  

That’s where you should make your way to OR potentially set as your home location as. 

You can follow the signs to easily get to the Expo. It focuses on Combat, Military, Support & Logistics ships. 

You can rent / test almost any vehicle and ship that appears at the Expo. Press and Hold F to rent / Interact while next to the ship. These rentals last 48 hours. 

During the Last 3 days of the Expo, you can rent any of the ships from previous days from the Kisoks at the Drake Defense Con Hall (by the Spaceport). 

Ship Sales are a big part of Fleet Week, everything being shown at the Expo including a load of ships in development will be available on the RSI website. 

There will be Warbond deals every 24 hours. And from May 27th 4pm UTC – 29th May 11pm there will be a load of additional warbonds available too. 

There will be some limited quantity ships sold: 

RSI Connie Phoenix starting 17th May. 

Aegis Idris-P and Javelin starting 21st May 

Drake Kraken & Privateer starting 25th May 

These will be sold in 3 waves at 4pm, midnight and 8am UTC. 

You will be able to buy all of these in game with in game money too… that’s true of all the ships in SC… (hmmm maybe there is a Promo that’s an exception like the Raven, but you should be able to buy that off a Player for aUEC… or steal them) 

The UEE Navy will be flying around to LEO Stations and above LZs. 

You can catch a glimpse of them, and the Idris will be docking with stations and allow you to Tour it’s interior. 

Info panels around LZs will show the current fleet position. 

Visiting the Expo on at least 3 different days during the event will get you a Spectrum Badge and a Medivac Beacon flair item

Ship AI Pilot Balance Pass – Allowing use of partial Aim Assist based on AI skill level a difficulty curve going from lower to higher threat missions. 

NPC Locomotion Polish preventing teleporting and janking. 

Medical Bed Respawning 

T3 medical beds will allow respawning up to 20km away 

T2 medical beds (which previously allowed respawning up to 20km) will now allow respawning up to 50km away 

Made Further Gamewide Client Performance Optimizations 
Interior Map Materials Optimization 
Water Caustics Visual Polish 
Added Character Creator Validations 
VFX Visual Improvements and Fixes 
Made Further Particle Visual Improvements for Upscaling. Fixed cyan color cast seen in bright areas near the screen edge due to chromatic aberration processing. Removed jitter processing on terrain rendering leading to poor quality reprojection. 
Loads of Bug  & Crash Fixes 

Inside Star Citizen: Firebird Is The Word 

Sabre Raven CitizenCon 2017 Intel Exclusive 

EMP Interdictor Figther with computers for Data Running 

Stripped down Sabre Hull 

Sabre had a gold standard pass and they’ve now done a gold standard pass to the Raven. 

It has all it’s functional component bays and interaction points. 

It’s dashboard has had a pass too. 

The Sabre Firebird is a sibling / variant of the Raven this is more combat focused. 

But focuses on missiles rather than those EMPs. 

12 missiles from it’s bespoke belly launcher. It can fire in rows of 6. 

It has had a lot of work done to it to differentiate itself visually from the Raven, bringing some more of the original sabre design back in. 

Spine, wingtips and cutouts are all different…  

Ursa Medivac… it’s got a laser gatling turret and a T3 medical bed. 

You can now respawn in T3 beds. But this will be at a reasonably short range. 

Larger medbeds will allow for much longer range respawning. 

Make sure you close your doors on dangerous planets. 

It’s also basically been given the gold standard treatment. 

Rear ramp for bringing in patients 

There is weapons wrack and medigun storage. 

It has a Medical Paints and some other new paints which can be applied to any Ursa if you so wish!  

Other Updates 

 We do know that the Updated Retaliator Gold Standard is in too with Cargo Module. 

And the Argo MPUV 1T Tractor Variant. 

As well as a functional RSI Polaris (External Only) For NPCs to use 

And the Internals of the Idris in more properly.