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Weekly Recap | Orbits, The Hammerhead & CitizenCon Hints

Welcome to some more Star Citizen with a recap of last week’s news (a little bit late)
We will recap the official CIG shows for the week ending the 23rd of September as well as some more hints toward some CitizenCon stuff and other pieces tacked on.
Lastest Star Citizen Newsletter – Avocado Desperadoes

Calling All Devs
The plan is that planets will Orbit Stars in the game & there will be a variety of stations around the Verse to allow you to refuel in each system where appropriate.
Players will be able to rent and spawn at their Habs in the future, there will be a variety of room types.
Gamepads and other peripherals will get proper support for the mobiGlas, it’s apps and the Starmap.
In the future you’ll be able to defend and deal with stowaways or boarders without getting a criminal rating.

Around The Verse
They are working on route planning and multiple QT waypoints for the Starmap/mobi
They are exploring more mining mechanics beyond that of ships, so it looks like hand mining and survey.
Star Systems are 1-10th Scale, Planets & Moon, 1-6th and Stars are 1-1, this makes planetary bodies look bigger.
The F8 lightning , Anvil Hawk and Hammerhead were all shown off in their various states of development.

Reverse The Verse
The Hammerhead has enough room on it for a rover & they added a kitchen in some of the empty space on the ship. It also has 8 escape pods and 24 Size 4 Rhino Laser Repeaters split across 6 manned turrets.

Other News
There was some bits from other sources as well, like Reddit & Spectrum:
The game has simple Contrails while in atmosphere at the moment. We will have better Contrails in the future, they are working on atmospheric flight and weather systems.

Con42 was held over the weekend, a German SC fanfest, I’ve put up a video of a summary of the dev panel they had there BUT there talk about beam weapons, underwater exploration, animals, caves, rivers, players building structures in space.

CitizenCon “Hints”
There are pre-orders for the CitizenCon 2018 t-shirt but the description of the t-shirt gives us some insight into potentially hint at something for CitizenCon
“A storm is gathering. Distant flashes of lightning and ominous thunderheads serve as grim portents of a reckoning on the horizon. In this gripping graphic tee shirt, you’ll be prepared. With an intense, battle-ready
design, you’ll stand as a beacon of freedom and an enemy of oppression across the universe and look damn good while you’re doing it.”

Obviously some of that is marketing for the t-shirt BUT some people are theorycrafting that the lighting or kraken may be what they are talking about OR it might be talking about the Vanduul & CitizenCon maybe SQ42 Episode 1 heavy.

Star Citizen 3.3 is out to the Evocati, it should go to first wave PTU within the next couple of weeks.
Patch 3.3.5 was also announced to contain some of the features of 3.3, namely object container streaming and everything that was dependant on this tech, so Hurston & it’s moons. 3.3.5 will come out after 3.3 as soon as it’s ready, on the Roadmap this is shown as mid Q4.

And with Alpha 3.3 coming out soon, those looking for a upgrading or picking up a Gaming PC might want to consider Shadow Cloud Gaming instead.