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Star Citizen Tools, Apps & Shadow Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen. I wanted to go over some interesting tools and devices to aid your Star Citizen Experience. 

Stream Deck
Stream Decks are a 15 button LCD Panel that was built to help streamers have a bit more control over their scenes, streams and do cool things at the touch of a button.
But they also operate as control devices with customizable LCD buttons.
As such they are incredibly useful for Star Citizen as an additional controller and some clever backers specifically Replic TuaniOne have made preset buttons and instructions to set one up for Star Citizen.
These sets enable you to control aspects of your ship, shields, power, weapons BUT also control your character on the ground and can even be used for general movement.
Stream Deck UK / US

Espires Fleet Tool
Espire has made a Tool MyFleet on you can find it at it allows you to visualize to scale the fleet you have attached to your RSI hangar.
You import your list of ships & can then view/download your fleet image.
Seeing all of your ships and comparing them with Org mates even just having a visual representation is pretty damn useful.

Texas Skulls – Trade Tool
Texas Skulls over at has made a trade & mining tool to help with tracking prices of commodities and mineables as well as giving you more information on where to buy and sell commodities for the best profits.
It receives regular updates, hopefully it will evolve over the next few patches as well, as it will be super useful to have a economy tool like this for the full game.

I’ve been talked about shadow over the last couple of months so I wanted to do some bits showing shadow working with Star Citizen on different devices, someone was using this to multibox recently too, there are a lot of uses BUT really I wanted to focus on the ability to use Shadow as an alternative to a main gaming PC – I do want to prefix it with Shadow is not going to be suitable for everyone BUT it comes down to your internet connection & latency of it as well to whether or not it will be right for you & it requires you to setup a windows 10 fresh install efficiently as well. That said they are constantly updating their hardware and software making it better. With recent improvements to their CPUs & Storage for users.

If you do decide to try out shadow make sure you use the Code BOREDGAMER for a discount on the Service, it does give me a small kickback, so I do encourage you to do some research & not just take my word for it, a few people use it in my discord as well so feel free to ask them some questions too.
It’s currently available in France, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
Shadow is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS,  iOS they’ve also just added Linux support too. You can use it on a crappy pc, laptop, tablet or even a phone if you are so inclined.
Checkout my Shadow Guide & FAQ for more information.

We’ve got a set of Virpil Hardware to Review dual stick and hotas setups of their latest Constellation Delta, it’s the best sticks & throttle I’ve used for functionality certainly.

We have some Gigabyte graphics card enclosures as an alternative to buying a gaming PC, suitable laptops can plug them in and make use of of a dedicated graphics card.

For some people these will be really useful, you do lose a bit performance of the card BUT it enables you to have a way to upgrade that might be more affordable, as well as being a great option for users that travel a lot or have limited space.

I’ll go over them in more details in regards to actual performance and Star Citizen too, might be worth waiting for 3.3 for that but we’ll see how it goes.

There is an outlaw community event being organized Outlaw Wargames, September 18′ Edition it’s going to be heavy emergent gameplay in the PU and is worth following the thread and seeing what they are up to EVEN if you are not an Outlaw, as it’s going to be a lot of gameplay for lawful folks trying to combat them, I am hoping they organize a friendly competition of sorts. I’ll link the thread below.