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Star Citizen News | Evocati Testing Alpha 3.5 & Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News going over the highlights from throughout the week. This time for the week ending 3rd March 2019 with info on 3.5 going to Evocati, Roadmap Updates, AtV & RtV Summaries and the winner of our February Cutlass Giveaway.
Latest RSI Newsletter Into The Unknown

Alpha 3.5 has gone to the Evocati. This is an extremely early build for a limited number of selected testers and focuses on the Flight Model. There is likely going to be some changes, iterations and polish to it before LIVE.

Roadmap Updates
Work on Alpha 3.5 is progressing, we should see a lot of tasks get completed quickly and closed off now that they have gone to Evocati. Nothing has slipped off the PU Roadmap or appeared.

Notably this week the moon Wala, AI Distress Beacons, The Heat System, Vehicle Tech Update v1 & the Banu Defender have all seen a lot of progress. As has some of the backend stuff with Projectile Manager, Asynchronous Disconnection Refactor & Network OCS Stall Fixes all getting solid work done.

3.6 has seen Harvestable Entity Spawning make some progress too.

On the Squadron 42 Episode 1 side it’s a bit slower, which makes sense with them focusing on the 3.5 for the next few weeks. Q1 tasks have seen Shared tasks with the PU finding their way here (like the Heat System & Vehicle Tech) but also notably Player Free Look, and Vehicle HUD v2 have made a lot of headway.

For Q2 updates there is some good progress with AI Flight Standard Pilot NPCs.

The Sneak Peek this week was of Street Food Vendors that are probably at ArcCorp.

March’s RSI Subscriber Ship is the Drake Buccaneer.

The ARGO SRV is still on concept sale until the 4th of March.

AtV Summary
Around the verse looked at ArcCorp’s Spaceport and it’s Bus Transit System.

At ArcCorp you’ll land at a Large Spaceport then take this bus to Area 18, eventually maybe other Areas too.

Turrets now allow you to change your sensitivity on the fly, pitch & yaw will also show on their HUD.

Gimbal Assist was shown off as a new Gimbal Mode you can use. It has your gimbals auto aiming within it’s angular area of operation. This won’t have as much freedom as manual gimbals nor is it likely to be as precise.

The Reliant Variants were also shown off, they have a living/bed area and a station related to their function instead of the cargo bay of the Kore. The Tana has 1 SCU and a rack for weapon/armor, the Sen a Science Station & the Mako a Camera/Feed Station.

RtV Summary
Reverse The Verse focused on the New Flight Model with some changes and additional info.

The are adding a ground altitude meter in addition to a sea level one.

Ship Combat is slower in the new flight model.

They have reduced the rotation velocity & acceleration of ships in 3.5.

ESP’s effect has been “weakened” BUT it is getting a full rework too, hopefully for 3.6.

W & S is now strafe forward and backwards by default. Velocity Control is on mousewheel and Acceleration Control seems to have been removed in favor of it.

Some ships are impractical for atmospheric flight, they will not be able to leave some planets or moons atmospheres without assistance. This will be based on their mass, thrusters and the mass/atmosphere of the planet.

Different Altitudes and Atmospheres will both affect the way you fly, ships that are more suited for atmospheric flight will have an advantage. The higher you are in atmo the faster you can go basically.

Grav-Lev Vehicles on the ground have also been reworked, acting like jet skis while on the ground or on water now. The closer to the ground you are the more control/grip you have.

Cutlass Black WinnerJoshua Drew

February’s winner of the Cutlass Black and SC GamePackage was Joshua Drew, congrats on your new ship.